Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


3. A Giant Named Hagrid


    I hear a crash and a scream from upstairs as I bolt upright. "Darn I hate these kids so much! You'd think I was their mother!"

    I walk upstairs and see Ariana pass out onto the floor, and a bunch of kids crowding around........David, I think? Too many names here. 

    "What happened?!" I yell at them and stomp over to the scene. None of them volunteered to speak. "Well?!"

    One of the taller girls speaks up and snobbishly answers, "I saw it! Ariana was beating Drew up and she exploded Drew into another room! He has a broken arm!" 

     So Drew is his name........"Well, I guess Ariana is going to spend some time in the cellar!" I grab her arm and drag her towards the cellar door. "You little wretch! Using your magic again!"

    I open the cellar door and throw her down the steps. "One week!" I yell at her as she flicks her eyelids open. 

    I slam the door behind me putting the cellar into complete darkness.


    I start to wake up looking at my surroundings. Utter darkness. The cellar. I'm alone, in the cellar. God, this place is creepy. I walk over to our flashlight supply and grab a bright one.

    I look at my surroundings full of empty alcohol bottles and other trash. However, there were cans of fruit in one corner!

    I rush towards the food with excitement, but it falters when I find that they're empty. "I'm going to starve down here!" I groan.

    I find a patched-up blanket and lays on the hard ground with pain. "Why? Why must I live like this?" I sigh and finally go to sleep.



    I wash down my mush with the last of my water. And look at the slowly ticking clock heading towards midnight. It's now 11:00. 1 hour until I turn eleven years old.

    I lay down and wonder again about why Miss Fannon took my only letter I ever got in the last 10 must of been very important. 

    The thing is, the letter seemed so odd! They knew what bunk I slept in! It was almost ........well ...magical! 

    The clock chimes. It's 11:15. Forty-Five more minutes. I think about what my parents were like.
I bet my mum had brown hair and blue eyes! 


    Then dad would have blond hair like me and have my blue eyes! 


    Then my mum would probably have high cheekbones and soft skin......yes!


    Ten more minutes until I'm eleven.....what exactly does that number mean? 


    I start to draw a birthday cake in the grime of the floor. It has two layers and eleven birthday candles. It's perfect.


    "Tick, tock, this is a clock." I whisper and look at the clock intensely.


    One more minute. The waiting is over. I won't be ten anymore. I try to enjoy the feeling of being younger while it lasts.


    The clock chimes as I look down at my birthday cake and blow the birthday candles out by blowing the dust away. "Happy Birthday Ariana." 

   I hear a loud knock on the front door as Miss Fannon goes to answer it. I wonder who will be walking around in the middle of the night...... I think to myself. 

    I hear a yell from Miss Fannon as I stand up. What is this all about?



    I wake up slowly as I hear a knock on the door. I stomp angrily to the door. "Now who could that be knocking on an orphanage like that?!" 

    I open the door boringly. "Yes?" I look at the bottom half of the man. Bottom half of the man?! My eyes widen as he walks in.

    "Where's the girl? Where's Ariana?" demands the man.

    I get burst at him and yell "No! Your not taking her away to that magic school!" I tug on him as hard as I can but it's no use. 

    "Where is she?" The large figure asked.

    "She's in the cellar!" I yell and sigh walking back to my office



    I hear more yelling from upstairs. What's going on up there?! 

    Suddenly, the yelling stops and someone with very large feet by the sound of it get closer to the cellar. 

    The door slams open right off its hinges as I walk up the steps to the very large man. "Uh......'ello!" I wave as the man smiles. 

    He brings me into the one table we have in the building and starts talking. "Ello there Ariana! My names 'Agrid!" He gives me a smile that tells me I can trust him. 

    "Hello!" I smile as Hagrid chuckles. "Oh! I almost forgot!" He pulls out a box and opens the box revealing a small cake that says in messy blue icing: Happy Birthday Ariana. "I made it just for you! Hope 'ya like it. I might've squished it a little....." he blushes.

    I gasp and smile nervously "Oh Hagrid!" I exclaim. "It's the best thing I've ever gotten!" I give him a hug as he blushes deep red. 

     "Now lets go get stuff fer Hogwarts" He starts to walk to the door. 

    "Um......Hagrid?" I ask him. "What's Hogwarts?" Hagrid gawks at me "Didnt 'cha get your letter?"

    "No..........why do you ask?" I reply. Hagrid looks in the direction of Miss Fannon. "Muggles......." 

    What in the world is a muggle?!

    He looks back at me and starts to explain. "Ariana, your a witch" This is my time to gawk. "You must be joking!" 

