Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


4. Diagon Alley

    We start to walk down the busy street staying close together. "So where can we get all this stuff?" I ask.

    "Well, we furst need ta get the money to pay fur it!" Hagrid replies as he looks around. "Ariana, do you have a key of any sorts?" 

    I think a little. "Oh, yes! Right here." I pull out my letter and open it revealing the slightly rusted key I had been holding onto for so long. "Here!" I hand it to him.

    He holds the key in his hand and exclaims, "It's time to go to Gringotts!" He holds onto my shoulder and starts to walk through the street.

    "Ah, Hagrid?" I start. "Yes Ariana?" he says to me. "What the bloody hell is Gringotts?!" I say loudly. 

    He chuckles. "Its the Wizardin' Bank run by Goblins!" says Hagrid casually. "Cool!" I exclaim.

    We walk up to this giant marble building with not a speck of dust on it. "Woah......" I gasp as the guard opens the giant oak door to the bank. 

    Inside of the bank is a large room with long rows of desks with......Goblins! The room is silent other than the sound of scribbling quills against paper. 

    We walk up to a large desk where a goblin sits writing stiff down in a big book. Hagrid rings the bell at the desk. The goblin looks up. "How can I help you?" he says in a stern and gruff voice. 

    Hagrid speaks. "Miss Ariana would like to go to her vault." The goblin closes the book. "And who might this Ariana be?" I look up at him nervously as he scans me with his eyes. "Key please" The goblin says dully.

    "Oh! And also," he pulls out a much a letter with the Hogwarts crest and sets it on the counter. "Special 'ogwarts business. " He says proudly.

    The goblin picks up the letter and reads it. "We will now visit Vault Number 236 and Vault Number 748" The goblin says and stands up holding the letter and key. "Follow me please"

    We follow the goblin into a dark and cold room where a rusty old metal contraption similar to a mine cart lay. Ariana looked at it nervously. She noticed Hagrid's sickly green face and got butterflies  in her stomach.

    The goblin hopped into the wobbling vehicle and motioned towards two benches behind him. "Come on then!" Hagrid slowly moved towards the cart and stepped into it clumsily. He then cautiously sits in the back.

    I walked a bit less nervously and stepped into the cart sitting in-front of Hagrid and behind the goblin. As I got settled I noticed the track we were on. There was everything from loops to dips and it was all on this floating rail in an underground bank. Oh, how lovely.

    He started the cart and it started up quite slowly. But not for long! All of a sudden, the cart went to top-speed and soared on the track. 

    It was scary at first but when I felt the thrill of the ride I started to smile and feel the rushing wind blow through my hair.

    I look behind me for a few seconds and look at Hagrid. He looks at me with a sickly feel and throws up on the outside of the cart! I cringe. It smells horrible.

    I turn back to face front just as the cart screeches to a stop! I bang my head on the handlebar in front of me and wince. "Ouch......" I moan as I slowly get out of the machine and go to join the goblin and Hagrid slowly walking to an intricate designed door. It had a very beautiful design. 

    The goblin pulled out the key and put it into the lock. "Here you are Miss Ariana" He says as he turns the lock and the door opens revealing a large mass of gold, silver, and bronze coins. "Wow! What are these Hagrid?" I ask excitedly. 

    "This has..........I'll explain........later. All you know is........that the gold ones...........are galleons the........silver ones are.........sickles and the............bronze ones........are knuts. Get last you.........the year" he says slowly between breaths.

    I grab a few handfuls of the magic money and put it into my baggy pants' pockets and we walk out of the vault and back into the cart.

    The ride gets faster and faster as I look at my surroundings. It's mostly rock. But, there is some precious stone every few minutes. That's it though.

    The cart stopped abruptly and we all climbed out of the contraption. We must have been deeper into the ground because it was much more cold and dark here.

    "Here we are at Vault Number 738!"  the goblin announced. This door was much more heavily guarded it seemed. The carvings with the metal on the door were much more intricate than Ariana's vault.

    The goblin put out his pointer-finger and pointed it into the door! His finger literally went through the door! Suddenly, there was a loud click and the door swung open in a very grand fashion.

    I looked into the room expecting to find a large amount of gold, jewels, and other riches, but all that was in there was a small dusty book. I looked at it confusedly as Hagrid picked it up and stuck it in his coat. "Now Ariana, you will not speak of this at 'Ogwarts. Okah?" he asked solemnly. 

