Being bullied and walking away


1. Hurting

They push and shove me to the ground

They stomp all over me

I wish I could get up again

To get back up on my feet

No one takes a glance my way

No one takes a second look

For if only one helped me up again

I would get back what the mean ones took

They never rest or pause for a break

They never stop hurting me

I only hope someone will stop

Only stop and look at me

Never do they raise a fist to my head

Or slap me with their hands

It is words that push me down

That keeps pushing me into the sand

I see somebody hurt them too

I see the fear in their eyes

That I will hurt them again, too

So they will never see the sky

But I will not

I will let the mean ones be

I just get up and walk away

Knowing that God will see


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