    Hagrid looks at me excitedly. "No! I'm not! You got excepted at 'Ogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardah! It's the finest Magic school in all of Europe!" He hands me an exact replica of the letter the owl dropped off at the window sill. I read the address again.

To: Miss A. Dumbledore
Number 6 Fathoms Street
Miss Farrons Orphanage
The Cellar

    I smile and open up the envelope holding two pieces of paper. The first one starts out saying,

Dear Miss Dumbledore,
    We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
    Term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than July 31. 
Yours sincerely,
Pansy Zabini
Deputy Headmistress

    I have to read the letter a few times to actually believe what I'm seeing. "So, Hagrid. If I'm a witch, does that  mean I can........I can do magic?!" I ask excitedly. 

    Hagrid grins. "It sure does! But to do all that you have to have the right equipment! Look at the second parchment"

    I pull out the other parchment  that has a list of supplies I needed "A uniform, Magic books, A wand". My eyes widen! "Bloody Hell! A wand!"

    I tell him the rest of the things we need then he tells me about some Wizarding terms in the Wizarding world. "And then muggles are non-magical folk. Well, those are the basics!" 

    He smiles as the clock chimes six times. "Oh, we better be goin'! We need to get yer stuff!" He stands up and waits for me at the door as we walk out into muggle London. 

    As we walk along the main streets, I examined my list again. "Where are we going to find all this stuff?" I wonder.

    He chuckles. "Jus' follow meh!" 

    We stop at an abandoned black building with a blank sign, at least, it was blank. It now said, The Leaky Cauldron. "Woah......" I gasp as we walk into the crowded bar.

    A woman with long blond hair stands behind a counter serving something that smelled absolutely delicious! "Ello 'Annah! 'Ow are ya doin'?" Says Hagrid to the lady.

    Hannah smiles, "Oh! Hello Hagrid! How are you doing?" 

    "Not bad 'Annah! Not bad at all! In fact, I'd like you to meet little Ariana here. He motions towards Ariana. "Now Ariana, this is Mrs. Longbottom!" I smile and wave politely, "Hello." 

    "And 'Annah, this is Ariana Dumbl-!" He stops himself. "I mean. Her names Ariana.  Hannah raises her eyebrow but notices Hagrids pleading expression to forget about it. "Your quite a pretty lass Miss Ariana! You starting school this year?"

   "Yes. I am. Do you happen to know anybody else who is?" I ask Mrs. Longbottom.

    She smiles "Yes I do. In fact, my son and daughter, Frank and Augusta are going this year! Would you like to meet them?

    Ariana smiles and almost says 'Yes!' but Hagrid is already walking away. "Sorry 'Annah! Don't got time! C'mere Ariana!" exclaims Hagrid.

     I sigh and wave to her. "Bye, Mrs.Longbottom!" Ariana follows Hagrid around the bar as he stops at a woman in the most colorful clothing Ariana has ever seen! 

    Even someone who was color-blind would be able to see that lady's attire! thought Ariana.

     Hagrid smiles at the lady. "Why 'ello Professor Burtin! 'Ow are ya doin'?" 

     The woman smiles, and says in a squeaky voice, "Im doing just dandah Hagrid!" She looks at me with great interest. "And who is this beautiful young girl?" 

    "This right 'ere is Ariana Du-!" He stops in his tracks again. "I mean, Ariana. Just Ariana! She's comin ta Hogwarts this September" Exclaims Hagrid.

    The over enthusiastic woman grabs my arm and shakes my hand roughly. "Your going to call me Professor Burtin from now on!" the professor shows a toothy grin. 

    She then feels the scar on my hand as her eyes widen. "Merlin! Your Ariana Dumbledore! The Girl Who Lived!"

    Hagrid grits his teeth nervously and makes a cutting motion with his hands that only the Burtin can see. 

    Burtin realizes that Ariana doesn't know and just grips onto the girls hand tighter. "Nice to meet you!" 

    I pull my hand away uncomfortably.  "Oh. Gee." I half-smile at her and try to get feeling back into my arm. 

    "We gotta get goin'! Bye Professor!" Hagrid says. "Bye Professor" I mumble to the eccentric lady.

    Hagrid leads me to a brick wall and pulls out a pink umbrella. He taps it on four of the bricks and nothing happens for a few seconds. "Uh.....Hagr-" 

    Before I can finish, the bricks start to magically move away from each other making an entrance to a busy street full of people.

    "Oh, wow!" I gasp. It was amazing! Hagrid smiles and exclaims, "Ariana, welcome to Diagon Alley!" 

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