    "Yes Hagrid" I sighed. We both walked silently out of the vault as the goblin locked the door. I hopped back into the cart and sat down. I thought of the possibilities of what it could be......a book with the secret to wisdom? What a about a book with an Arabic code on how to make a secret recipe only known from the beginning of time! I smile at the thought.

    The goblin starts the cart up again and it soars back to the entrance of the bank passing hundreds of vaults in minutes. At the end of a long ten full minutes, I finally climb out of the machine an feel a jingle in my pocket. I realize that this is the only thing that I have ever really owned with so much value! I felt much more responsible after that.

    Hagrid thanks the goblin and hands me back my key as we exit the bank together. "Now," he starts. "It's time for you to getchor uniform!" 

    He starts to look around for the right shop. "Ah," he says as his finger points at a robe shop. "There's 'Madame Malkin's! That's where we can getchor uniform!

    He leads me to the shop as we run into people left and right. I finally walk into a slightly busy shop filled with fabrics, dressing rooms, and dozens of different uniforms! "Wow......." I gasp. 

    We walk up to the counter and ring the bell. An elderly woman that I'm guessing is Madame Malkin smiles at Hagrid. "What can I help you with Rubeus? 

    "Well, Ariana here is goin' ta Hogwarts!" He explains as Madame Malkin pulls out some measuring supplies.

    "Well, Miss Ariana! We need to get you measured now don't we," she smiles and leads me to a cold room with a few little cushion like tables that she had me stand on.

    On both sides of me there was two boys on other pedestals. The one on the right had been quite silent and was starting at me intensely. He had pale blond hair and pale blue eyes.

    On the left was a noisy boy who had suddenly stopped bragging his head off and had started to stare at me. That boy was a bit taller than me and had crazy black hair springing in every direction. He also had an almost red glint to his dark brown eyes.

    I broke the silence. "Um......hello" I say nervously. "My name is Ariana. And you are?" I look at both of the boys.

    The boy on the left gives a flirt-like grin and says, "Its nice to meet you Ariana. My name is Corvus Riddle!" The boy on the right starts to look in shock at . "What is your blood status by the way?" asks Corvus as he smirks.

    "What do you mean?" I answer confusedly. He looks at me like I just said I didn't know how to walk.

    "Did you have muggles for parents?!" Corvus spats filthily.

    "Well, I guess so. I don't know them......." I say confusedly as the boy on the left looks at me in hate. I don't know why he's looking at me like that but I decide to ignore it. It's not like I'm not used to it!

    The boy on the right speaks up, "Leave her alone Corvus!" I widen my eyes in surprise realize that was the first time someone has stuck up for me.

    Corvus chuckles, "Why should I Scorpius? She's just a filthy Mudblood!" He gets off his pedestal and starts to walk over to me as the boy apparently named Scorpius jumps onto him.

    They start a fight with each other on the floor. "Stop!" gasps Madame Malkin as she walks in to measure us.

    "Mr. Malfoy! Mr. Riddle! What by all means do you think your doing?!" They get up both flushing deep red. "Sorry Madame Malkin" they both say in unison. 

    They both get on their pedestals as Madame Malkin goes to measure Corvus. For a few seconds he glares at me with pure hate. He finally turns away and looks out the window in front of us.

    I turn and look at the boy I now know is named 'Scorpius Malfoy' and mouth  'Thank you'. He nods happily.

    Madame Malkin takes my measurements and gives me my uniform. I smile in delight and look at the details.

    There's a small white blouse as the shirt and a gray sweater like material with the Hogwarts crest over where my heart would be. It also came with a gray skirt, black shoes, and white socks. 

    I can't wait for Hogwarts!

    We get all the books on my list at Flourish and Blotts, a Magic Bookstore. And get all my Wizarding equipment. All I needed to get was my pet and wand. My wand! Oh, how I couldn't wait!

    We walk by a shop called 'Quality Quidditch Supplies' as I look with curiosity at all the kids surrounding the display in the store. "Merlin! It's the BroomBlaster 5000!" says a boy excitedly. "Just came out last week!" says another.

    I glance at it curiously, but Hagrid leads me to a different shop. " 'Ere we are! Ollivanders! It's time to get your wand!" 

