The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


10. Chapter 9

Psychology had been a bore. Although with the new timetable set for today, I would be truthful with you and admit I would rather listen to Mrs. Finch’s voice drone about the various sections of the brain that listen to her drone about the joy of algebra. Maths was never something I tended to succeed in, and even with my savant powers of the ‘never-ending-memory’ I still found myself falling asleep, either from how easy I was now finding it, or from how boring it was. I guess even with the new happening my attitude still hadn’t changed from last month. I was still Nadia.

In my class I had sat at the back for a change with Ray by my side, both me and him, not in the best of moods. It was strange to see him with what could be a scowl on his face, rather than the usual smirk or grin he carried. We’d begun quickly on the worksheet given out. As a way or grading our levels she’d handed out what I would guess to be the equivalent to a Childs very first algebra test paper. It was simple. I had finished what I once found the hardest subject in the world in less than five minutes. It was a welcomed improvement as I noticed all the mind control pupils struggling with some questions as the ultimatums lazed and messed about with one another with reasonable silence. It was hard to come to terms with the fact I was once the person struggling, even with my good grades back home, I had to revise and study to keep up with the classes pace. It was mind boggling and what I would once call ‘out of this world’ had become part of me.

After the bore of psychology we had retreated to our dorms, and I had kindly invited the rest of our group to our room, seeing as it was larger and more comfortable. Candy had hissed in jealousy as she taken in the state of our room compared to her own and tried to keep her natural blazing thrashing fire at bay.  She was a volcano ready to explode that girl. The others had come into the room and had reactions of slight jealously too, but when they came to speak about it, it sounded more playful compared to candy, as she sat and sulked on a kitchen stool pulled to the edge of the room, blocking the television which Layton didn’t find amusing. Conflict was with us tonight.

“Dinner anyone?” Blake asked. I had found he tended to eat allot, due to his athletic built body, or his continuous time he spent at the gym, his meals were filled with protein. No vegetarian would want to dine at his house.

“No thanks Blake,” the polite voice of Russell spoke up as he answered for his dorm mates. He sat on one of the couches with his arms on his lap, Emily sitting in front of him but on the floor instead, her eyes shut peacefully her head leant back and onto his knees, most likely sleeping.

“Anyone else?” he offered once more as a final chance, he raised an eyebrow. It was obvious he wanted his food and he wanted it now. “Oh well, can’t say I didn’t try,” he laughed half heartedly at the awkward atmosphere that seemed to build.

I shook my head and sat beside Emily and in front of a angry Layton as he resisted from shouting at Candy who resumed her position of sulking in front of the television on a chair from the kitchen tall enough to be a bar stool, effectively blocking any possible way to view the TV at the moment.

Everyone else lay scatted on the three other kitchen chair, floor, or any remaining space of the couches, and all remained silent.

“Remind me Russell; why are we here?” Drew, a tall boy with light brown hair with hints of red asked with a mocking tone to his voice and it became obvious he was no fan of the boy. Emily glared at Drew with all the hatred she could muster, which wasn’t terribly much considering it was hard to hate Emily.

Russell was leader material. He had all the perfect qualities. He didn’t stand for anyone’s crap, he was determined, he was thoughtful, and this made me wonder; why wasn’t he the ultimatum? I shrugged it off and would save that query for another rainy day.

“We’re here because we should start planning a winning strategy for tonight,” Russell replied with finality in his voice. He wasn’t going to stand there and quiver, like the typical nerd he looked like. With his glasses and dark brown shaggy hair, and not so stylish clothing, his personality was a wakeup call. 

Blake chose now to return into the room with his plate piled with various food types, from mashed potato to several rashers of bacon and a few fried eggs. He’d most likely reheated most of the food from previous days. He’d walked in carelessly, and once he’d set foot into the potential firing line, he looked up and scanned our faces. He gave a questioning looked to me, Layton and Emily as if to ask ‘what did I do?’ and from the corner of my eye I saw Layton shake his head while smirking. Blake remained to stand awkwardly while he lifted his fork and pierced several pieces of his dinner and piled it into his mouth with a struggle, juices escaping down the side of his lips. Living with an older brother has its perk when becoming immune to what regular people would find disgusting.

