The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


8. Chapter 7

 I’d recently found out all pupils in each group had a room to that group that had various equipment, tools, and technology, which is where me and the others had planned to go after school was over, currently I sat in psychology with Casey and Faye, both mind control pupils within my group, they were both really nice girls, Faye being the one who was sucked into the work and was vastly intrigued, and Casey being the one who liked to talk about the next shopping trip but smart none of the less. Ray sat with others from his group, and other mind control pupils and ultimatums scattered around too. 

"remember, the mind control power is channelled through ones head, for next lesson I want you to practice the various forms of mind control, including emotions, physical, and the future" my teacher miss kingsly spoke from the front, her chest stuck out, head held a notch too high. 

I had managed to grasp the basic concept of controlling emotions on other people; but that was the easiest part of the course. the rest of the mind control pupils had managed to do at least emotions and physical, but most ultimatums had only came into grasp on emotions, pushing us farther behind. I didn’t care much, but I wanted to do better, I strived for better, but I couldn’t reach it. Not yet anyway. 

"I know it’s harder for you ultimatums, you after all have more skills to improve in, therefore you will probably fall behind, that’s why we expect you ultimatums to practise ten times as hard" the teacher told us, a warning clear in her voice; translation - 'don't practise for my class and there will be trouble. I want no slackers'  

I had no desire to neither fail nor succeed me being scared of both. I wanted a home with normal people; I wanted to be back at that last day of school chatting with Yasmin. I wanted to know how her date went. Was I going to see anyone I did know again? 

I didn’t think so. 

It’s funny really. How ignorant the public is, right under their noses is the government testing children, and for what? Well I can’t exactly answer that just now. I really didn’t know the answer. 

"Right, pack up, you can all go," the teacher, Miss Kingsly told us, her voice as monotonous as it had been all throughout her class. 

Everyone seemed to jump of their seat as fast as they could and I was stuck in slow motion, I didn’t want to move at all. I didn’t feel too good either. 

"Nadia?" Ray asked me from behind. It was pretty obvious it was him.

"Ray," I replied. Acknowledging him, turning around just as I got of my chair 

"Nice to see you too" he laughed. "So what are you and your roomies doing after school?" he asked me smiling, his eye almost alight. 

"Training," I mumbled. Something was definitely wrong with me. 

"No jumping around and shouting? Not even a smile? What’s wrong?" he asked laughing. 

"not much, just don’t feel too good, hard to say what’s wrong though, it feels as if all of me is aching," I admitted to him. 

"well I’m sure you will be fine by tomorrow, you should probably skip on training, speaking of training, considering its our first day of school, how about I bring my group and let them become friends?" he asked me, thinking he had come up with a brilliant idea 

"Sure, sure. Meet us in our training room; I have no idea where it is so don’t ask me. Emily’s taking me," I told him. 

"yeah, I’ll ask her later, and thanks Nadia" he gave a half smile, walking half forward half backwards as he escaped the psychology room as the bell went. 

"Bye to you too" I mumbled as I made my way out also, Ray nowhere to be seen. 




"Come on Nadia! We have to get there soon! Russell is already there, and so is all of his dorm, I’m betting Ray is already there with his friends! Come on!" Emily shouted enthusiastically. Layton and Blake had told me to stay away from training for today, because 'you don’t look so good' according to Blake, that Layton agreed with, Justin giving a slight nod in agreement also. Emily hushed them and hurried me more. 

"I’m sure you are not going to puke your guts there, now come on," she shouted dragging me down the hall to the basement. All training rooms where located in the basements.

"Actually Emily, I wasn’t thinking that, but putting that into consideration and saving myself from eternal embarrassment, I think me staying home would be a great idea," I told her as loud as I could 

"Rubbish! come on!" she dragged me further into the dark basement corridors, that she and Russell had apparently stumbled upon one evening walking around, and later discovered the rooms were our personal training rooms. 

"if I fall apart on the ground, it’s all your fault" I told her as she stopped by a door, the cold dark concrete was wet and dripping a little, pipes outlining the walls. The door was metal, and was rusting a little at the edges obviously telling us they weren’t replaced when the school took over the building. A stiff looking metal handle sat on the right hand side of the door at waist height. 

