The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


9. Chapter 8

I had waked up later than usual. My alarm clock hadn’t gone off, and even if it didn’t id of expected me to get up anyway. I had no such luck. 

The numbers 8:30 shone into my eyes in the dark room and I peered over to Emily’s bed. She wasn’t there. I sighed and with a grunt and hoisted my body off the comfortable bed and did a poor excuse for a walk to the door, having still been half asleep. 

I pulled the door open and poked my head around the door frame. No one in the tiny compact hall I told myself as I stumbled forward, my pyjama bottoms sticking uncomfortably to my thighs. 

"Guys! Why didn’t you wake me?" I hollered through the somewhat empty dorm room. 

I shuffled forwards and repeated my shuffle/walk with all my energy. Once I had gotten back to my dorm I had been shattered, from using my powers I think and had just about crippled onto my bed and had slept like a baby up until the point I woke a few minutes ago. 

"Nadia?" asked a voice behind me, just as I reached the door knob. It was Emily, and she looked as fine as day, her shining hair looking pretty neat and more vibrant than ever. 

"Emily? Why didn’t you wake me?" I asked her in a slightly higher voice than usual as I turned the door knob more and pushed it open. I found walking a little easier as I made my way into the living room, my muscles relaxing from their tense 'just woken up' state.

Emily followed me slowly from behind and sat on the floor just in front of the door. I looked at her with a single raised eye brow but she shrugged. 

"I’m just as shattered as you look but I have a good way of hiding it" she shrugged with a smirk on her face. "anyway, I know you probably don’t want to hear this but ... in about 30 minutes we have to go down to the outdoor meeting place... don’t ask, I don’t know either" she told me with one breath and looked at me for a reaction. 

I processed the information and sighed. Meetings have always been somewhat bad news in my view, firstly the announcement of our powers; which truthfully are pretty much unbelievable until you actually see it for yourself. Now there’s a meeting on god knows what, and I can only predict the worst.

"I'm sure it’s nothing bad Nadia, I’m sure nothing can top being sent to a boarding school for freaks" Emily joked with a half smile obviously also trying to convince herself. 

I gave a sad smile and fell onto the couch with a grunt. I didn’t feel like moving. After last night’s heart to heart with Ray I hadn’t felt up to much, mind you I haven’t had much time to want to do anything else. The only thing I had been doing was sleeping from the moment I got back to my dorm which I now considered home, and waking up and shuffling through here. 

"You probably should start getting ready. we need at least ten minutes to find the place we are going to, so you have about 20 minutes to get ready" she told me as she walked through to the kitchen talking to herself about something along the lines of 'hungry' and 'pop tarts' 

I groaned once more as I pushed myself of the couch and reluctantly made my way to my room. 




 "It’s down here somewhere..." Emily told me, having looked at the map before she left, and her insisting we shouldn’t need to rely on the piece of paper. 

"It’s your fault if we're late" I had grumbled in reply, each and every time she insisted it was 'just around the corner' 

We had circled the school twice and I had yet to see a crowd gathered in this 'outside meeting place'. maybe it wasn’t outside I had told myself but then I had shook it off saying how stupid the school would have to be to call a indoor meeting place, a 'outdoor' meeting place. I shrugged it off and followed Emily like a lost puppy.

"Ah ha!" Emily shouted a little too cheerful and skipped away with all that energy she held inside her. 

"Where are you going Emily?" I shouted to her, and that’s when I noticed in her direction Russell and his dorm mates stood talking, Emily skipping up to them most likely to join them. There were a few other groups around here waiting and that’s when I realized this was probably the meeting place. Hadn’t I passed this exact spot 3 minutes ago? I’m sure I did. 

This part of the school I hadn’t seen properly, it was off to the side of the building just a little bit of a walk away from the outdoor sports field and track. The meeting place was as it’s usual to the rest of the school; pretty new looking and expensive too. With the various range of flowers decorating the stage and the expensive looking paving leading from each side of the stage, I didn’t want to get too close. 

People arrived in groups until the outside area was packed. The area was slightly smaller than the hall, but it was easier on the eyes and a little more relaxed. The headmaster appeared in front of the crowd. 

