Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


5. One Big Explanation

    "What?" I relpied, looking at him in a very confused state. "I don't understand......."

     "Yer parents were Adam and Marissa Dumbledore," He sighed slowly, staring at me.

 I could feel my eyes widening with shock as I stuttered, " knew my parents?!"

    "Sure did! They were students at Hogwarts jus' like you! 'Course they changed their names though.......these days, it would be dangerous if the wrong peoples knew." Hagrid solemnly told me.

    "Where are they Hagrid?! Why haven't they come for me?!" I exclaimed, getting a little angry at the thought that no one ever told me about this. They are my PARENTS after all! Hagrid just looked at me with eyes full of pity and sorrow.

    "I.........I don't think I should be the one to tell ya this Ariana....." He said bluntly and started to stand up. I put my hand on his arm and gave him the best puppy dog eyes that I could manage.

 "Please." I asked him, simply and plainly. Hagrid just stared at me, thinking some private thought that I couldn't work out. I held his stare with my blue eyes until he couldn'y bare it anymore.He sighed defeatedly and sat back down. 

    "Well, over 30 years ago, somethin' horrible happened. A man..." He stopped for a few seconds, thinking, "I don't even know if he could've still been a man then! Anyways, the 'man' was a killer. He had killed many people. And there was a prophecy that he heard that said someone would killed 'im. So he went ta go kill the boy. The thing was, he couldn't kill him. The man even used the killin' curse. The curse had backfired off the boy and hit the man.

    "Now the man had a... special immortal substance I guess ya could say, so the curse only made him incredibly weak" Hagrid continued.  "The boy was then left wit' a scar just like yers right here," He pointed to his forehead. "The boy's name was Harry Potter." I recognized that name. I don't know how or why, but I do.

    "The man ran away for a long time until he was strong enough ta come back to life. He did one day and tried ta take over the world. But Harry defeated 'im." Hagrid said very solemnly then sighed. "He came back to life again through somebody real close ta him."


    "So, one nigh' he went after you." Hagrid continued. "He tried ta kill ya through the person's body. In the process, he killed yer parents  I'm afraid. And he tried to kill ya, but he couldn't. The same thing that happened ta Harry, happened ta you."


    At that moment he pointed at the scar on her hand. "That's why everybodah knows you. Yer the Girl Who Lived Ariana!" he says quite grandly.


    I just stare at him quite confusedly. "Who was this man Hagrid? Wh-who killed my parents?" I say and swallow nervously. "I'd rather not sa-" he starts but stops when he sees the pleading look on my face. He sighs, "Oh fine. His name was V........Volde.........Voldemort.".


    "But why would Voldemort go after me?" I ask a little too loudly as Hagrid shushes me. "Shhhh not too loud! I don't know why You-Know-Who did what he did. Nobody does as far as I know!"


    "Sorry" I apologize then ask one final question. "Where do you think Volde-....... I mean...... You-Know-Who is?" Hagrid taps his chin. "People say he's dead. But I don't. I reckon he's still out there. Just barely alive though."


    I get a cold shiver down my neck as Hagrid looks at me with a sort of glint in his eye. "Ya know, you remind me of 'im in a lot of ways. Harry Potter I mean." he chuckles. His smile then falters a little as he mumbles just so I can barely hear. "And Albus........."


    I pretend I don't hear it for the moment because it must be very private and instead pull back out my wand out of my pockets. I examine the carvings in the wood once again but this time I notice that the carvings have changed! They were in rings on the wand before. Now it was just one long line wrapped around the wand. "Interesting" I whisper to myself.


    I'm snapped out of my trance by Hagrid's booming voice. "Well, I'm afraid it's time for you ta go back to the orphanage Ariana." he sighs and stands up slowly. I frown a little but pick up the cage holding Ashen as Hagrid gets the rest of my stuff.


