The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


6. Chapter 5

I sat in at the kitchen table that I somehow hadn’t seen before, and I was sure wasn’t there yesterday and drank an energy drink. I wasn’t a coffee drinker, and I never did drink energy drink for the sake of it, but me and the guys stayed up all night, and Russell came over around 7:00 to see Emily, and I presumed he stayed the night. 

There were five envelopes on the door mat this morning, the boy went to sleep around 4:00 AM but I couldn’t bring myself to sleep so I restocked my energy with this strange drink and had been sitting here since 

My watch beeped a little and I looked down and noticed my watch alarm going off, '6:00AM' it shined up at me, and I squinted my eyes in the slight darkness to see it. I usually wake up at this time if I don’t wake up earlier, and I sighed. I’m going to be more tired than usual today, I may not feel tired now, but I know for sure I will later. 

"Even more of an early riser than me" Blake laughed as he entered the kitchen and sat down on one of the seats at the four seated table. 

"more like didn’t sleep at all" I laughed, since two hours ago, which was when Blake, Layton, and Justin went to sleep at, I had sat and tested my powers, thinking in the middle of it all. 

"still trying to get over it all?" he laughed slightly as he stood up from his 5 second rest on the seat and walked over to the fridge to get whatever he wanted. 

he picked up a energy drink just like I did and popped the seal and skulled it in one (drank it all) "I’m going to need this today" he laughed placing the empty can into the trash and I felt the need to tell him off for his 'non-recycling ways' just like my mom did and drummed into my head each morning after I studied for a exam all night, drinking my weight in red bull. 

"I wonder what else the athletic power has in the beneficial department." I wondered aloud 

"Stamina, endurance, quick healing process... I’m sure we will find out more later" he smirked as he walked towards the kitchen door and left me alone once again to my thoughts 

Is this really just a dream? Will I really be able to go back home? Is this a trick, like those you see on reality shows where they play with your head? If so, mom, dad, you can give it up now... I just want to go home. 

I never thought I would say this, but I actually miss my mom and her 'my-baby-girl' ways. You never realise what you've missed until you’ve lost it. 

The TV flicked on and the light bounced through the gaps in the door frame, and the sound met my ears. I looked out the window and saw the sun rising slowly, still dark outside. 

there on the table was the five envelopes I had to give the everyone, their names perfectly scrolled onto the front of the paper, it looked so neat, I wanted to cut it out, photocopy it, and post it everywhere and on everything that was mine. But I didn’t. 

I picked them up in one scoop and pushed to door open, revealing the darkened living room, the light spilling through the gaps in the curtain, tiny slits, revealing only the slight details of the room, the TV glowed and I noticed, a cartoon my brother watched and I recognised as south park. 

"We got mail" I told Blake, whom obviously hadn’t noticed my presence, behind him. 

He turned suddenly, and I might have laughed at his scared/shocked face if it wasn’t for the swipe he took at me pulling me down to the floor, me grabbing him with me, he landing beside me on the floor 

"I only wanted to give you this" I laughed slightly handing him the letter, which had his name on it. I wondered what was inside as I had yet to open my own. I guess I was too scared. I had already had a few shocks over the past few days, and I didn’t know how well I could take another. 

He laughed nervously and sat up, muttering an apology, I muttered an 'it's alright' in return and stood up just as he ripped the top off the letter in one quick motion. 

He pulled the white pieces of paper out and unfolded the first. 

"timetable and class information" he said simply "a timetable, classes start at 8:00 today" he nodded in my direction "go wake Emily and get Russell back to his dorm, I will get Layton" he said walking past me. 

I muttered a 'sure thing' but he was out of ear shot to hear me right, so I turned on my heal and headed to mine and Emily’s room, and it was then I realised how sore my back was from sitting on that stool all night. 

 I groaned but continued anyway, if this so called 'athletic' power healed me quickly, I’m sure it could do me a favour and sort out this little pain within the next few moments 

I opened the door fast, and looked into the dark room, thanks to the fact there’s no windows in the room, I couldn’t see a thing. I turned on the light after a struggle to find it, and then turned to look around the bedroom. There on Emily’s bed was Emily leaning on Russell, both asleep. They both looked sweet, but I wasn’t in the mood for sweet, but if I was I would have taken a photo and gone about boasting about how cute they were. 