“EW! You pig! Get out of here!” shouted the annoying voice of candy, as she flailed her overly tanned arms around in attempt to cover her face as if Blake stood right beside her aiming to spit on her cheap hair extensions.

Blake stopped chewing and looked to his plate in mock innocence as if he cared what her opinion ment. Emily began to laugh lightly.

I looked to her and Russell, Emily looked relaxed and carefree while Russell looked like he had, had enough.

“Guys! We have 4 hours to come up with something that can swiftly take us from A to B with a minimum amount of damage! Can’t you guys see that this is important?” Russell argued, and it looked like he would of stood up for dramatically effect if it wasn’t for a certain young girl sat idly at his feet twiddling her thumbs with no direct purpose in anything happening.

The room was silent. Out of all the people to be chosen to come to this school, why did they have to pick these people and put them together, when in most situations they will most likely clash. I mean, a jock and a nerd, an outcast and a Miss Barbie, the list could go on. Not in a million years was everyone in this room going to get on together for even a second.

“I didn’t ask to be sent here,” seethed candy, who I had seemed to of forgotten about, and now she sat there, hands gripping tightly to the seat as her face changed colour, and even with all the fake tan her reddened facials stood out like a cherry. “I had the perfect life back in Texas! I had friends, I had family, I had the best life I could ever ask for, and out of the blue, some bogus letter arrives demanding I attend this academy. At first I was furious. How dare some person I didn’t know demand I attend a boarding school I had never heard off. My usually protective parents jumped at the chance to send me here. For the first time they were happy to see me gone... I didn’t ask to come here, so I’m not going even try to pull my weight. Count me out!” she screeched as she stood from the bar stool and walked as fast as her heeled boots would carry her as she stumbled in her fury on her hasty exit.

Awkward silence followed like expected. Candy didn’t seem like she could complete such as speech. She was more of a ‘glare and get a point through’ girl rather than ‘dramatic speeches fit me’. Yup, didn’t expect that at all.

“Well its obvious Russell is getting nowhere, so I might as well take charge.” The voice of Justin spoke up from behind us. He must have been standing there the whole time, as I had failed to notice him.  “After all, I actually have a plan already” he gave a half smirk, like he knew it all.

Unknowingly to him, I had a plan also. During lunch I had nothing to do so I sat and listen to everyone converse for a few minutes until I realised what they were actually talking about; our military tactics class. Then I remembered I still had those sheets of paper that I would need later tonight on the ‘mission’ our teacher – Mr. Brent – had set us. I had pulled it out and thought about possible outcomes. Out of boredom I had come up with several routes and possible outcomes. I’d drawn plans for the UK group and for our group and noted the places that they may clash at. Several of the routes I’d made would most likely encounter the UK group at some point and only one was left. This route would take us around the hill, saving us time, due to the possibility of slowing ourselves down because of a steep climb. This route was a winner.

“if we go up and over the hill on the far east side, our base one is situated at the bottom of this hill so it’s the first option we’d most likely think of” Justin told us as he pushed his body of the wall he lent on. Russell glared.

“Actually Justin, If we-“I began to talk but was cut off by him.

“No Nadia let me finish!”Justin shouted, obviously not used to being cut off. I felt like snorting at his behaviour but thought better off it.

“If no one has a better idea, I’m just going to go back to my room.” Justin finished off his proposal. This perfect chance to put in my 2 cents.

“Well I think-“I began once more, but was cut of once again.

“Ok, that’s settled. You can all go back to your dorms.” Justin shouted over my voice. Where has the sudden ‘leadership’ come from? I asked myself.

Without so much as a warning, everyone from the other dorms room, stood and walked to the door, Russell trying to wake a half asleep Emily and anger ridden Drew, angrily shoved shoulders with Blake as he passed him on his way out. Such a lovely person, I would love to share the dorm with him, I thought sarcastically.

Emily stood up from the base of Russell’s feet and stretched her back which made a loud crack that I cringed at, as it sounded rather sore. Russell gave her a light hug and followed the rest of his dorm.

