The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


3. Chapter 2

The plane had landed in what seemed to be a field. The grass that we landed on was mowed down to a tolerable length, and by the looks of it, some of the trees had been removed to widen the area. The trees and fields looked as much the same as any other tree back home.

The majority of us were led off onto a dirt road to wait. Clutching Emily by the arm, I moved her to my side and smiled. To the far left and right of the group stood men in black suits and white shirts. Both had a tall and lean structure and looked rather intimidating. Was the school dangerous?

"This is so exciting!" Emily whispered excitedly into my ear. She danced about on her toes as if she couldn’t keep still.

I gave her a meek smile in return. Inside of excitement, in the pit of my stomach I could feel the worry mixed in with nervous butterflies.

A deep voice penetrated the air, "The car is on its way.” The guard who spoke strides with large steps to round all of us into an even smaller group like sheep.

Emily grinned beside me. Emily was a really nice person, but she reminded me a lot of Yasmin, the jumping around, the yelling, and the general cheeriness. Was I only talking to Emily because of the fact they were both so similar? Never mind the mental similarities, the facial structure and body structure was almost identical, give or take a few things like hair colour. I was missing my home and friends already.

Interrupting my freak out session, three large black cars pulled up. Black glossy paint and tinted black windows on each, they looked expensive and anything but regular. All this trouble just to transport us from A to B?

"Put your bags in the back and get into a car with a free seat.”

I paused for a second for no apparent reason and decided to dawdle. In no time two of the cars were filled and that left only a single option. Moving reluctantly, I dumped the rucksack and suitcase into trunk of the car and opened the heavy side doors.

Groaning from the strain on my arms, I feel as if I have to climb Mount Everest just to set my foot to haul myself into the car. Once placed inside I peer to my left and notice the only other ‘student’ I’d be riding with.

The guard got in and nodded slightly and the car began. Candy glared my way and I refused to laugh, I wasn’t all that mean, but I couldn’t help but feel amused at her attempt to look scary, she just looked too... well there isn’t really a word to describe Candy.

Deciding to spare myself the laughs, I turned from candy and watched the route we were going. Passing through a sheltered area full of evergreen trees, we stopped by a tall wired guarded gate. The gate opened almost immediately and we didn’t stop until the trees began thinning until you could finally see a building ahead.

I looked around at the high tech building, there was one building that stood out. From what I could see it didn’t look like it was made of brick or any stone for that matter, it was white and had a shiny appearance. I was tempted to peer back at the green and Naturist Sea of trees behind me and then look back over here and stun myself at the contrast. I thought better of it and kept still in my seat until we were told to do otherwise.


"Nadia!" Emily exclaimed, her arms flailing excitedly urging me over to her. As I made my way towards the small group of people I’d arrived with, I could hear and see other peoples talking and shouting as they carried on with each other. Just about flush with the group, I was beginning to pick out different languages in the ocean of voices – it sounded like an ocean, there really weren’t that many people. Was this school for multi-lingual? People from all around the globe?

"Are you coming or not!?" shouted Layton, rather impatiently. I looked around me a little before making my way hastily towards them. Candy seemed to be standing alone.

“You made it!" Emily shouted. 

I raised an eyebrow questioningly. "I drove in a car here, not sky diving onto a target, Emily," I laughed.

"Yeah... but –,” she stumbled over her words before giving in all together. She spun on her heel and peered over the heads of everyone else to take in the school and where we would be staying for a good amount of time to come

"So, what do you think of the place?" Blake asked awkwardly, seemingly appearing out of nowhere.

"It’s different, but different is good... isn’t it?" I asked with all the innocence in the world. Being the same wasn’t special, so surely the same rules applied to the school; this school was something special, then?

They all nodded in reply, I turned around to get a better look at the building. 

I noticed one man had stepped out of the structure; he looked like he was important, not like the other important people, he looked... Like how you’d expect your boss to look. He was an older man, with a balding greying head but his hair colour was still there; his eyes from a distance were dark and piercing and his stride was long and direct.

He appeared to be heading toward this group and once he came face to face with us, his eyes hardened and his mouth drew into a sharp line. “USA group, correct?” USA group? That would explain the languages.

Behind me a few people had said yes as softly as they could and the man made his way toward the entrance once again with us in tow.

He passed through the double doors and left them to swing into us. Someone caught it in time before it made contact with anyone’s face. That would hurt.