"Wake up" I sang teasingly knowing if they slept for a while it wouldn’t be enough to wake them. “Wake up!" I shouted a little louder 

I jumped onto the bed and bounced for a while repeating 'wake up' for a while until Emily groaned and moved a arm to cover her eyes form the light, while using the other to blindly hit me. 

"Why, Nadia? Why?" she laughed sleepily

I heard a different groan and noticed Russell waking up. He jumped suddenly and let out a shout. I and Emily looked to each other unsure, and then both bursts out laughing, while Russell pouted 

After a few more seconds of the laughing fit and pouting fest, I broke into a cough and tried to calm down.        

"I came through to tell you to get ready and Russell better go back to his dorm, classes start at eight, a timetables here for Emily and the rest of us" I told them smirking 

"Oh" Emily said “see you later I guess, Russell" she smiled as she dragged herself of the side of the bed and walked to the wardrobe thing, and pulled out whatever she would be wearing. 

"better be off then" Russell muttered picking up his coat from the floor and walked out the room, a few seconds later we heard the front door bang, signalling he left. 

"Don’t you just love Russell?" Emily sighed turning to face me 

"Not the way you do, but ... I suppose so ..." I smiled laughing a little 

"Whatever" she laughed, walking out the room towards the bathroom that was close to our room. 

"We got mail, according to Blake its timetables and stuff" I told her, or more like shouted. 

"Yeah yeah" she muttered and slammed the bathroom door just as she entered, nearly catching her foot. Nearly.

I followed the smell of bacon and ended up in the living room, with the joined kitchen, Layton watching TV, Blake cooking. I would settle for toast this morning, I told myself. 

I looked around for my letter, and noticed the letters on the coffee table in front of the TV. I moved forward and looked for my one. 

I found the one with 'Nadia' written perfectly on the front and opened it quickly, pulling out two neatly folded pieces of paper. 

I opened the first and it looked like a timetable. 

First- elemental control (elemental) (fire room 23)

Second - military tactics (general) (room 102)


Third- computing (genius) (room B64)

Fourth - gym (athletics/shape shifter) (gym 2)


Fifth - general power control (ultimatum) (fire room 4)

Sixth - psychology (mind control) (room 24 A)


Looks like I’m going to have fun... note sarcasm 



 "Remind me what you have again Emily?" I asked her, we both sat on the couch, Layton and Blake on the other, and Justin had already left. Justin is like a very unsociable person, avoids everyone I tell you. 

" first I have computing, second I have military tactics with you, third I have  computing with you, fourth I have general gym, which I think might be with you, but you’re a athletic/ shape shifter, so I don’t know, and fifth I have physics, then last thing its craft skills" she finished 

"I wish I could trade time tables, and yeah, I do this we will be in different gym classes, being divided into the pros and generals" she smiled 

"We better get going, ten minutes till the bell" I told Emily

“Ten minutes...” she muttered "so because your timetable is made to suit an ultimatum, you will have classes with some of the other ultimatums?" she asked 

"I guess"  

" well there 2 ultimatums in each group, and there’s 20 groups, with 12 in each, so there would be..." she mumbled as she counted off on her fingers.”40 ultimatums in the whole school, so there will be about 2 ultimatum classes" she smiled proudly 

"Yeah ... show off" Layton muttered "you're lucky if I can do simple division, never mind that shit...” he muttered 

"Yeah, well someone here passes all her exams and actually revises unlike some lazy ass here" she laughed as she stood and walked to the front door, which was just in sight from where I sat. I followed and opened the door pushing her out, just as the door in front of our door opened. 


"Oh. Hi Nadia" he smiled kindly, as if he was glad to see me. 

“Hey Ray" I smiled back 

I spotted and boy around the same height and build as Ray - strong and muscled, but not buff as in 'I’m on steroids' buff.  He had dark brown hair, and looked nice enough. 