I sat where Russell was sitting and turned to everyone who remained in the room.  Emily was standing staring at Russell as he proceeded to slam the door in his exit, Layton sat staring at the blank TV, Blake still stood innocently close to the kitchen door with his plate of food in his hands, raising his fork every so often to eat, as for Justin, he’d stormed away in his fit and locked himself in his room.

“It's getting late,” Layton said, his facials suggested he was angry, but he looked like he was hiding it. He was probably stressed. “You guys better get some rest before we have to go”

Blake nodded before turning on his heal with his plate and entering the kitchen. Emily stood gave me and Layton a little nod and then left for our room. Layton got up, didn’t even acknowledge me and left. This school was definitely getting to everyone’s head.

I slumped down in the seat and let my eyes close.


Our military tactics teacher-Mr. Brent- led us into the trees surrounding the school, past the gate, but had warned us that there was two more fences and gates after that so there was no point in trying to run. Thanks for the head up, I thought sarcastically. The night was cold, and I hugged my coat harder to my body out of nervousness and to drain the chills from my bones. Everyone seems content walking in silence further into the forest, but the only one who seemed to fail that comfortable silence was Candy who tripped on various objects as she walked. That’s what you get for wearing inches high heels, they may of been block heals, but they were no good for today.

“We are going to leave you right over here, a few meters up and then we are going to leave, only when you hear the call on the buzzer, which Jason has, you can then begin.” Mr Brent told us, and at the fact he had Justin’s name wrong, made me laugh. For the past 20 minutes of us walking he’d continuously called Justin ‘Jason’ which was hilarious when you got to see his reaction.

Jason puffed out his breath, steam forming in the cold air mixed with his warm breath. “It’s Justin...” Justin grumbled helplessly as it was probably the 12th time he’d actually told him this.

“Justin, Jason, same old thing. Now once we get up here, I want you all to check you have 5 paint balls loaded all together in your paint guns, and to make sure you know how to shoot it. Make sure you all have your maps, and your vests are on securely.” He told us as he came to a halt.

I lifted the paint gun we had been given; it resembled a real gun, but was loaded with paint pellets, or whatever you wanted to call them. It was as harmless as a BB gun. A small strip on the side of the paint gun was see through, which allowed you to see the pellets/paint bombs were inside. I had exactly 5, all blue – that was our group colour, marking if we did hit someone from Rays group, that it was us who shot them, taking 10 points from that teams overall score/grade.

“We’ll leave you too it then, and don’t try anything funny, we have cameras all around the place,” he warned as he turned around and his two guards followed him off, and my heart beat quickened. This was all too real.

Justin turned to face us all once the teacher and the guards had left earshot. He pulled out his mission map we’d made in class and began to point to places he’d marked out.

"Ok, so Ray’s team is the yellow dot here!" Justin told us sternly, as if he himself was a soldier in some life or death battle. "Our goal is the reach here!" he pointed to a space again on the nearly torn coordinate diagram we drew oh so many days ago. "We are team one and have to move south east to get to the school, Ray’s team has it easy, and they have to move south, one of the easiest routes to take. We get there before they do and we win, and we will win. We will most likely encounter them at some point, that’s a for sure, so be prepared, now let’s move." he shouted. 

I really disliked Justin. For some unknown reason, he just got on my nerves. He always looked as if he knew he was in charge, as if he knew it and wasn’t afraid of showing people he knew it. The egotistical douche wasn’t in charge. Someone needed to burst his bubble. 

"Paint guns loaded?" he asked us again as if he didn’t trust Mr. Brent’s check only seconds ago, as we walked at a fast pace up a steep hill. Unfortunately we had the lower hand of having a base at the bottom of a hill, and having to move south east. Our team, blue, their team yellow.

I studied my slightly paint smeared mission map under the moonlight. I had marked clear as day my mission plan that simply got tossed to the side by Justin. 

Using the formula of speed, distance and time, I had made a perfect calculation and route that will bear minimum damage and save ten minutes of our route.

