The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


7. Chapter 6

"Clear everything, bells going to go in about..." Mr. Henderson stopped, and looked to his watch, "five minutes!"

I and Ray hurriedly tidied everything, placing out fire proof vests in a neat bundle on the corner of our mat like everyone else, and cleaning any mess we had made, such as water, any cleanable scorch marks, or earth. Both me and Ray had mastered the fire power, but it seemed we were behind as everyone else had mastered fire, and water by now. I felt somewhat stupid. 

Ray had told me that because we where ultimatums we would have to perfect more skills than them, so it was obvious we were going to be behind on things. 

"military tactics next" I muttered to Ray, wondering why on earth military tactics was even a lesson, it’s not as if we were going into war...

"Same, all the American group have military tactics next as well, I’m presuming your entire group too?" he asked looked down to me, as he stood beside me. 

"I think so, I know Emily does for sure" I told him. 

The bell went all of a sudden, and the people around us jumped to their feet and almost ran to the door 

"Class dismissed!" shouted Mr. Henderson, about 30 seconds too late. 

I laughed under my breath, and made me way to the door, quite slowly I might add, with Ray by my side. 

"Do you know the way?" I asked him 

"I do actually, I went there as well to check it out, back when we didn’t know what classes we had, but we had the class numbers  ..." Ray told me 

"I still don’t see the logic in that” I told him truthfully. 

"Me neither, hold on, I doubt you want to walk to class, because I don’t want to either" he smiled, as I grabbed the inner part of his elbow. We must have looked a little stupid, Ray standing there with closed eye and with an expression that resembled concentration, and me just hanging on. A repeat of what happened earlier and I was suddenly slightly off the ground and being pushed away, to whatever room we had next. 

We now stood in front of a different class room door, and Ray looked down to me and smiled slightly "you know, you’re going to have to be able to find your way around the school without my advantages, what if I’m sick one day?" he asked smirking. 

"well-" I began but was cut off when the door to the class was pulled open to reveal a balding man, the type you would see as the bad guy in a movie, he had a strong jaw, slight trace of a beard. And looked like he could snap both me and Ray in half at any moment. 

"you can’t get ill, you’re a ultimatum, as do all the athletics, they cannot get ill." the man snapped "get inside!" he shouted harshly, achieving to drag attention to himself, Ray and I. "now!" he shouted, and Ray, doing as he was told, walked past the slim gap between the teacher, and the door frame and stopped inside. the class was like any normal classroom back home, except this class had a assortment of guns on racks attached to the walls, and a few posters on the wall of how to lode a gun correctly. Other than that it could pass a normal. 

"Take a seat anywhere, misbehaviour results in punishment" he said in a lighter tone. The man may have seemed all macho, but behind that, he was a nicer guy, I could tell. 

"Come on Nadia" Ray whispered to me, pulling me by my upper arm lightly to a seat in the middle row. 

He chose a seat and I sat in the one beside him. Mr. Macho, sitting at his desk, examining what seemed to be an ak-47, in pieces on his desk. 

In groups, people arrived, and by the time the next bell went to tell everyone they should be in class by now, all seats were taken. 

"Everyone’s here yes?" the teacher shouted from his desk, his eyes never looking up. 

There were murmurs of 'yes' and 'yes sir' apart from the giggling in the back row, by none other than Cindy and candy 

"You girls!" he shouted, finally looking up, pointing to Cindy first, then to candy, glaring into them both. 

"Are you military officials who have been in the US army for over 10 years!?" the teacher shouted so loud, even I covered my ears discreetly. 

Candy and Cindy both shook their head, a lost puppy look in both their eyes. 

“have you been trained in fire arms, and self defence!?" he shouted louder, and he got the same response 

"Then shut the hell up and pay attention in this class, before I resort to punishing you all!" he shouted and sat back down. 

Everyone seemed to have the same expression; shock. And everyone seemed to be thinking the same thing; my poor ear drums.

"I have three rules!" he began in a loud voice but quieter than before. 

"One, pay attention!" 

"Two, answer all questions correctly" 

"Three, never fail on a mission!" he shouted "any questions?" he asked. 

I felt the need to ask 'what missions' I felt the need to ask all the questions bundled in my head for the past few days, but I knew that would only piss him off more. 

I needed an answer to at least one of my questions, so after milliseconds of cancelling all unacceptable questions, I was down to one. 

I raised my hand slowly. 

"You!" he pointed! "I answer only one question if you answer one of mine correctly!" he began, he stood and walked to the far side of his desk, he taken out a weapon, hopefully not loaded, and pointed it at me, "what is the type, name and origin, of this" 

It was a gun of sorts, it didn’t look terribly new, not old neither, it was at times like this I wish I’d paid more attention to my brother’s games of modern warfare, and call of duty. 