"settle down!" shouted his echoing voice over the crowds as he went to stand on the small podium that I never noticed to be there before as it was blocked by the crowd that had formed before I arrived. He stood about two head taller over the average crowd here and I could only just see him from the nose up as he spoke on. 

"You are probably all wondering why you are all here!" he shouted, as if he could read our minds. "nothing that bad I promise" he responded to our worried facial expressions, a small playful smirk forming on his lips as he soaked the fear radiating from certain members of the crowd, a cat playing with his mouse just before he would tear it to shreds. "there’s been a slight alteration on how things are going to work..." he trailed off, dragging the suspense, "I’m going to hand this over to Mrs. Bett as she explains the situation." he handed his position on the podium to this 'Mrs. Bett' woman. She was large in size and looked strict, and even then 'strict' didn’t come close to her description at all. No, it was a lot more.

The bulky woman waddled her way past the head teacher and set her sights upon the stage, and with great effort she'd positioned herself as she liked on the podium and coughed loudly as if she needed attention from the audience when truth is told she already had enough attention before she even set foot on the first step.

Having noticed this she blushed in embarrassment but covered it up as quickly as it appeared and began to talk. "These new arrangements" she began with a deep voice, "could change your life at this school, or perhaps beyond. One single decision could change your future" she paused dramatically. "Your performance over the next few days will be graded, we haven’t had the benefit of time, and we are lacking enough of it as it is. As you all well know, in each group there’s two people of the same power." she took a breather. "In the next few days, the weaker candidate will be eliminated. To where is none of your business, but for all your sakes work you’re hardest" 

Chatter broke out. 

She waved her arms frantically for control. Eventually it worked. "in two days time, there will be a elimination meeting, and on those day, one by one, as you are called out of your class or dorm room, you will all be assessed on your progress with your powers, whether ultimatum, to genius, you all will be graded, the weaker of the two in your team will no longer be staying at TPP, and will be taken elsewhere, are we all clear on that?" asked the woman, who pointed her chin and chest out a little too far as she spoke. 

No one said a word. I still didn’t understand anything that was going on and as far as I was concerned I was as good as gone if I was against Justin; he was noticeably stronger than I. 

"Let’s pass it back to Mr Davidson, she spoke loudly as she shuffled off the other side of the stage as the head master came on the other and smiled. 

"all classes commence as usual, today is one of the two special days in the week when you won’t be doing normal class work, you will be doing maths, English and so on, in your subjects today" he informed us and I felt like telling him, that those where the normal classes, never mind fire power and elemental control. 

"You might not already know but school here works differently. Monday to Tuesday is your abnormal timetable, like your ultimatum classes or elemental control, but through Wednesday to Thursday you go to your normal classes but in that subject you will do subjects you would have done in previous years in your old schools. After all, it’s still an important factor in your young lives." the man spoke carefully, as if keeping hold of his tongue in case he let something slip, which made me think... 

"Here at TPP we have a four day schedule, four days of school, Monday to Thursday. Friday will be a resting day, in which you are allowed free access to all sport and entertainment facilities on the school grounds, but on no terms may any pupil be given access to the outer perimeter of the school, that mean, beyond the fence is off limits unless supervised by two members of security and staff." he told us with authority as Mr. Davidson watched over the pupils with a glare so harsh he could cut me in half. "due to the abrupt announcement of a meeting, classes will be delayed until 10:00AM, until then I expect you to get ready and be at your scheduled classes on time, and remember; this might be your last few days at TPP." he grinned in satisfaction as he taken a few backwards steps from the small podium/stage and signalled silently for his deputes to follow him as they pushed through the crowd that parted like the sea when mosses in the bible commanded it to do so. He bathed in the vicious silence and glares of hatred radiating from certain pupils as he escaped into the school. He didn’t look back. 


"He’s such a strange person, don’t you think?" Emily continuously pondered aloud coming up with absurd way to explain Mr. Davidson’s behaviour that made us pupils hate him so much.

"I mean, he seems like he could potentially be a nice guy, but I think he lacks socializing in his life, I mean, if he went out sometimes and tried to-" she babbled, and to be truthful I had, had enough. 

"Emily! Please! He’s just some careless teacher who I don’t want to hear about!" I shouted at her in frustration. To be truthful I had other things on my mind 

While other people thought about how much of a psycho Mr. Davidson and his deputies were, they had forgotten about the fact of the elimination process they had mentioned just before everything turned worse. Maybe people were thinking about it, but they didn’t want to talk about it, but I knew for sure, I did. 