I will show him sexist.... 

"Justin!" I shouted through the whispers of everyone from our group. 

"shhh!" candy harshly whispered, bearing her teeth, and her pointed and perfect manicured nail to her mouth in a 'shh' motion. 

I rolled my eyes "if we go around the hill, we save ten minutes and avoid meeting the UK group!" I shouted again. I refused to acknowledge the UK group as Ray’s group, like everyone else did. The UK group probably acknowledged us as Justin’s group, which I didn’t like one bit.

It’s hard to think Justin was the shy person at the start of the year and has turned into a beast he really is. Or maybe he was always like this, just a little hesitant to show us.

"Nadia! Shut up right-" he began shouting, his facial expressions becoming amusing as anger seeping into his system. 

“No you listen you sexist douche! I want to win as well! But difference is I actually have a decent plan!" I shouted getting frustrated no matter how funny Justin was looking right now. 

His expression changed slightly, his expressions grew darker. 

"Fine" he muttered darkly and walked off into the darkness 

Lots of people began shouting after him

"Guys! Its only ten points taken off if it’s a man down, each minute saved gains ten points. If we take my route and go at a fast pace I think we should get back ten minutes before the UK group, gaining us 100 points, if we take away the ten points that Justin left us and if we don’t loose anyone else, we are sure to win this!" I told them. 

"Let’s do this!" Emily spoke up, a grin lighting up her, and much to everyone else’s luck, it was contagious.

I smiled at her enthusiasm. “Ok guys, so instead of doing the obvious and going over the hill we go around it. If we go up it like Justin suggested we lose lots of time, with it being a hill and all. Although going around it is more, the time it will take is less, and will most likely save a good amount of time and avoid the chance of getting into some sort of paint wars.” I smiled to myself as lots of people from my group nodded their head in approval.

I pointed in a direction I was sure to lead around the hill. “That way!” I told them and them immediately began walking. I lagged behind to check if Justin had lingered around in the shadows.

Soon I was the only one stood there, but everyone else was still close by, I could hear them. I looked around. The silence was eerie. No animal noises, no crackle of dead leaves. Nothing.

“Nadia! What are you doing?” shouted Faye, the nice looking girl who I’d spoke to a few times in classes.

“Nothing, I’ll be with you in a second!” I responded loudly as I turned around slowly and walked steadily in everyone else’s direction, but I was having one of these feeling. It was weird. Like someone was watching.


If I was right, we were on target, and had just passed the large hill and had gone around it. We were now in thinner trees now and this was the riskier part of the task. At any moment Ray’s group could encounter us, if they haven’t all ready reached the school that is. All we had to do now was reach the gate, which was guarded, but they had already been alerted to let us past if they saw us, them being aware of our task, in the next few minutes we should come across the gate.

“It’s up here somewhere guys!” I shouted loudly. I didn’t care if they heard. I am on a mission, literally.

I now lead the group from the front and my legs were beginning to ache. We had been walking and stopping every so often to check the maps for about 20 minutes. I’m sure it wasn’t just me who was feeling it.

“Look! Nadia! Isn’t that the fence?” shouted a female voice, but I didn’t look back to see who it was, and sure enough, right in front of me, coming into view was the tall fence with what looked like barbed wire at the top.

If we run along the fence in the right direction we will soon enough come across the gate I thought to myself. “This way” I mumbled, but I knew at least a good amount of my guys heard me.

I came close enough to the fence to touch it. I ran my hand along it as we walked for a good five more minutes and only hoped silently we were going in the right direction.

We heard talking ahead.

“shh!” I hissed violently as I crouched low. I heard shuffling and only presumed they did they same.

I listened intently and peered through the plants and trees that slightly blocked my view. I saw lights and shadows casted from them, some resembled people, and some resembled cars... it was all too strange...

“Yeah, we’re part of Mr. Brent’s class.” I heard the all too familiar voice of Ray. At the sound of his voice I perked my head up to get at least a look at them.

“Very well, open the gates!” he shouted the last part towards the direction the guy who controlled the gate at.