"Ah here it is," Emily smiled. She reached and twisted it as much as she could. Groaning a little while doing so, she finally gave up. "Its stuck," she pouted. 

"No, you’re just not strong enough obviously," I told her. I reached out and opened it with as much strength as I would to pop a can of soda open. "See," I smirked, through my ill state. 

"doesn’t prove a thing"  Emily gave me a innocent smile and sauntered into the room, shoulders back, eyes flickering left and right. 

I hobbled along behind her, feeling drained of energy. 

"Hey Emily! Look was it in bookshelf!" Russell shouted from in the room which I had yet to look up and see properly. from what I saw the room was black and blue coloured, there was a smaller version of the obstacle course which we saw in gym class, and there was what looked like a control room to the left of the room sealed off with glass windows, doors, and walls, each one tinted a different colour, Russell sat behind the desk in the room, with a few other people I hadn’t seen, presumably from Rays group. 

Speaking of Ray, where was he? 

I turned around and saw the room was divided into three sections, one larger section, two smaller, and in the centre was a big circle with the large obstacle course. 

Ray stood in the smaller section in a fighting stance, Layton and Blake at the other side of the section, both looking ready to fight, but not in a vicious way thank goodness. 

I walked closer; I knew they wouldn’t hurt each other. They never gave of a vibe of hate for each other before. 

Ray smiled playfully still concentrating "You’re going down Layton. Same for you Blake. Both at the same time" he chuckled 

"I would say the same for you, but then I’d be lying, you’re not just going down, you’re going up 50 foot then coming down with a smash" Blake laughed at his comeback. I couldn’t help but laugh 

I laughed at their exchange; this seemed to distract Ray and gave Layton and Blake a chance to strike. Blake moved forward, Ray only just noticing, but it was too late, Layton had already soaked Ray with his water power. 

"Want to play at that game? You got it," Ray smiled a mischief ridden smile. 

Ray vanished from the air, and I knew he was travelling. Where about? I certainly didn’t know. 

"Want to get soaked?" a voice asked from behind me and I squealed. The aches all over vanishing from the sudden shock, but just a quickly settled back in. 

"Ray what-" I began but was cut off when he grabbed my hand and we rose above the ground and travelled to where ever he was taking us. I realised the standing above the ground situation happened so quick in reality no one ever actually saw it happening, except those travelling. 

It was amazing really, the whole reality of the situation. It was out of this world. 

I realised we were in the other side of the area like thing Ray was fighting in. I squealed again. Me now being in the middle of this. 

"Ray! Why me?" I laughed struggling to get out of his grip even when using my super strength. 

"Never mind 'why me?' let’s think of a way to get them goons of our backs” he laughed pointing his head in their direction and I saw Layton and Blake with a playfully evil smile/smirks on their faces, advancing on us slowly. 

"Crap" I whispered 

"Yup," he laughed 

"Hey! You go me into this! Now get me out!" I argued 

"don’t think so Nady," he laughed "no go get 'em" he whispered into my ear from where he held me from behind and as fast as he was there he was gone, leaving me on my own. 

He appeared behind a clueless and confused Layton and gave Layton a taste of his own medicine and soaked Layton to the bone. 

That’s when I noticed all the back of me was wet from leaning on Ray when we travelled. Gosh he is so going to pay. 

I used my super speed and ran behind Layton, Ray in front of Layton; two on one. 

This should be easy. 

"Not so fast my little ultimatum," a voice that belonged to Blake chuckled behind me 

"Crap, I forgot about you," I groaned. This game just got ten times as harder. 

"Aw, Nadia, I’m insulted," Blake playfully put a hand to his heart. "But on the other hand..." he put a finger to his chin and mockingly thought deep. 

Suddenly I was falling to the floor, butt first. I fell with a thump, and I felt energetic. I wanted to do more! 

"Payback is a bitch. That’s what you get for forgetting about me" he laughed and put his hand down in a way to offer me a hand up 

I didn’t trust him. I pushed myself of the ground and placed my hands behind my back. Karma is a bitch; I thought and laughed internally as I felt my finger ignite. I wasn’t going to burn him, but an innocent little fright was suitable. 

"Remember Blake. Never play with fire," I told him, bring my hand round to the front and pointed my ignited finger in his direction. He gasped and swallowed. 

"You're not actually going to burn me right?" he asked worried. 