Emily shouldered me from where she stood, I turned to her, and she gave me a cheeky smirk.

I rolled my eyes, and faced back around. The man we were following stopped walking causing me to almost slam into his back.

"Stand outside here and wait until your name is called. Be cooperative and anyone who disobeys will be dealt with," his harshly told us and began to walk away. 

The way he threatened us reminded me of the letter I received. I shivered slightly.

"That... was weird..." I whispered, breaking the silence.

Emily gave a nervous laugh while dancing around on her toes impatiently.

Most doors lining this corridor had the words ‘Nurses office’ written on them. There were about six of these rooms. A woman dressed in what I presumed to be a Nurse uniform stepped from one of the doors and called a name; “Nadia Symons.”

I stepped forward to the woman, she offered a reassuring smile. I didn’t smile back. I wasn’t being rude, but the atmosphere didn’t feel right, and I suspected everyone else felt the same. 

The woman stepped into the small room and I followed. Was I getting a vaccine? We were on an island that could be anywhere in the world, a vaccine would make sense, wouldn’t it?

"Take a seat Nadia," she spoke kindly, gesturing to the numerous seats around the room. I took the one farthest away from the desk that she sat at, but much to my dismay not far enough away as I wanted it.

"So I know you’re probably wondering why you’re here, but I’m not the person to tell you that. Just now though I have to give you two little injections and a blood test,” She stuttered lightly, she was obviously masking something.

"It's just a simple injection, nothing much, there will be side effects of course, but I hope you will be able to control them, so if you could just roll your sleeve up for me, I also have to take a few blood samples for future reference." she gave a half smile before reaching for what I presumed she’d take my blood with.

I reluctantly rolled up my sleeve a few centimetres above the inner part of my elbow. She put a tight band around my upper arm and the lady positioned the needle.

"Perfect, now just hold still, I am going to do the blood samples first."

She filled two little vials before she removed the needle. The band was released from around my upper arm and I felt immediately better. After experiencing the blood samples I gave her my arm this time for the injections, they couldn’t be any worse.

The first was fine; it was a clear liquid and felt like nothing more than a ‘pinch’. She moved onto the second.

"Ok, so this will only last for a few seconds. Hold your breath if you like, I expect this will be worse than the first one," she said not taking my reluctance into consideration, even when my arm flinched towards my body. What was different about this injection?

"Why is the needle so big?" I stared at the thicker looking needle that was longer than the last and the part on the back of the needle wasn’t transparent so you couldn’t see what was inside.

"I swear it won’t hurt that bad," she tried to calm me. 

I gave her my arm slowly, Better now than never.

She pressed it into my arm, and it began to sting. I couldn’t even feel the last one, and this one stung like my arm was on fire.

I winced as she inserted it further. "Wouldn’t hurt huh?" I asked in pain, my eyes squinting.

"Sorry,” she mumbled as she pushed the plunger down. "Done," she said, "you did well, the last person who I had pulled away and ran with the needle in his arm..." she laughed half heartedly. I don’t blame the poor guy.

I stared at her and stood up, not bothering to stop to get the band aids, she would have given me if I waited.

“Wait!” She cried out as she launched herself to her feet. I paused for a second. “Here’s the map of the school and a few information packs. The dorms are co-ed, if you have any trouble just pop by and I’ll do my best to help.” Her English accent was strong.

She put a hand on my shoulder and guided me to the door. “Take a left when you go straight down this corner, then face right and the second turning should be a stairwell. Go to the floor above and your dorm will be there along that area.” She shoved me a little. “Good luck.”

She shut her door. 

I screwed my eyes together, "Could you repeat that?" No one I recognised was in the corridor anymore so my voice echoed around pointlessly.

I looked around the corridor aimlessly; there were doors on both sides, and lockers against unused walls. I sighed loudly.

"Trouble finding dorms?”

I turned and saw a tall boy in front of me. He had a strong looking build but it wasn’t outstanding. I took note of his blonde flopping hair. I smiled.

"The dorm?" just In case that wasn’t what he meant.

"Yup, I’ve been here for a few days so I know my way around now,” he grinned politely. He began to walk backwards towards what I presumed to be the dorms.

Thank goodness there some decent people around here, not that Layton, Emily, and Blake aren’t decent enough.

"Thanks," I told him as I fell into step by his side. 

"No problem, I’m Ray" Ray told me holding out his hand for me to shake.

I took a hold of his hand while we walked. "I’m Nadia, just arrived."  