The hate creaked open slowly, and Ray rushed forward to get through the gate as soon as the gap was big enough to fit through. Everyone else in his group followed.

“Hey! I thought you said we’d have a ten minutes advantage!?” candy growled lowly at me, as she breathed down my neck.

“I guess we have to get our paint guns out guy.” I told them.

One paint ball on an opponent means 10 points for the team who shot it and ten points of the team who received. If one team arrives first and say the next team arrives 2 minutes later, the team who arrived first gains 20 points, which is ten points for every minute early they arrive before the other team. Ten points off for any man down, this includes someone being separated from the team.

I heard the groans from Candy. I guess she didn’t like that idea, but her opinion didn’t mean a thing right now.

I watched as Ray led his group further into the school zone, and I glared at their back. It was nothing personal, but I was determined to win it. They disappeared in the darkness once more and I stood to my feet.

“Get your guns out and ready. We might have to use them after all, remember the limited bullets. Use them wisely.” I told them finally as I approached the guards who waited around the gates as if waiting for a bus.

“Hey!” I shouted loudly, the gates beginning to close once more. “Open the gates!” I shouted, knowing if we try and get through now only some of us would make it past.

“You the kids from Mr. Brent’s class?” one walked closer, speaking with a gruff voice. They wore dark green clothing. The sort of thing you might expect a guard to wear.

“We are.” I told him straight up.

“Open the gates! We got the last group coming through!” he shouted towards the ground level shed that most likely had the controls for the high gate.

The gate opened up once more and I rushed to get through the gap. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, and I heard the clatter of feet behind me. I picked up my heavy paint gun and slowed to scan the area. No one was in sight. Surely they couldn’t have gotten away so fast.

We were currently walking on the road that the gate was blocking. It was an unsafe I thought, but we had a better chance of getting back to the school no problem, and even now ahead, I could see lights from a building I presumed to be the school.

“It’s just ahead here.” I shouted loud enough for my team to hear.

No one since Justin had left, questioned anything apart from Candy, who I wouldn’t expect any less from anyway. They trusted me and I liked that. Thinking on that topic I wonder what Justin was up to right now...

Several bangs were set off in our direction; I turned hastily to check out the damage. I knew someone was here.

“Nadia...” trailed off a quiet and scared voice. It was Casey, and on Casey’s chest and vest were 3 yellow splats of paint. At least we knew how much damage they could do now.

With three splat on Casey and Justin missing, we were 40 points down so far, and to gain that back we needed to either get our own back on the UK group or get back to the school base 4 minutes early. The first option was the easiest and most realistic. There was no way in hell Candy could make it back in 4 minutes before the UK group and no way could we leave her, we’d then be 50 points down and those of us remaining would have to get back 5 minutes before Rays team. That was impossible.

“Your guns. Get them out...” I hissed lowly as I back up to our group. Sticking in a large group for now would be our best bet. Splitting up would be better for later.

Someone emerged from a bush right in front of me, I firstly saw their white trainers, then their blue jeans, and then came the face. Ray stared back at me with a smirk on his face.

“Now that was just too easy Symons” he laughed mockingly, using my second name to address me.

“Oh it’s on,” I whispered to my team. “On the count of three,” I told them. “One... two...” I slowly counted as Rays smirk taunted me.

“three!” all of my group yelled as I let of the first bullet and everyone else scattered from their position and spread out running further into the direction of the school.

I heard the impact of the bullet, but where? I scanned the area, having been stupid and not properly lined my bullet.

“That bitch!” screeched the voice of Cindy.

“Cindy!?” called out Candy to her friend who was hidden in the shadows.

“Lucky shot, but that’s the only one you’ll be getting.” He grinned with mischief as he lined up his gun in my directions. “Your teams going down.” He finished as he whistled and let out his bullet as I made a mad dash away from his firing range towards the rest of my group who had slowly made their ways further down the road. 

The way Ray looked; it was as if he was playing a game, and not something as serious as I was taking it. Maybe I should lighten up. Maybe taking it all serious was what was making this plan such a fail. I was going to learn from my mistakes.