From what I had gathered from rethinking the announcement over and over I had finally realized what they meant: in two days time we will be tested, the strongest will stay, the weakest will go, but to what fate? I ask myself, but I come up blank. Maybe they get to go home, I thought, but in that case, shouldn’t we try and act our worst? If that was the case I certainty would.

Emily stayed silent. We walked down the hall towards my next class military tactics, which to be truthful, I was beginning to like. I wasn’t sure what subject we would be doing in this lesson, because last lesson the teacher had us doing, was just like gym back home, except with the advantage of speed with our newly aquatinted powers. "I’m sorry Nadia." Emily blubbered out, seeming to have thought she had offended me.

"Emily, it’s not you..." I sighed, "I’ve just been thinking about what they told us, the tests that are coming, you know..." I huffed a little, being put in a bad mood.

"Oh! I totally forgot about that! I’m sorry; you must be worrying sick... now you remind me I’m probably going to have a panic attack too! Oh gosh I’m sorry. Wait! What if I leave and you stay? What if I stay and you leave? What if we both stay and Russell leaves!? That would be horrible! I can’t bear it, it won't happen! I-" she babbled in worry and now I seemed to regret even admitting to her what was on my mind. 

We arrived in front of the military tactics door and stopped. 

"Emily! Please! I know you're worried, we can talk about this after class you know, and we can sort everything out then!" I shouted feeling exhausted. She smiled in return and sauntered forward and pushed open the door a grin still etched on her face, as if enjoying my frustration. 

I shook my head and gave a half hearted laugh and stiffly made my way into the room, I walked slouched and like the whole word was on my shoulders. I huffed in tiredness and the longing to go back to my dorm. 

"Come on then!" Emily clapped happily, having looked to of forgotten about my previous rant. It was funny how she tended to do that. Forget everything bad I’d done and move on as quickly as I’d started. 

"Hurry up girls!" shouted the unmistakeable voice of our teacher as he bellowed in frustration wanting to begin the lesson most likely. 

I and Emily looked to each other and both made bee lines to our seats. Mines unfortunately not being beside hers, but beside Ray instead, which to be truthful, I wasn’t complaining. 

"Right, because we are now finally here," he gave pointed looks towards Emily and me, and then continued. "We can commence with the lesson. As you all probably know, today is supposed to be the day when you do classes that are semi-normal, in your standard, and because of this, open the text books on your desk to page 23, and complete the sentences there, and then wit for further instructions. You may talk in hushed voices." he finished.

I sighed loudly and raised my hand to open the text book that was on my desk, and like my hand weighed a thousand tons, it felt like it was the hardest thing I would have to do all day, but it opened eventually. 

I looked around and noticed the semi-quiet classroom, everyone had their text books open and at least on the second question. I wasn’t feeling the best today. 

"Need a little help there?" the British voice asked from my left, I jumped around in my seat in response. 

I frowned in mock anger and told him, "hey! No need to scare me. And yes, help would be good," I whispered, as I turned around in my seat to face my open text books, paper and pencil on my desk. 

"Here, copy the first question, but you will have to do the rest yourself," he smiled sweetly as Ray pushed his paper in front of me and made a hand motion as if to encourage me to copy it. 

"I’m not a cheater, Ray" I folded my arms across my chest and leaned back in my small grey chair. 

"Nadia, you and I both know you are feeling like rubbish, I can see it in your eyes. Not copy my answer or you will feel even worse." Ray convinced me, and grudgingly I began to copy his answer onto my paper. 

After an excruciating 15 minutes of work I had completed all ten questions. These questions were on English, and the basic grammar, which included full-stops, capitalizations on towns, cities, names, etc. and all the other things included in the English language. Nothing too excitable. I now sat waiting for those perfectionists to finish their work. 

"Pens and paper down!" shouted Mr. Brent. He stood hurriedly from his chair and quickly collected in all the papers in a rush. "It seems everyone has finished," he gave no clear emotion on his stone face.

"Because it looks like everyone has finished, take out your coordinate diagrams" he sighed as if he hated being in the school right now and wanted to go home. 

Thinking of home set me on a new rail of thoughts. 

