The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


5. Chapter 4

We had made our way back to the rooms. I didn’t know what to make of the meeting, whether to think he was completely mental, or completely right. Either way I didn’t have a clue 

I sat on the couch in our dorm. Justin, Layton, Blake and Emily all sat on the couches, around the TV, but this time, no TV was on, and it was just a slightly awkward silence. 

"So... what do you think you are?" asked Layton suddenly 

"You’re getting sucked in by all this crap? Seriously, I never thought you were so gullible" Blake scoffed; I guess he hasn’t gotten over the shock, or is just trying to think up a reasonable explanation. 

It was silent for a while more "are all your birthdays on November the 5th?" I asked, the silence getting to my head 

They all slightly nodded 

"Weird" Emily muttered and I could only agree with her. 

"I can prove he’s right" Layton spoke up, "I think... I'm elemental" he told us. 

"You’ve lost it mate" Blake sighed, putting his head in his hands 

"Emily, get me a bottle of water" he asked 

 I got the feeling he was about to pull the same trick as those kids in the hall, and all I could do was watch. 

Emily obediently returned with bottle of water and held it out to him, he took it in his right hand and he held his left hand up expectantly 

"Come on man, enough of the-" Blake began but cut himself short when his hand glowed blue 

Just like in the hall, I thought. The water began to rise, and Layton grinned. His hand rose higher, and the water did so too, until it was as far stretched as possible. He suddenly pulled his hand back and forcefully pushed it forward, and his hands no longer glowed blue, the water going over anyone in the direction Layton pushed it in. 

"Believe me now?" Layton asked 

"Cool trick man" Justin spoke up, for once. 

"Now all we got to do is figure what you guys are" I told them “and myself" I finished 

I thought for awhile as everyone argued ways to find out who was what. If we begun with the genius power, if we set an impossible challenge to remember all the numbers given, we could probably figure out who was that. 

"Guy!" I shouted to get their attention. I looked over to Layton, who now held a water bottle high above Blake's head, obviously going to spill it on his and second "put it down Layton, you sit to the side while we figure out who is who" I laughed 

He huffed and screwed the cap on to bottle again as he sat back down far away from Blake. 

"To find out the genius trait, isn’t one of the talents memories, so what if we set an impossible challenge to remember all the number we give? Layton writes the numbers and then reads them out, then we either have to write them all down once he’s finished or say it aloud" I finished 

Everyone shrugged "it’s worth a go” Emily said as she reached into her bag and pulled out several pieces of lined paper. 

She put them on the table and a few pencils from her pocket. 

I taken half a piece of paper and gave it to Layton and a pencil. I’m sure my best bet to remember would be to write it all down. 

"Layton. Write" I laughed as he sat there watching us as we got organised 

Layton smirked and picked up the pencil and began to write making sure no one watched 

"ok, so I got 25 numbers" he smirked up at us, just as I pulled a pencil from my pocket, getting ready to write, " 15, 84,1007, 24, 77, 38, 62, 89, 01, 39, 84, 77, 90, 394, 201, 89, 38, 23, 04, 67, 01, 333, 820, 98, 0 " he finished, and I smiled, I felt like I remembered them, but it was like they were deep inside my head. 

I began to think a little harder and began to repeat the numbers aloud, another voice joining me, a few numbers ahead of me. 

"15, 84, 1007, 24, 77, 38, 62, 89, 01, 39, 84, 77, 90, 394, 201, 89, 38, 23, 04, 67, 01, 333, 820, 98, 0" me and a few other voices said together. I never realised that my eyes were closed until I opened them and saw Emily looking at me "I guess that’s your talent them" I smiled to her, because I realised it was her talking with me 

"You too" she laughed, and then she turned around to face Justin "you also" she smirked 

"There can’t be three genius traits" Blake spoke up "there’s two of each talent in each group, only two out of the 12 in the American group can have that trait. It can’t be right" Blake explained 

"We can go check out the dorm that candy is in, the rest of the guys in our 'American' group are there" Emily smiled  

"Sounds good" I told her as I stood up. 

We both walked to the door, and I realised we all looked a little tired, and worn. I still didn’t believe this whole 'you have power' rubbish; I mean I’ve always had a good memory. 

'Try explaining that about Layton’s power' a voice inside me which I realised was my thought taunted and for once I realised she was right. 

"You know where their dorm is?" I asked her wondering how, because I hadn’t seen her walk out of the dorm since we arrived. 