"Of course not" I smiled sweetly "scare you? Yes." I answered with a monotone for effect and began chasing him with my super speed which I now learned to enjoy. 

Layton and Ray were at almost the same thing. Both drenched, and both putting up a good play fight with each other. 

"Guys!" Emily shouted from the side lines, Russell by her side and a few other people. I hadn’t noticed them observing. I noticed candy and Cindy to my right also, both smirking in the same stance and watching everyone play fight. 

"Found some interesting books. I think you guys should come see them!" Russell shouted from the side lines and signalled with his hands for us to follow them to the control room that they had sat in. there were several computer, one large bookcase, and a door leading somewhere else, I knew this from what I’d seen walking to the section Ray, Layton, and Blake was fighting in. 

"Book..." Blake groaned. I had found out Blake didn’t like reading, but he did want to do well in everything her tried. It was a really good trait to have I reckoned. 

"Coming Emily" I replied, as I walked over to a smirking Ray who was looking right at me. 

"Have fun? Out of that dreadful mood of your yet?" he asked laughing 

"It wasn’t a mood, I wasn’t feeling well. It went away a little when I was running about and getting drenched, but it’s coming back" I smiled, thankful for the sweet thought. Or at least it sounded sweet to me. 

"well we can go head up early and hang out in the dorms if you feel to stressed or ill down here, that’s if you’re up to that, because if you’re not I can always leave you be" he talked on and on, drabbling on about me. 

"Ray! I’m fine, it isn’t that bad!" I laughed at his puzzled face. 

I shook my head and walked ahead of him towards the control room which Layton, Blake, Emily, Russell, and a few others were heading too. 

"Gosh she’s such a bitch" a voice said, high, and nasally. It was either Candy or Cindy. 

I turned and saw them both with turned up noses looking at me. I glared. 

"She really needs new shoes," Cindy told candy, Candy nodded in agreement. 

I made an unimpressed face at them, both oblivious to my awareness of their conversation. They both stood in almost matching outfit. Cindy had blonde hair similar to candy's ginger hair. Both wore short denim blue shorts, both wore high heeled boots, with buttoned up shirts. Candy had more of a country style, and Cindy had a more spoilt snob vibe around her. 

"What are they saying?" Ray asked me. I hadn’t noticed him coming to me from the side of my vision, I was to concentrated on wishing I could burn the girls with my eyes. 

"Nothing too interesting" I forced out, anger seeping into my voice. 

"That bad?" he asked 

"Yup" I replied turning on my heels running with my super human speed to the control room, after all, if I have it, why don’t I use it? 

I stopped by the door and saw Ray was just behind me too. I forgot he could do that also, I thought stupidly. 

I pushed the door open and saw four of the several computers taken, Emily, Russell and a few others sat at one each. A few more people sat on random chairs reading what didn’t seem to be normal books. And the rest of the people down in the training room seemed to be outside still. 

"Books. That’s what we are here for first?" I asked Ray, as if I had forgotten slightly and needed reminding. 

"Yup" he told me, sort of disinterested in books like lots of other teenagers around the world. 

"Nadia!" Emily shouted from her computer "here" he held her hand up and held a book with leather looking cover, rather new and unused looking, but old fashion at the same time. 

Ray taken it from Emily and handed it to me. 

The study of the ultimatum and five other powers of the gifted

My eyebrows rose considerably. It looked like a guide to the ultimatum, like hidden information of sorts. 

"Look Ray," I told him, and I felt him lean over my shoulder from behind to see it better. 

"The study of the ultimatum..." he read the cover aloud.”Well open it!" he laughed after a few seconds of me just staring at the unopened book. 

I laughed along and opened it to the first part 

The basics of the ultimatum

An ultimatum is a mutation of a human, who hold all minor mutations within the one being. Each ultimatum in considerably different and power lengths differs between each person. from my studies I have noted that a ultimatum has roughly eight powers in total, these include the five powers found in all ultimatums; elemental control, genius traits, super human athletics, mind control, and shape shifting. all ultimatums will at some point discover a couple of unique powers to that ultimatum, which vary from telepathy, the ability to move things with one’s mind, and out of average hearing range powers. But of course these ultimatums aren’t average to your regular mutant. My studies have found that ultimatums are able to do ten times the amount of a regular mutant. E.g. their stamina and endurance is almost triple of a singular mutant with the athletic mutation. Hence the name ultimatum; the ultimate power holder. 