I hadn’t thought of mom or dad since I had got here. A pang of anger washed over me. I wasn’t going to be able to see them am I? For as long as I stay here I wouldn’t be able to hear their voice or see their face in real flesh and blood. I felt selfish for forgetting, and so my eyes swelled with tears that I wouldn’t allow to fall. 

"Nadia!" someone whispered from my side pushing me from thoughts as I smashed into reality. "Your papers from last time? Get them out! He’s looking right at you!" he whispered warningly into my ear, as I hurried to my from pocket to pull out my papers I had placed there yesterday, thanking myself I hadn’t changed trousers since yesterday. 

I pulled the paper from my front pocket and smiled but pulled an unimpressed look as I remembered the reason why I wasn’t able to change into clean clothes:

"Hurry up Nadia!" Emily screamed through the door of my room. “We have.... what? Like 10 minutes until we are supposed to be there outside! Hurry up!" she shouted but finished it off with a laugh, showing me she wasn’t all too angry and in a hurry. 

"I’m coming I’m coming!" I shouted as I rummaged through my closet in search for a pair of blue jeans, and much credit to myself I had no such luck and stood still with my pyjamas on and looked around the dark room. 

"Nadia!" Emily shouted once more. 

"I’m trying my best! I can’t find my blue jeans!" I shouted to her in frustration as I kicked over a pair of my shoes that had made their way onto my floor in the middle of the chaos in search of clothing. 

"Wear the ones you wore yesterday!" she shouted back as I heard her footsteps make their way further into the hall and closer to the front door. 

I spotted the pair of blue skinny jeans lay strewn across the bedroom floor in a heap on my dirty laundry, that I had been dreading to clean, not one to do chores. 

I picked them up to my distaste and pulled them on with a grimace, not wanting to wear already worn clothing. I may have been brought up working class, but I was taught to be clean and as presentable as you could be. My mom would definitely not be proud. 

I pulled them on and headed for the door. 


I unfolded the paper and out fell two pieces of paper, one piece had the coordinate diagram of the school and surroundings, the other had the mission diagram. A little crinkled but readable and usable it was. 

I unfolded it and lay it on my desk as the corners curled slightly and looked up to the front of the class. I noticed only a few people had the diagrams.

"Those who don’t have their diagrams will most likely fail, not at all my problem, either way I’m still paid. Now those of you who do; well do. We are not going to amend anything on these diagrams, I just want you to write at the top of the diagram '2100 hours' at that time tonight, you will come to the outdoor meeting place and I will then direct you to your starting points. The blue team is team one, and team one is the USA group. Team two is the yellow team and will be the UK group. Tonight we will begin our missions, and it should roughly take 2 to 3 hours, depending on how well you guys do under pressure." he smiled

Muffled whispered began, and much to my surprise I was finding myself to be a little excited. It’s not every day this sort of thing happens. 

"Sir! There are only 24 hours in a day aren’t there?" asked the voice of candy from the back of the room that was then repeated by Cindy who seemed to agree with her. 

"I knew I wasn’t lucky enough to get a smart class" it sounded like Mr. Brent mumbled as he took two large steps forward and now stood in front of Cindy and Candy. 

"You can read a clock right?" he asked in a scarily calm voice

They both nodded

"You can both count to twelve?" he asked 

They both nodded again

"Then why the hell can’t you figure it out!?" he shouted louder. 

it was a funny scene as Cindy and Candy clung to each other, Cindy’s blonde hair messing up Candy's ginger hair as they both pulled a face that read 'scared and definitely not high and mighty' 

"Sorry sir" Cindy mumbled 

"No pupil will be allowed in my class if they cannot tell the time!" he shouted. "You two, out!" he pointed to Cindy and Candy, as they both bowed their heads and walked as fast as they could in their Prada heals. 

The door shut once more. "Thank god they are gone," the teacher sighed, and a small laugh bounced through the room, followed by a few more. And as if on call, I too started to giggle at the situation. 

I noticed Mr. Brent too also cracked a small smile. 

"Ok, back to seriousness, at 2100 hours, I want everyone at the outdoor meeting place, you have a day off tomorrow, so I’m sure being out late won’t be a problem to you guys. That sound good?" he asked with a new found kindness to his voice

Choruses of ‘yes’ vibrated through the room. 



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