"Well, see you later Nadia, I’m going to meet up with Russell at my next class. Bye “she waved awkwardly as she moved away from us down the hall 

Once she was out of sight, Ray laughed a little "nice roommate" he smirked 

"She’s real cool once you get to know her" I smiled 

"Well, we were just going to our classes, I see you are too," he smiled "Nadia, this is Clinton, Clinton this is Nadia” we both gave strange nods in each other directions and I turned back to Ray 

"Man, I got to get going, see you in military?" he asked   

"Sure" Ray told him, as Clinton ran a little down the hall, the direction Emily went in “you know your powers yet?" he asked  

"Yup, ultimatum, I have only figured out how to do the whole genius/savant part of it, and the athletics, but suppose those are the easy things” I laughed 

"well it just so happens I’m a ultimatum too" he smiled "when that strange man was on the stage yesterday talking about the ultimatum, when he said they also have a few unique unknown powers, well I have found out mine" he laughed 

"What? What is it?" I laughed getting a little excited 

"Teleportation" he said simply, a smug smile on his lips, probably waiting for some sort of reaction to make his ego bigger. 

"Teleportation? As in go to a whole different part of the world in second, teleportation?" I laughed 

He nodded while smirking 

"Take me to class then" I laughed 

he looked left and right down either side of the hall and then turned to me "put your hand on my shoulder" he nodded down to his shoulder and I looked at him strangely, he noticed this and said "just do it, I don’t bite" he smiled 

"That’s what someone who bites would say" I laughed as I put my hand on his shoulder 

He closed his eyes and I looked at him strangely "what are you doing?" I asked laughing at his facial expression that looked like he was concentrating. "I said, what-" I was cut off by a slight rise, it felt like I was floating, we were only a few centimetres of the ground, and then suddenly Rays eyes pushed open, his eyes had changed to a green blue, they glowed so bright, and he smiled a 100Watt smile and all of a sudden, it felt like I was being sucked from that room, and being pulled somewhere else. I could still see Ray, but everything else around us was like a huge twist of nothing. 

It felt like we were dropped from a thousand floors up, but once we came to the ground, we landed onto our feet, no harm done, and I still only had one hand on his shoulder. 

"That was- the- that was amazing-"I began but was cut off 

"Amazing, spectacular, golden, magic, wonderful, well yes Nadia, I know" he smirked. 

"Well, I was going to say amazing on its own, but whatever floats your boat" I smiled as I looked around and saw a few other kids walking about who seemed to haven’t of noticed what had just happened. 

"Where are we?" I asked him. 

"Our first class" he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me around and I saw elemental control written on the door and underneath in smaller writing was ' fire room 23’ 

"Elemental control huh? How do you know I had this class?" I asked 

"Lucky guess" he shrugged, as he put his hand on the door knob an twisted it around, the door swinging open

The room was large, larger than the entire hall the whole school was in yesterday; it was a big room, with blue padded mats on the ground. It could be used as a gym I thought, but then I noticed the several fire extinguishers scattered around the room pinned to walls and the drains on the ground in the gaps in the mats. This wasn’t a normal room. 

"You’re early" boomed a voice from the far corner away from us. I looked and saw no one, then as seconds past, a small man, slightly round and grey haired emerged from a door which I could only think inside would be equipment. 

the slightly round and greying man held several grey and black vests, that looked slightly odd and had the school logo printed onto it like everything else here 

"Didn’t want to disappoint on first day sir" Ray replied.  I forgot he was even here. He now had his arm on my shoulder, but not pressing any weight onto me. 

"good to hear, I’m Mr. Henderson, I doubt it said that on your timetable, but now you know, and I’m your elemental control teacher, all your teachers will have experience in the topic, so don’t go thinking us elemental control teachers can shoot fire and water at you when we wish" he smirked. He seemed kind enough. A playful yet strict teacher is how I would describe him. 

"take a seat on the floor, all the mats are new, fire proof, and water proof, so hopefully they won’t become damaged through the next year" he smiled as he went back into the room that held what I presumed to be equipment. 

Me and Ray sat down like we were told to, and waiting in a strange silence. It wasn’t awkward, or uncomfortable, but it felt like it was missing something.

More people came into class, and the silence was interrupted, which was a good thing I guess, and we no longer sat in silence. 

The bell outside went off within the next 3 minutes, and there were about 40 people in the class. 