"in the hall I was talking to a guy called Russell, I saw him on the plane a few times, he was really nice, he’s also living in the other dorm" she explained 

"If there’s only five in our dorm, and there’s twelve of us, I wonder why there’s not six in each to make it even" I wondered aloud 

she shrugged as she pushed our front door open and walked into the corridor "beats me" she replied eventually "all I know is their dorms nothing like ours" she said "actually, it’s pretty much a bomb site when they got there, or so says Russell" she grinned as she locked the door behind Layton, Blake and Justin, who took their time as usual. 

"Seriously, hurry up!" Emily laughed as she shouted, walking faster and faster down the corridor, me following behind 

I laughed with her as I sped up into a run to keep up, and I found myself to be really fast, and that’s coming from a girl who hates sport. We went around a few bends and turns before we got to the right part of the school

Emily came to a stop in front of a door and said "this is it" while smiling 

I looked around and realised this side of the school was noticeably duller, the doors looked less fancy compared to our dorm, and the hall way was a little more cramped. 

'Maybe there weren’t enough budgets to fix up this side?' I thought to myself as Emily knocked on the door and the guys who were behind us caught up and nearly pushed me over but I found myself spinning around and pushing the back with my index finger 

I would of expected it to break considering how much they weigh and how strong I am, and I’m not strong at all, considering when my mom took me to the gym for her work out session, and let’s just say I’m never going near weights again.

I almost laughed aloud at the thought. Almost. 

"Aw! What was that for?" Layton asked, and I realised I was still pushing into his chest with my index finger trying to keep him from walking or running into me, but he was now stock still trying to remove my finger from himself, but he was failing 

"God, your strong" he said as I finally pulled my arm away, still rubbing his chest 

"Woose" Emily muttered 

"Emily, seriously, she’s got an iron grip!" Layton explained, just as realisation dawned onto his expressions 

"Ultimatum" he smiled speaking in a quiet voice, his face, looked slightly strange, his grin getting bigger and bigger 

"Guys! I think we found our ultimatum!" Layton spoke louder this time, catching Blake and Justin’s attention, who stood behind Layton arguing. 

"Nadia? Ultimatum? Na" Blake shrugged and got back into a argument 

"well its either that or she has two powers, I swear she’s so strong, she could of broken my rib with her index finger, and she’s like Emily with the number counting stuff " Layton spoke loudly, obviously excited . 

"A genius trait..." Blake told him 

"Yeah that, and maybe if I try and teach her how to do the elemental stuff, that can prove our point!" Layton exclaimed like a little kid 

Just as he finished a pissed of candy was at the door 

"What do you want?" she asked wearing denim shorts, her ginger hair curled, and a button up shirt 

We just stared for a second, as candy rapidly chewed on her gum, up and down, the noise bouncing through the silence. 

"Well?" she asked screwing her nose up 

"We were wondering if we were aloud in to help each other out" Emily spoke up. 

"You, want to come in here? We-" she was about to deny us entry, when the door was pulled open further revealing someone who smiled brightly at Emily 

"Emily! These your room mates? Come it!" he shouted as he pushed candy away slightly and she shot an offensive glare his way but he ignored it and hugged Emily blocking the door. 

I coughed to get their attention after a few seconds. 

"Oh... right" Emily muttered pulling away from who I presumed to be Russell to go inside. 

We all stepped inside and I walked along further to make more room, because it was a little cramped. There was a long corridor, with four doors, just like our room, but everything inside here looked a little shabbier than our room. 

"This way" Russell smiled pulled Emily by her wrist "not much compared to your side of the dorms, you’re lucky you got that side, because these dorms are a state!" Russell complained pushing a door open that squeaked on the hinges. 

We looked inside and saw some people we didn’t recognise or I didn’t recognise anyway. Emily rushed to sit down with Russell on the floor, since the two couches in there were already taken. Layton sat with Blake who rushed over to some guy who I presumed to be his friend 

We all sat down eventually, and an awkward silence. 

"You are here why?" someone finally said, breaking the awkward silence. 

"Finding out who has what power" I said from the corner I sat in near the old looking television. 

"We already know about everyone who live in our dorm" Russell nodded smiling a little 

"Really! Who’s what!?" Emily laughed jumping a little in her seat 

Russell laughed and put an arm around Emily, trying to calm her down. Those two would make a great couple, they are so alike 

"We have also figured out a few from our dorm too" Emily laughed "Layton’s an elemental, and I have the genius trait" she laughed more obviously excited "and we think Nadia’s the ultimatum" she laughed again. 

"well, for one, its great you’re the genius of the group, but I don’t like the name, and it so happens I’m one too, from now on we are a savant which is basically the same thing" he smiled down at her 

Yep I totally got to get them two together.