Then I remembered - 


"hey, Nadia, what do you think of this one?" asked my brother from the floor, as I sat on the couch, he played one of his many war games, as I did my history homework. 

"It’s a USA semi-automatic rifle, it’s the AR-15 man" he smiled 

I looked up for a fraction of a second and saw it on screen and looked back down to my work, it was admittedly a sweet looking gun, but I was busy, and didn’t need a distraction. 

"Cool" was my only reply. 


"It’s an AR-15 origin USA and it’s a semi-automatic rifle" I replied "isn’t it?" I asked a little unsure. 

The teacher looked at me slightly amused, a small smile coming onto his face for the first time this lesson. "Yes, actually, it is, good. Now what’s your question?" he asked politely, which made me smile, I knew he was nice inside. 

"What are these missions you speak of?" I asked, trying to come of polite to him, hopefully earning myself his good books. 

"In this class, you will all be learning about the military obviously and previous war tactics, and things that could come in handy in similar situation. The missions I speak off are just as I say. role-play missions, I give a time, place, and what’s going on, and you have to act it out, as a mission, using the correct tactics, with paint guns" he smiled at the end part, "you have a team leader, and that team leader has to have all his/hers team mates at the finish point, as a race with the other team, but it won’t ever be that easy" he smirked, as if he was going through a memory of a past experience. 

"Now time for what’s happening today! Introduction to surprise attack! the key to all successful battles, is taking your enemy by surprise!" he shouted, the teacher seemed passionate about his teaching job, as if he enjoyed it but didn’t like interruptions because he was so well into the subject. 

"Can anyone name a famous surprise attack!" he shouted, and not a second later several hands appeared 

He pointed to one, "pearl harbour" some voice I recognised as Emily’s said. 

He pointed to another "Washington’s sneak attack on Trenton" another said

Another "1297, battle of Stirling bridge" 

"Battle of glentrool" another said 

The teacher raised both hands palms out as a way to tell everyone to shut up. They all did immediately. 

"there’s been a lot of history on surprise attacks, a latest being the 9/11 bombings, the capture of bin laden, one of the world’s most wanted criminals, they are all modern surprise attacks, the examples you have given are useless, anything below pearl harbour is pointless. they used cannon balls and bows and arrows, in the modern day you will have p-90's and ak-47's, perhaps the ar-15, but not a canon ball!" he began "in modern day conflicts, we can’t just charge down a hill like the Scottish. We can’t scheme, and hope for the best with no less than 500 men like Washington. We certainly cannot go into battle with only a gun, and bright red coats, like the Hanoverians, just like the English" he began, writing all different dates on the bored. Then he began to draw what seemed to be an island. 

"this is the island your on just now!" he shouted "we are here" he pointed to a tiny point on the map, and made a square around out "this is our school" he said filling in the school with lines with pink chalk "and this is the school grounds and boundaries" he draw a box around the school, and filed it in with a different colour, leaving a tiny amount of the island left that wasn’t coloured. "The island is approximately 5 miles by 7 miles" he shouted, "write it down!" he shouted, and people began to looked around a little frightened. I saw the pen and paper on my desk, and so did Ray, he picked a piece of paper and pen and began to copy from the bored. 

“Draw a coordinate diagram on your paper" he shouted, and I was thankful that was something I could do. I sketched the island as fast as I could, filling in the things he put on, and some notes of what he said, putting the scales and measurements on the island, and finally the coordinate diagram. 

“The highest point on the island is at point (4,-2) on your diagram, it should be about here!" he shouted marking a huge dot on the bored. "The lowest point is at (-6, 2) mark that on as a star. Draw a key at the side so you know what it all means, a star for the low points and a dot for the high!" he shouted, and I noticed a few people around me looking a little flustered.

He stopped writing and slammed the chalk he was using for the black bored onto the desk, producing a small dust cloud. "This is our next mission. Over the next few lessons you will learn different attack styles, team work, and how to plan when under pressure! Once we finish those topics we will begin our first mission, it will last over one lesson, and it will be within the school grounds!"

"Below the diagram you just drawn, draw this one, this is the map of our school!"He shouted, as he picked up a piece of blue chalk from the desk and began drawing really fast. 

he drew a large square, then a smaller on in the left corner with a gap between both of their boundaries, and labelled the smaller box, 'school' he drew a box the same in width, almost a quarter in height opposite the school, and labelled it 'car park' and then picked up a few more pieces of chalk and coloured 'school' and 'car park' in different colours.  