Mr. Henderson emerged from the room he was in and came in front of the class and coughed loudly for attention 

"I am Mr. Henderson, I will be your elemental control teacher, in this class I expect full attention and best efforts, no playing around with your powers, or else, otherwise I expect you to have fun and enjoy being in this class" he took a stop for a breather, sort of panting from lack of breathing throughout the little speech he gave out there "some of you may or may not know each other, half of you are elemental, half are ultimatum, all your other classes will be like that, half of whatever the class is for and the rest ultimatum, I expect most of you know your powers, and can at least control some of it. Keyword - some. That’s where I come in and help you with powers, today we will learn how to actually summon the powers, for those who haven’t figured it out" he smiled "pair up!" he shouted 

"Suppose I’m with you" Ray looked down at me immediately after, him being a head taller. 

"Suppose so" I laughed slightly "you know anyone here?" I asked looking around 

I spotted Layton, Justin, and candy, candy was speaking to another girl while Layton hung around at the back looking lonely.

"I know Cindy, Sarah and Kieran. Cindy is in my dorm and the other two stay in a different dorm" he pointed them all out and I realised the girl candy was speaking with was Cindy. Cindy and Candy. Weird. 

"Cindy is speaking with candy, the short red head.” pointed them out and noticed Cindy was a short blonde who was chewing gum just as rapidly as candy did. 

"Perfect match huh?" he laughed, and I laughed too. 

"Right! Since everyone taking too long, whoever is beside you, is now your partner for the rest of the year, no buts’, this is now your partner, say 'hi'" he laughed 

Repeats of 'hi' echoed through the hall, as people turned to their partner 

"Hi partner" Ray mocked 

I shook my head and jumped to my feet, Ray lifted himself up a little slower 

"Find room guys! Come on! We have to teach you how to control fir today if we are going to stay on track!" he shouted, and that’s when I remembered the Russell incident, and how scared he looked of candy. I laughed aloud. 

"Something funny?" asked the teacher, and I realised everyone heard. 

I shook my head 'no' and he continued, giving me a warning glance. "I want you all to find space, make sure there’s a meter in-between you and the next pair, to your left and right, spread out!" he shouted "I am going to hand out a black vest and a grey vest to each pair, decide who is grey and black!" he shouted louder as he walked across the room handing grey and black vests out as he went. 

Once he got to me I picked up grey and handed the black to Ray who stood closely beside me. 

"These vests are fire and water proof, but today I only need the fire proof part, it’s going to get a little hot in here today, so if you don’t have any water with you today I advise you do it tomorrow and the rest of the days you have this class!"  he shouted "to control fire, at first you must close your eyes, palms stretched outwards, otherwise it might hit yourself, aim it at your partners chest, and in your mind visualise fire and over time, the power will come. Whoever has done this before, this will be a practise lesson, but whoever hasn’t, it will be a learning lesson? Now off you go!" he clapped his hands and everyone went off and noise broke free and the teacher began to help the first person

"Ladies first” Ray smirked 

"Just because you don’t want to be made a fool off...” I pouted and pushed my palms out with my arms. 

"Close your eyes" Ray said with a half smile. 

"It’s your fault if I look stupid” I muttered as I closed my eyes and concentrated. 

He chuckled a little and I could just visualise the smirk he would have on right at this moment. 

I felt a pair of warm hands on my shoulders, and pushed my index finger out and ended up poking something soft yet hard. 

"Stop poking me Nadia, and let me help you" he laughed as he rubbed my shoulders a little. "Relax your shoulders" he mumbled a little” and see the fire" he finished, as he sort of massaged my shoulders from in front of me

"Relax" he whispered into my ear. I could visualise the fire, but nothing was working. 

I rolled my shoulders back and Ray taken his hands from my shoulder and I could feel he stepped back a little. 

“You can open your eyes now" Ray said. 

I opened them and saw fire burning off the tip of my finger, the one I was poking Ray with, and I looked to Ray’s chest and saw a slight burnt mark on the black, but the mark was blacker than the rest of the material so it was obvious were I got him. 

"How do I shoot it?" I asked as I pulled my finger to my face and had it pointing up the way as I inspected the flame. 

"I rather you didn’t, but I admit your eyes look pretty cool" he smiled, but suddenly looked panicked "not that you didn’t before" he rushed 

I laughed and lost concentration and the flame pushed from my finger and shot into the air above. 

There was a bang, and I realised I just scorched the ceiling. 

I looked up and right enough was a tiny black hole. 

"Oops" I laughed nervously 

"'oops is right, first scorch on the lovely roof, there’s a lot more of those I predict" the teacher laughed lightly, the class staring


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