    I smile brightly as he opens the door to the shop. I walk in and look at the odd place. It was very messy with wands covering 75% of all surfaces. 

    Hagrid walks outside. "I'll see ya after this!" He sits down on a bench near the shop.

    I walk up to the counter slowly and look for the person who works here. "Hello?" I look around and see a bell on the counter.

    I tap it as the bell produces a sweet sound and a very old man rolls on a ladder over to me. "Why hello my dear!" says the man.

    He looked a bit scary to me with his sagging skin, shocking blue eyes, and hair that stuck out in dozens of directions. "Uh.......hello" I said and slightly smiled.

    He smiled. "I'm guessing your looking for a wand?" I forget about what he looks like and exclaim, "Yes!"

    He chuckles. "Well, lets see here....." He examines me for a second then dashes off into the maze of boxes. Ollivander comes back holding a box. "Rowan wood, Unicorn core, 10 inches, firm. Try this!" He hands me the reddish-brown wooded wand. It was very beautiful.

    "Give it a wave!" He motions towards the wand. I nod and flick the wand towards a flowerpot. The flower dies and the flowerpot explodes. He takes the wand from me. "Oh no, that's not it." 

    He places the wand on the counter and rushes back into the rows of wands.

    The process repeated dozens of times. Ariana had gone thorough every single wand she had seen in the shop when she got there.

     Ollivander sighs. "I believe I only have one more wand and I'm not sure if I'm happy if you have this wand or sad about what it would mean......." He bends under the counter and pulls out a dusty wand box. 

    "This was the first wand I ever sold", he started. "But sir", I said confused. "If it's yours, why is it here?" 

    Ollivander sighs. "She died a heroic death that Ariana Dumbledore. The girl was only 14 years old." I look at the box as he opens it revealing a dark brown wand with a design of brown lace wrapping itself around it. He points to the wand. 

    "This wand was hers. The Dumbledore family gave it right back to me. I've kept the wand ever since" He twirls it in his fingers. "Cypress wood, Unicorn Hair Core, 11 inches, Quite Bendy" 

    He hands it to me. "Here. Try it out" As soon as the wand touched my fingertips I knew it was the one. It vibrated slightly in my hand. 

    I flicked my wand at all the wand boxes and they sprang into action! The boxes started to float around back into the shelves in the right place magically! Ariana couldn't believe it. She had done magic.

    Suddenly everything was still. All the boxes were put away. Everything was clean in no more than 10 seconds. Ollivander looks at her closely and gasps and looks at Ariana with awe. 

    "What is your name girl?" he asks. "Ariana. I'm not really sure what my last name is though to tell you the truth", I say. 

    Ollivander looks at me with pity and sighs. "That.......that will be eleven sickles my dear", he says softly.

    I pull out the right amount of money and hand it to him. As I walk out of the shop I hear the faint voice of Mr. Ollivander just slightly mumble, "Good luck Ariana".

    I close the door and walk over to Hagrid. "Whadya get?" he asks me. I smile and open the box revealing the wand. "Cypress, Unicorn Hair, and 11 inches long!" Hagrid's face pales. "What's wrong?" I ask very worried. "N-nuttin.........." he answers looking very sick. "Nuttin at a-all. Lets go get you a pet"

    We walk into a shop filled with owls, cats, toads, rats, and a bunch more different animals I had never seen before. 

    I look around for the perfect pet all around the shop. "Hmm......" In a corner I hear a chiming hoot from a corner behind me. I turn around and see a slightly small black owl with specks of brown and white all over it. "Oh!" I say happily and look at the owl with a smile. I knew that the owl was the perfect one. 

    I walked up to her as she looked at me with large eyes. The moment I got close enough, the owl flew onto my shoulder! I smiled. "I think I'll call you Ashen." She perked up at the name as if it was hers all along and brought her to the counter.

    She payed for Ashen and walked back into the sun. "Isn't she beautiful Hagrid?" I ask and Hagrid nods. "Let's get back to the Leaky Cauldron. I have to explain a few things..........." 

    We walked back to the Leaky Cauldron with the new supplies in hand and I smiled the whole way. I had a wand. An owl for a pet. I had magic books! How cool is that?! 

    Hagrid say us down at an empty table and sighed. "Ariana, it's time for you to know the honest truth." He took a large deep breath. "Your name is Ariana Helena Dumbledore."



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