In the development towards their unique powers, their first power they discover that is unique to them will often be their weakest; their second however is much stronger, depending on your first power we can offer gauge how powerful you’re second can be. Ultimatums often suffer aches in various sections of their bodies before their power is revealed; depending where the pain is located depends of their power. headaches, often indicates to a power associated with their mind, and the headaches is just a process of further mutation within the brain and skull, developing their bodies to control their power once it arrives. Pain on ones torso indicates a power involving strength, like advancement on your strength power, making you stronger than other fellow ultimatums. These pains often occur between one day to a week of mutation, and can sometimes cause great pain to the ultimatum. 

Ultimatums are known to have short tempers and often struggle the most with fire power, the power associated with anger. My studies indicate mild emotion classes, to give the ultimatum a greater sense of emotions, will benefit the ultimatum. 

Ultimatums have a larger brain capacity than a normal mutant. They can hold almost double to a genius, the genius being able to hold double to a regular mutant, like the mind controller, mind controllers holding almost triple to a human. 

Ultimatums are definitely the super mutant race, and are designed to lead. in previous studies made by colleagues they have all found next to the same as I, and I now come to a conclusion, that a ultimatum should never be created. They are a great hazard to the world, and if not held in their right community, danger could be upon us humans. Not many of us know of ultimatums, and I think it should most likely stay that way. The ultimatum should be destroyed. This great magnificent human mutation shouldn’t ever be.

"You finished that page yet?" I asked Ray, wanting to turn over and read more. I wanted to learn more about myself, but I really disliked the way they referred to myself as a 'super mutant', and the rest as 'mutants' I didn’t like it one single bit. 

"Super mutant...” he mumbled "not nice is it?" he asked me, sort of pulling a face of disgust. 

"Hmm" I agreed while nodding as I turned the page. Just as much words on this page as the last, probably all just as offensive yet full of information at the same time. 'Super mutant' ... gosh, who in the world came up with that?

The 1924 experiment started by doctor J sturgeon, confirms many theories regarding the ultimatum. Doctor J sturgeon carried out the mutation on her new born daughter. The experiment began in 1908, Dr J sturgeon at the time didn’t know how long the experiment would take, and in the end taken her right into the early 30's. Sturgeon gave her one week old child the key injection straight into birth. She had known from previous experiment on animal, they key was to let the process develop, she found 16 years was just enough to let it develop to its full extent. On the 5th June 1924 sturgeon, gave one final injection to her oblivious daughter, and developed the first ultimatum. She later split the ultimatums powers into five separate powers, creating; the genius, athletics, mind control, elemental, and shape shifter. 



Elementals are currently still a puzzle. Many scientists have tried to pin point the exact source and cause of the control of the elements, all have come out unsuccessful. We know the mutation plays a large role in the control, but still we know there must be more. Elemental control remains a puzzle to the top scientists around the world. The power itself is simple enough to control. channelling ones thoughts on a individual element causes such phenomena, and still amazes me myself to this very day, having seen many extraordinary things, this seemed to top it all. 


Shape shifter

Shape shifters just like the elementals are a puzzle. Theories vary from cells that can change form, to a trick of the eye, and not actually changing form but -


My reading was cut short when Ray interrupted and touched my shoulder a little 

"We should probably get going" he told me suddenly. I was so indulged in the book; I hadn’t noticed how long I probably spent just standing reading. 

I looked around the computer room. The monitors were off and Emily was putting her coat on, Russell by the door. Ray no longer stood behind me but now sat slightly on a desk a computer was pushed back on. 

"When did everyone leave?" I asked looking through the glass walls, I saw no one outside, but only trace of their presence was the mud tracks of someone’s foot prints coming from a heap of dirt most likely from the earth elements from the four elements that ultimatums and elementals can control, it was most likely Layton if I knew him at all, I also noticed a scorch mark on the blue mats laid around.

"I think I’ve figured out the cause of my aching, but I’m still a little puzzled" I told him. I watched his expressions and Emily wave from the side of my view as she shut the door walking away with Russell. I heard the fan shut of inside the room, and the lights in the training court shut down too, all the light left was from inside the computer room 

"Are you going to tell me?" Ray asked with a light tone to his voice, making it sound as if he cared. 