“Run! Split up! Head for base!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, not caring if the other team heard, because ultimately we were all going in the same direction.

Several figures came from the shadows, all of them I recognised from being in the UK group, lots of them having been in a few of my classes. They all looked as if they were having fun, with their grins and all.

“Shoot them god damb it!” I shouted loudly at my team who stood aimlessly in shock, or was it defeat? Either way I was determined to get them going! 

All of them seemed to snap out of it at once and began sprinting for it, a few running backwards with their guns raised. The first person to let of a bullet was Drew as he fired at somebody I didn’t know from the opposing team, he got them splat straight in the centre of their stomach setting them off balance pushing them to the ground as the tumbled.

My liking for him grew even though he was pretty rude. Seconds later a second bullet was shot from our team followed by a round of four, as one of our team members let of their whole defence in one round; it was Russell. I was angry at how stupid he was for shooting all at once, but once I noticed all five on the same person I let it go slightly. As I observed while running, I had forgot about Ray.

I remembered him suddenly and jumped on my feet to a halt. I scanned the surroundings, he wasn’t around. “Ray!” I shouted loudly. “Come out from your hiding!” I shouted as loud as I could.

“Who said I was hiding?” asked someone from behind me, their breath so close I could feel it against my neck in the cold night air. I turned around hastily only to be pushed back and shot on my left shoulder blade.

“Silly mistakes.” He scolded teasingly. “I’m just going to walk away idly and claim the winner’s position.” He told me cockily as he purposely strolled away at a slow pace. He thought I wasn’t going to shoot him with all my bullets? Think again, I thought with a smirk.

I then let of all my bullets, hitting him in close range around the back of his body, all clearly marked out.

He turned in shock, and as he did I looked over his shoulder. Everyone was getting away well, I thought as I saw Faye shoot Cindy, the ‘easier’ target of the group. I smiled for a second, for her.

My attention back on Ray, I watched his every movement. “No paint bullets left?” he asked with a smirk. “I still have one, mind you... I could always shoot you again ...” he asked himself aloud as he lifted his gun and gauged how many bullets were left.

“Go on then. Shoot me.” I pushed his, dropping my gun to my side, but it didn’t fall as it was connected to a special belt I wore. With the extra added weight of the gun now on the belt, it dug harshly into my skin on my hips and around them. I held in a wince.

“I couldn’t do that to a lady.” He teased harmlessly, his hair being blown to the side with the wind. I noticed he had blue and yellow paint smeared on his face, maybe from touching someone else with a paint bullet, but he clearly wasn’t shot on his face.

I laughed at the ‘lady’ remark. “Seriously? Come on Ray! Take this seriously! Don’t you want your team to win?” I questioned as I slumped a little, knowing he wasn’t going to shoot me. I really should get moving I thought to myself. Everyone will be at base by now.

"It's just a game Nadia. Nothing that will change my life or you’re life...” he trailed off as he began to walk at a slow pace turning his back on me knowing I couldn’t shoot with any bullets.

“That’s you Ray, that isn’t me. This ‘game’  of yours, could mean a whole lot to someone else!” I shouted to him playfully as I picked up my gun as it was slowing me down and sprinted, adding my extra ability from the go point to get a decent head start. I was going to get back first.

I ran down the road, luckily the dirt road had no stones, which would of most likely, affected my pace. I heard a deep laugh from behind me and the sound of foot on dirt as he sprinted also to catch up with me.

I pushed myself harder as I now came in contact with the concrete which was the schools car park. Dodging the expensive cars I came upon the curb I carefully avoided. I hurriedly landed on the grass outlining the pavement. I heard my group before I saw them as the shouted my name, and Rays group shouted his.

I pushed myself extra hard, but felt something behind me. He was right on my tail. I laughed, finally easing up, although I should probably feel nervous. I then chose to dive into the safe zone, marked out. There was a blue safe zone and a yellow one. My team stood in blue and Rays stood in yellow.

With my hands splayed out I did something that probably resembled a bellow flop, minus the pool. I landed face flat in the save zone. But true to its name. I was safe. And I’d gotten back first.


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