Ray looked down to my outstretched arm and took note of the small dot of blood on my arm "I see they’ve given you your vaccinations already.” he gave a half smile and dropped my arm as we entered a stairwell.

I put my hand comfortably into my pocket. “What is it even for?" I asked, my brows furrowing as I peered up at him. His blue eyes shined back at me as he looked away.  

"They told me it was because of some sort of virus going around the island," he shrugged like he wasn’t bothered about it as he reached the top step.

"I figured as much." I laughed despite the dull throb emitting from my arm.  

"I doubt it though, what in the world would we catch on this island?" Ray was obviously frustrated as he ran his hand through his hair.

Ray held open a door for me that led me through to a floor that was carpeted a dark brown and had light cream coloured walls.

"Thanks," I said as I passed him, choosing to ignore his frustration.

He smiled as if to say ‘No problem’ "Can I see your schedule?" he asked, pointing down at the paper the nurse had given me.

I had a schedule? "Sure.” I handed him the entire bundle, unsure of which one is which.

He sorted through it and pulled one piece out and handed the rest back. "You have all your classes with me," he smiled as if he was genuinely please with that, "I think us both are going to get along Nadia," he finished as he walked over to a door and knocked. 

"This is my room?" I took a step closer and taken my schedule from his hand.

"Yep, mine is that one there," he said pointing to the room across the hall, right in front of my door. 

I smiled involuntarily. “So I guess I’ll be seeing you often then?” Why wouldn’t I? He was a nice person and he was staying right opposite me.

"Sure will, you won’t get away from me that easily." He winked as the door opened and there stood Emily, Layton and another person who I hadn’t seen before.

"You’re our roomy!" Emily threw her hands in the air before hugging me.

I laughed awkwardly as she released me.

"Perfect!" she shouted pulling me into another bone-crushing hug.

I looked over to Ray while in Emily’s hug and gave a light shrug.  

She let me go just before Ray said "Well I will get going, see you Nadia." He nodded instead of a wave and turned to everyone else, "Nadia’s friends." he acknowledged them and pushed open the door in front of us and was gone in seconds.

Emily patted me on the back. "Who’s the guy?" 

“He’s called Ray. He helped me find the dorm," I explained as I pushed past the three people and found myself in a nice looking hall. Small, but nice.

"Well then let’s get you in and unpacked!" she shouted excitedly and pulled me further into the dorm. The person I didn’t know locked the door behind us.

"Nadia, this is Justin, he was on the plane with us, do you remember?" she asked. I didn’t remember but I wouldn’t say anything. “And you know Layton of course,” she shrugged as if he was unimportant. “Blake’s sharing a dorm with us as well; I think he’s in his room.”

“Hey, I’m Nadia." I smiled in Justin’s direction as a welcome. He was taller than the rest of us, he was lanky but that sour look on his face didn’t invite me to become friends anytime soon.

Justin nodded, walked to what I presumed to be his room and shut the door behind himself.

“He doesn’t talk much," Layton obviously didn’t care much for Justin, "kind of keeps to himself." 

I nodded in understanding; there were many kids like him at my old school in Nevada – shy, reserved, and somewhat smart.

I walked down the hall until the hall opened up into a living room, there was a TV in the far corner with two couches facing it. I could make out there was a kitchen joined onto the living room through the slightly ajar door.

"I like the dorm, that’s for sure.” I sat down on the soft couch as I reached for the remote and tried to turn on the TV. After a few attempts I gave up. 

Layton and Emily followed suit, both sitting on the couch opposite my one.

"I think I’ll like it here.” Emily sank down the couch further. “Did you get that injection as well, in the nurse’s office, Nadia?” My eyes fixed onto her bare arms and saw an odd bruise forming on her inner elbow.

"You thought it was sore as well?" I asked. “I thought it would have been just me, considering my pain tolerance and all...” I trailed off as I subconsciously rubbed my arm.  

"Damn it wasn’t just you, it hurt so badly." Layton nervously laughed as he sat upright. "So I guess it wasn’t only you." 

"What do you think it’s all about?" Emily mumbled with her eyes shut.

"I don’t know, but Ray- the guy who walked me here- said it’s just a vaccine."  

"It's just so weird...” Layton put his head in his hands.

I began to fiddle with the thread on my top as boredom settled over me. Things would begin to explain themselves tomorrow, I hope.

I got up slowly and made my way to my room as well to begin unpacking. 

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