"Let’s all introduce each other first" Russell finally said from beside Emily on the couch "let's make it quick" he finished 

"Anyone who doesn’t know I’m Russell, 16 like all of you guys, birthday the same as you guys, and I’m from Massachusetts" then he looked to Emily 

"Emily from new York" she grinned happily. Always the happy one I thought. 

"Candy from Texas" candy said when it was her turn, in an uninterested voice. 

"Layton from California" 

"Jared from Missouri" said a boy I didn’t know, he looked a bit like Blake. 

"Blake from Georgia" 

"Drew from Colorado" said a boy with reddish brown hair that stood out, with green eyes, and a strong looking person

"Alyssa from Ohio" said a girl in a sweet voice, she had long blonde hair with one purple streak in the front, and she looked very pretty. 

"Casey from Delaware" a girl with dark brown bob cut hair said, her silver/grey eyes, standing out, and her nimble looking appearance made her seem innocent and sweet 

"Faye from Oregon" another girl said, who reminded me of a Faye, the fairy tale like creatures, almost elf like. 

"Justin from Virginia" Justin said 

And now it was my turn 

"Nadia from Nevada" I finished 

"Now we all know each other’s names, or at least me, Nadia, and Emily do" Russell said, as some people began to look confused. Because Emily and Russell where a savant, they could remember all their names, and me being an ultimatum, or so they thought, I would remember too. But then I thought of Justin 

"And Justin" I interrupted "he can remember stuff too" I told them explaining myself 

"And Justin" Russell smiled in my direction, friendly of course. "ok, so most of us know our powers...  candy is a elemental, really good at fire, when she’s angry" Russell visibly shivered and I giggled a little, he was obviously somewhat scared of her for some reason, and I didn’t blame him, candy did look a little intimidating, even at her tiny height that only reached my shoulders

"Layton, your elemental as well, right?" asked Russell trying to get his facts right 

Layton nodded 

"Jared is athletics, Emily and me are the savants, drew and Alyssa are shape shifters, Casey and Faye are mind control, and Nadia, your either ultimatum or athletics” Russell finished 

"I’m most likely ultimatum because I can do what you savants are doing and according to Layton over there, I’m pretty strong, and as far as I remember I’ve never been able to lift the lightest weight at our gym" I laughed

"so if we gave you a glass, you would not be able to smash it with one hand" he asked raising a eyebrow "we tested it out on Jared who’s athletics as well, he smashed it but his hands pretty messed up, surprisingly athletics heal pretty fast, he’s got scars though, but I’m sure they will go eventually" Russell told me as Jared lifted his hand and right enough he had faint pinkish scars that should still really be cuts. 

"Ok then" I said in a hushed voice, because I didn’t really like the idea of getting cut. 

The kitchen being so close to the living room, I had a glass in my hand almost immediately. 

"Are you going to do it?" asked Emily impatiently, as she bounced in her seat like usual. 

"Ok" I said as I put pressure onto the glass, not a lot of pressure, or it didn’t feel like a lot of pressure anyway. I tried to ball my hands into fists while my hand was around the glass and it shattered under my hands, one piece creating a small cut as it fell to the floor 

"I see we have our ultimatum, we need to work on your other skills later" Russell said, clearly taking charge of the group. 

Everyone else started talking, and I sat looking around, and I spotted Blake, who stared at me. 

"That leaves Justin and Blake, and I think we can figure it out, you could remember all those numbers didn’t you Justin?" Russell asked him 

"So you’re not athletics, so you must be ultimatum as well" as he said that, Justin turned to face me and smirked and faced away, and all I could think was 'what did I do?' 

"So Blake, your athletics, glad we could figure it all out" Russell smiled 

It went back to a sort of awkward silence again, and I turned to Emily after a while and asked "are we going to go back to our dorm?"  

"Sure" she said quietly as she stood, and so did everyone else from my door, which included Justin, me, Emily, Layton, and Blake. 

"Bye Emily" Russell said, as Emily came down to his face and kissed his cheek and began to walk towards the door, and I realised she was blushing. It was sweet. 

I never really had anyone to say goodbye too so I followed Emily and stood in the hall waiting for the guys 

"It’s only the beginning Nadia, I can feel it" Emily said looking a little worried "I can sense something bad is about to happen" she began to shake a little 

"It's ok, Emily, I will try and be there for you" I comforted her 

"But that’s the thing. What if you aren't? I feel like something’s going to happen and you guys won’t be there" she said, her mood dramatically changing from that of what she was feeling when she was inside the dorm with Russell 

"It’ll be fine" I convinced her, as we stood in more silence waiting for the guys to come out. 




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