"Team one base one is located here! Make sure you mark it with a cross and the number one! if you haven’t drawn a coordinate diagram, do it now and place the cross on section (7, 5) write at the side, not on your diagram, in fact, far away from your diagram 'x= team one' and then draw a box around that, label the box 'key' that will be your guide to know the difference between the different symbols that will be placed on the diagram, the one on your map, means team one, now go to the box that says 'school' and in the very centre, which is this class room, draw a star, that will be the finish for both teams, write a key at the side, go to the coordinate (-7,10) this will be the base for team two, mark it with a 'x' and a '2' this will show its team 2's base one." he stopped writing once again and turned around. Ray and I had managed to keep up, as did others who I presumed to be the savants, and ultimatums. 

"label the first diagram I gave, you - the one of the island; 'military tactics missions map' and on that map, I want you to draw the same coordinates I gave you for the second diagram as best as you can onto the first, the diagram of the island is to keep track of missions and bases I give you, and your goals, the second diagram should be labelled; 'introduction to missions' the second diagram is only needed for the mission that’s coming up, after that there’s no use for it. I hope that wasn’t too complicated for you, after all, this is only beginners stuff" he smirked, looking at the varying expressions, the eager ones from the savants who wanted to know more, the uninterested from the ultimatums and the ones of pure horror from those who couldn’t understand nor keep up. 

"after all, if you fail this class, you will have to take the class again, pass it with flying colours and with permission from myself, you can drop the subject and not have to do it anymore" he smirked even more, from the horror filled expressions he received. 

he snapped from his fun and looked down to his watch "ten minutes" he mumbled but I heard him "although the bell hasn’t went, all those who have finished can go" he waved his hand in dismissal and turned back to his desk, sat down, and put his feet up. Literally. 

I looked down at my paper one more time and saw the neat lines, complicated, and understandable in my mind on my sheet of squared paper, and smiled, the whole ultimatum thing has some good sides I reckon. 

"You want to go?" Ray asked, and I looked to his sheet of paper, and saw almost identical lines on his sheet, all marked out as neatly as mine.

"Yeah" I responded, picking my piece of paper up and folding it in half and stuffing it into my back pocket for safe keeping.

I walked to the door and saw Emily and Russell packing up as well, Ray following close behind me, his sheet of paper hanging out his front pocket. It seems only Emily was smart enough to bring a bag today, I thought, looking at Emily’s small black bag. Always the smart one, I thought. 

I opened the door and was hit by a blast of cool air, glad for the newly found cool air, I breathed in slowly and sighed, sort of glad to be out of the overly warm classroom.

"Come on" Ray told me coming to my side, walking ahead and walking down the hall, me at his heels, happy to be out and about. 

"Break the now, yeah?" I ask him catching up to his side. 

"Yup, but I’m eager to get outside. never really liked being cooped up for long" he shrugged sort of as we reached a section that had a corridor going left and one going right. "What way, front door or back?" he asked me "I’m not fussy" he smiled 

"I’ve seen the front, so I guess the back" I told him honestly 

"Right it is then" he said turning down the corridor that had more classes and more windows, and eerily deserted. 

"that door there takes you to the playing fields, outdoor pool, and just what I presume to be a 'chill' area" he said walking towards the door at the end of the corridor, he reached it and pushed the long bar that opened it. The door swung open to reveal green lawns, and a large gravel pitch, for sports, along with assorted equipment. A few benches scattered here and there. 

"You like?" he asked, looking around also.

"I do, very, very much" I smiled and I spotted the outdoor swimming pool "goal number one, swim in that pool" I told Ray pointing to it at the far corner of the school boundaries. 

There was a large fence at this side of the school, pushed right up at the forest edge, there was the same sort of fence around the front that had a gate that let people in and out, and I guess it was safety precaution, but I wondered why it was so high...

"Come on, let’s sit over there" Ray pointed to a nice looking bench by the edge of the gravel pitch, and we both walked over and sat down.




"Emily, the letter A equals what in ASKII code?" Mrs. Normandy asked Emily, in her polite but loud tone. 

"01000001" Emily responded without even looking up from the textbook she read. 

“Russell, what is B equal to?" she asked him, snapping Russell from looking at Emily, in his daze. 

"01000010" he said, not meeting the teachers eye, somewhat embarrassed for staring at Emily, and by the look on Emily’s face, she knew he was doing it too. I was definitely going to speak with her later.

"Emily what does-" she began, but the bell began and I knew from now on I would like the phrase 'saved by the bell'

"I will be asking next week miss Symons" Mrs. Normandy told me as I brushed by her walking out. I didn’t reply at all. 