    We exit the Leaky Cauldron and walk back down the street in London to the miserable orphanage I have been forced to call home. As we walk back Hagrid tells me all about Hogwarts. It has more than ten floors, has a field where they play the sport that I heard about in Diagon Alley called 'Quidditch', and much more!


    He also tells me that by Professor McGonagall's insistence, a family called the Malfoy's will be bringing me to the train that goes to Hogwarts! I wonder if they're related to Scorpius............


    Oh, Hogwarts. How I cannot wait!


    We finally get there just as the sun starts to go down. We come up to the door and Hagrid knocks the door three times. Drew opens the door and looks tiredly not noticing the fact that the person he hates and a giant man were standing in front of him until he rubbed his eyes and widened his eyes at Hagrid. My eyes flicker over the sling he now has on his arm.


    Hagrid just smiles and says "Ello there!" as he walks into the dimly lit room. I trail behind him and I feel Drew hit me squarely in the back making me want to crumple up into a ball but I ignore it and act like it never happened.


    Hagrid stopped in the middle of the room and carefully handed me the rest of my stuff. "Now you take care Ariana." he said sweetly and smiled. "I'll see ya at Hogwarts!". He walked out the door and into the night.


    I started to pick up my stuff just as Drew came up and grabbed my shoulder roughly. "Miss me?" he sneered then he punched me in the back as my head hits the floor and I slowly lose consciousness.




    I wake up on my worn-out cot and sigh heavily. Was it really all a dream? I slowly sit up but freeze immediately when I feel the searing pain in my back. Nope. It really happened. I stand up and examine the damage. Drew hit me pretty hard, but it's just a bruise so I should be fine. With that thought in my head, I put on my sneakers and walk downstairs to breakfast.


    The cramped lunch room was as noisy as ever. Again, my table is empty and the other children thought I was a lunatic. I bit my lip in frustration and  walked over to the serving area. The lunch lady put a giant piece of 'Mystery Meatloaf' as I call it. I don't even think there's actually any meat in it! I head over to my table and start to eat the loaf of glop. 


    "Hello" said a voice behind me. Did somebody just greet me in a respectable way? I turned around to see a girl with raven-black hair and icy blue eyes that looked about my age. Must be a new girl that came while I was in the cellar."Er.......hello there" I said awkwardly and stood up.


    She put her plate of meatloaf next to me. "Would it be okay if I sat here?" she asked with a hopeful look. I just stared at her in awe. "Y-you want to s-sit with me?" I said with my jaw dropped. The girl nodded very fast. "S-sure!" I said still in awe.


    She smiles and sits down gobbling down the meatloaf. "My name's Abelinda by the way! What's yours?" she said formally. "I'm Ariana. Ariana Dumbledore." I said just now starting to eat my food again.


    "So........." I started awkwardly. "Are you new here?" 


    "I sure am." she said with her mouth full. "Just came here two days ago. My parents left me on the doorstep of an orphanage 10 years ago. But I had an.........accident. Please don't ask." 


    I nodded. "I understand." 


    At that moment I noticed a green necklace on Abelinda's neck. "What's that?" I asked and reached out to touch it. Her eyes suddenly flashed red and she slapped my hand away. "Don't touch it." she said in an extremely deep voice that didn't sound at all like hers. I slowly backed my hand away.


    We went to go dump our trays when Drew walked over and tripped into Abelinda purposely spilling her meatloaf all over her. Her eyes turned blood red and she punches Drew sending him into the table behind him. "Oh my gosh!" I gasp. Was Abelinda a witch too? 


    Her eyes slowly turned back to their normal blue and she freezes, looking at the scene in front of her. She bursts into tears and runs out of the room and I start to run after her. "Wait! Come back!"


    I look around for multiple minutes until I spot her in the corner of the orphan girls' loft room. "Abelinda?" I say softly and walk over to her. "Go away!" she says roughly. 


    "Are you a witch?" I said bluntly. She looked up at me and nodded slowly. "Are you?" I smile and nod.


    And that is how I got my first best friends.







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