Ariana Dumbledore and the Resurrection Stone

This is the story of Ariana Dumbledore. The Girl Who Lived. Join Ariana on her first year at Hogwarts 19 years after the Battle of Hogwarts along with Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, and more! New Chapter every week.


1. The Girl Who Lived

    It was a moonless night. Everything was dark except the six street lights along the road. The road was silent and not a sound could have been heard except for the occasional chiming from the Elizabeth Tower.

     As the clock stroke midnight, a man appeared out of thin air and began to look around the street. He had wire-rimmed glasses and a lightning-shaped scar. He was and is still known by many names: The Boy Who Lived, and The Vanquisher of the Dark Lord, but he was first known as Harry James Potter.

    He looked up at the street light he had been standing by and pulled out a small device that looks like a lighter. He held it up and clicked it six times. Each time it put out a light and captured it in the device. Harry then put the device back in his pocket and began to walk towards an orphanage on the street.

    The orphanage looked quite dull. It had white paint with dust, dirt, and grime covering it. Harry cringed at the smell.

     Only one thing would have reminded him of this place--The Dursleys.

     He stopped at the entrance and started to smile at a brown tabby cat sitting on the steps of the orphanage. "Hello Professor,” Harry said. "It's nice to see you after all these years."

     Now, you might be wondering why the man called the cat a professor, let alone talk to it. That is because the cat was not exactly a cat. It was an Anamagi. But that is story for another time.

     Suddenly, the cat started to do something no ordinary cat could do. The cat transformed into an elderly-looking woman with a long emerald-colored cloak. This woman was known as Minerva McGonagall.

     "Why hello Mr. Potter," said the woman as she slightly smiles. "How nice it is to see you." The Professor looked at the orphanage in disgust. "Do we really need to send the girl here? This is just as bad as the Dursley home, except much dirtier. I think you of all people would know that."

     Harry looked at the building. "This is where Aberforth wanted the girl to be, and I respect him. Ever since his death I've tried to do everything I could that he wished to be."

     The Professor sighed. "I understand Harry.”  She looked at the sky impatiently. Almost as if she was waiting for something. "Is Hagrid here yet?”

    "No,” Harry answered. "Not yet"

    The moment he finished, a roaring sound echoed through the night. "Ah," Harry said with a smile. "That would be him."

     Harry realized that this has a weird event of de ja' vu. That same night, 22 years ago, his parents were murdered and he was sent to his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and his cousin Dudley--All known with the last name Dursley.

    The girl’s parents had also been murdered that night. Their names were Marissa and Adam Dumbledore. He never had known very much about the couple, but once he found out that Aberforth Dumbledore had a family, he had done everything he could to help them. However, since Aberforth's death, things have been hard on everybody.

    The recent murder just made it worst. But, before Aberforth’s death, Harry remembered the last things he had said to him.

    “Harry………Harry listen to me…....” Aberforth had begun to say as he grabbed onto Harry’s arm. “Ariana…….Adam’s daughter……..please…..send her there. The……caretaker’s a friend of mine. Ariana’s special. I…..know it.”

    And that was the last thing he ever said as Aberforth’s eyes turned glassy and unmoving. He never had known had he had meant. Tonight, Harry guessed, he would find out. 

    The motorcycle landed/crashed next to them and the giant man known to most as Hagrid stood up and smiled a toothy grin at Harry.

    "Well, 'ere she is! Ain't she just beautiful!" exclaimed Hagrid. He looked at the small bundle of blankets in his arms and grinned even more.

     Hagrid carefully handed the baby girl over to Harry. He looked at the girl and smiled. "She sure is Hagrid.” His smile started to falter when he spotted a lightning-shaped scar on her hand. "So, Voldemort really has come back?" he asked looking hopeless.

    Hagrid sighed and confirmed Harry’s suspicion. "It seems so.”

   Harry ran his hand through his hair. "Already it seems like this is just a playback of my life.”

“What's her name again?" the Professor asked looking just as grim as the others.

    “‘Er name is Ariana Dumbledore," answered Hagrid solemnly.

     "Well," started Harry as he walked up to the steps of the orphanage. "May good luck be with you Ariana." He sat her down on the doorstep and laid a letter with a very special stamp on it down next to her. He started to look almost sad as he said the next words. "The Girl Who Lived"

    He brushed the wispy blond hair away from her eyes and smiled, "She reminds me of the Headmaster," he said.

     Harry stood up and walked over to McGonagall as he asked, "Professor, would it be okay if I checked on her every once in a while?"

    She sighed, "Anything to prepare her for her future."

    They then all looked at her with hope in their eyes, wondering if this small girl would be the hero of their world’s new generation.

    "Well, I gotta get goin'. Bye Harry, Minerva," declared Hagrid as he climbed onto his bike his bike. “I guess I’ll be seein’ ya at the school Professor.”

    Harry could just barely see a tear escape his eye as he started the engine to his motorcycle and began to glide into the night. For many moments, Harry and the Professor stood there watching the motorcycle disappear from their sight. Finally, McGonagall broke the silence.

    "I must also be going. I will hopefully see you in the near future Mr. Potter!" She smiled and transformed back into a cat.

    "Bye Professor," said Harry. McGonagall then ran into the shadows and disappeared.

    Harry looked at the girl in silence for a small while, wondering what the girl’s fate would be. But then he pulled out the device from before once again. He clicked it six times once more, restoring all the street lights power, then vanished.

    The next morning the caretaker of the orphanage would pick up the whining Ariana and read the note, thinking it was not true, and keep it away from the girl, giving her a fake one instead. Hoping she wouldn't have to live a life like that because, you see, the caretaker was a squib. No one but her family and Aberforth knew it.

    But even Ariana didn't know yet that the caretaker would despise her until the day she died.

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