"The book; it says it’s because my second power is coming, it’s stronger than my first and my body has to 'mutate' and 'develop' more to be able to handle the powers. The strange thing is that it says that it should only be in one certain area, for me it’s my head, limbs, and torso. It didn’t say anything about that in there," I told him slowly, I felt like I would break at any second. It wasn’t a good feeling at all. 

I looked around and spotted a grey cushioned chair with wheels on the bottom. I made a strange noise and stepped forward slightly to reach it. I sat myself down and found Ray just staring. 

"Tell me about yourself Nadia" he smiled and pushed himself back a little more on the desk he sat on, 

"There’s not much to say Ray, I’m just from a small town in Nevada, and I can’t say I had the best experiences growing up. My parents didn’t have a lot of money; we had a two bedroom house. I and my brother always fought over who got the room. I always won in the end" I laughed at the memory, feeling glum inside. "He made do with the small basement we had, he made it his I guess. We had a garden as well. I loved that garden so much. the man who rented out the house to us complained about how our car always sat on the side of the road unlike everyone else who had a garage built onto their house at some point, we couldn’t afford that so the garden had concrete poured over it and we made it into a drive way. Destroyed the neighbourhood more if you ask me," I laughed half heartedly. Thinking of my memories was refreshing yet sad. 

"At school I had a good friend called Yasmin. She was the best of the best; always knew how to cheer me up. I had a lot of friends, but she stood out from the rest. She always did. I remember on my last day at school, I had rushed out of my class to get home to see what my mom and dad had got me for my birthday. Yasmin stopped me on my way out and told me the good news. She got asked out by her long term crush - Jace Richmond. He was the school's popular boy. I always supported her dream, as she did for mine, as friends do. That’s was probably the last happy conversation I had with her. I saw her just before I left, but that time was filled by her trying to cheer me up about leaving, and how it could be a good experience," I began to cry slightly, a tear wetting my cheek. "It feels like I’m not going to be able to see any of my family again, nor my friends. It just doesn’t feel right Ray," I sobbed louder. 

A tear fell from my other eye, and this time Ray was there to wipe it away. He rushed towards me and hugged me from the side as he crouched down to my level where I sat. It really did feel like I wasn’t going to see them again. It all felt so wrong. 

"I’m sure you will get to see them again. You will, I will make sure of it. I promise Nadia" he smiled down to me. 

"You should know I don’t take promises lightly," I laughed slightly, and cried a little more. That was the exact line Yasmin had told me over and over when I made promises. "What about you Ray, what was your life like before this week?" I asked him. it feels like it was a year ago, my insides were telling me, it felt longer than a week since I had last seen my family. 

"I come from the UK as you already know, England to be more certain. There was a city called Manchester. It was a pretty big place compared to others, it was nice at times, and just like all places, it wasn’t all joys and cheers. I lived in a fairly reasonably big house, it had four bedrooms, two of them being used, I was always an only child, I had my own room, and a play room, I guess that room was my equivalent of your garden," he smiled down at me. "I miss it, of course I do, but I shouldn’t mope around over nothing. Things change and this is only a fraction of what’s going to happen, we have the rest of our lives," he laughed as if it was an inside joke and continued.

"At school I was a fairly nice guy, I went to a private academy, similar to this, except you went home every day and there wasn’t any of these stupid classes. Everyone at my school was smart I guess. Everyone was expected to make it into the top classes, and once you went through school you were expected to go to some famous university with only your grades, and not your money. At school I had a fair amount of friends, but like you, I had one close friends, her name was Jocelyn. She was one funny girl, always there for me," he smiled more to himself at memories. "Good time eh?" he snapped himself from him thoughts and began to laugh as if trying to chase away the past and move to the future. 

"It’s late" Ray told me. "We really should get going" he looking down to me. 

"I’m coming, I’m coming" I groaned as I got up from the chair, and Ray got up from his crouched position by my chair and stretched a little. 

"I’ll be there for you, you know that right?" Ray asked me 

"I know Ray, I’ll be there too," I told him. 

"You promise?" he mocked, "because I take my promises very seriously" he chuckled 

"I promise" I laughed along and made my way to the door



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