I walked into the crowded hall and looked down to the already fading sheet of paper I had, although I didn’t need to because of my new improved memory. But I check just in case. 

Gym, great. Gym was never a subject I liked, but perhaps it will be better, with it being a new school, and new skills of mine, it might actually be bearable at the least. 

"Hey! Nadia! Wait there!" a voice shouted. I turned and saw Ray. "I will take you to gym” he told me as he got closer. 

"You mean teleport me there, or actually walk?" I asked 

"To actually walk Nadia, I don’t want you getting too lazy" he laughed lightly and began walking with the flow of the crowd. 

I still hadn’t adapted into being in the same room as people of different languages, it was pretty strange, and I almost seemed like an outsider. So far I had identified what sounded like German, French, and English, other than that, I was confused.

"Gym 2... I think that’s the large indoor gym" Ray muttered, to himself no doubt. And began to move a little faster, me falling behind. 

"Here it is" he muttered 

"The gym?" I asked a few meters back 

"What?" he looked back at me "you heard that?" he asked 

My eyebrows knitted together and I nodded slightly confused, it wasn’t as if he was whispering 

"I’m sure you couldn’t have heard me from there" 

"Well I did obviously" I told him in a 'duh' tone, smiling lightly to show him I’m only playing around. 

"Well, well, well Nadia, I think I’ve figured out your secret talents" he smirked "hearing" he finished. 

"What! That’s so boring though! You have teleportation; I have super hearing, that’s no use at all!" I whined, playfully of course, not wanting to come off as a spoilt brat

"You can use it to hear enemy conversations, we don’t know your hearing range, so I suppose it could potentially be a cool talent" Ray shrugged and pushed the door open to the gym and walked in, leaving me in the hall way.

I stood for a few seconds thinking

"Wait! Ray! -" I cut myself off as I entered the gym, and saw the many beams, the large running track, and the intimidating obstacles. Hell.

"Yeah, that was my reaction when I first saw it" Ray laughed at my facial expressions, and I began laughing with him. Inside I was breaking. I was definitely not looking forward to this lesson.

Several people were already inside the room, all off in their own conversations, all just as intimidated as I.

"eh, looks like your all here..." someone with a deep voice spoke to himself looking over the class, someone whom I hadn’t noticed when I walked in. he wore a tight deep green t-shirt, and cargo trousers, the outfit I would expect a soldier in training to wear, and by the way lessons appeared so far, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were being trained for that exact purpose.  

I spotted Layton, Blake, Justin, and Emily, who stood beside Russell. The rest of our 'American' group, scattered around the room also, and the rest I presumed to be the UK group. Rays group to be more exact. 

"24 of you, good." the teacher smiled "I’m Coach Benet. And that’s what you will call me, not coach, nor just Benet. Coach Benet to you kids," the teacher told us, I could tell he was strict. "this class is made up of the UK group and the USA group, I do not know if your other classes are like that, or if they are mixed with other classes, or your divided, but either way, you will all learn to get along in my class, you will all respect each other, and you will all try your hardest" he shouted, his voice echoing as he stepped from the shadows he previously stood in. 

He had a shaved head, traces of stubble, and was an intimidating character, as if he was a part of the room. 

"today and for the rest of your days in this gym, you will be divided into 2 groups, group A, and group B. group A will be the group for those who are struggling, group B will be for the athletics and ultimatums, if any of you non-athletic blessed people work hard, you perhaps might gain entry to group B. 8 people are in group b without trial, 16 people are in group A, today we won’t be doing any gym, so you all may take seats on the floor if you wish" he informed us. No one moved.

"Good to know I’ve not got a bunch of lazy pupils" he smirked, "just a little heads up for when class does begin, I won’t be easy on either group. Although group B has the advantage of practically unlimited stamina, and tolerance, you both will be broken until you have reached you best. You all will become new people" he told us "for good or for worse" he shouted, as loud as a foghorn. "I’m so sure of the fact that I’m not even going to argue with anyone who denies their transformation. All you boys that are skin and bone, that will change, all you girls who worry about your petty little finger nails, that will soon become a no longer!" he shouted 

I visualised candy in my mind, she was the type of girl to do that, she wore short jean shorts, and chequered shirts; she was a classic girly girl, with bright ginger hair. the only thing that stopped her from ripping people’s eyes out are her clean and pretty nails, if they were to go, I wouldn’t want to see her angry, because I don’t think she would refrain from hurting someone then. She was naturally a hot headed person, being annoyed 24/7 was a second nature to her. 

I shivered at the idea. 

"Sir!" someone shouted from somewhere around the room. 

"What did I say about my name!" he screeched. 

My time at this school will be hard. I can see it now.







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