The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


15. Chapter 14

They were right there, right in front of me. I ran, I tried, and I failed. It was like running against a very fast treadmill. I was trying to keep up to stop from falling but I was also trying to beat it. I felt like I was breaking and my family had made no attempt yet to reach me, they stood still. Watching.

Waking suddenly from the dream I wasn’t feeling as upset as I would of expected? It had been a few days since Mr. Davidson had made his visit, but even so I’d of expected me to still act a little ‘out of it’.  I sat up slowly and realised the bed beside me was empty. Looking around our dorm room, I noticed that more posters had been placed since last time I had really looked at it. Instead of the single poster of that mad scientist were a few ballet posters you’d see as advertisement on street lamps and building. There was a hockey poster as well... I didn’t know Emily liked hockey.

Standing up I flicked the bed side lamp on and noticed the time shining from my alarm clock. 4:00 AM. Why wasn’t Emily in bed yet? She loved her sleep more than anyone else I knew. Looking around for my slippers I placed them on my feet. I wore sweat pants and a vest top – what I normally wore to sleep. Moving forward I was about to grasp the door handle before it was forcefully turned open.

The door hit my toe and if it wasn’t for the thick material of my slippers I would have been cursing in pain. Looking up, ready to shout at the intruder I noticed Emily looking around the room. “You’re up,” She said simply. I nodded in response and noticed she was already fully dressed. She had on what she normally wore; jeans – today they were black, and a plain white T-shirt finished with blue stripped trainers.

“Why are you up so early?” I asked, taking a step back to allow Emily to open to door further. Stepping inside I really saw the effects the past week had had on her. I first saw her as the bubbly, happy girl. She changed to the serious girl, and now? She seemed as unresponsive to emotions as a stone. 

Looking around wary – not that I knew what off – she finally opened her mouth to speak. “There’s a meeting going on in the Canadian dorm room,” She finally told me, grabbing my arm and rushing me out the room.

“Emily! No one’s around! What’s got you in a twist?” I laughed a little. She was all worked up for nothing, so what if there was a meeting going on.

She turned back to me, “You never know whose listening Nadia. I don’t know anything anymore so I’m taking precautions. And the meeting is only for the people who speak English as a first language,” she paused as she reached our front door to open it. “United states, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Ireland. We have to be quiet when we are walking there, I’m guessing whatever they are getting us to meet up for is secret and they don’t want anyone but us lot finding it out. There are no teachers, for your information, strictly pupils only.”

“I’m not even dressed!” I whined, looking down at my ‘slob’ clothing that I wore only within my room.

Turning around swiftly she raised her hand and harshly told me to shut up. Giving in I wondered what in the world the Canadian group would want to talk about. Then again, maybe I didn’t want to know.

There were a few more people quietly sneaking out of their rooms and tip-toeing around the corridor all in the one direction. They were all being so secretive and quiet. Emily’s grip on my arm was tight as she led me down the hall, and finally turning another corner I saw the other group of people I couldn’t recall seeing before, enter a dorm room. “That’s it there,” She mumbled, I wasn’t entirely sure if to herself or too me. I came willingly, regardless.

She knocked on the now closed door softly, but hopefully loud enough for everyone inside to hear. Slowly opening a tall girl opened the door slightly, her head in between the gap. “You’re the last of the USA group yeah?” The girl asked in what I could only call an Irish accent. Emily nodded silently and the door was opened wider. The girl who opened it was rather tall; her hair fell down in waves in a shade of a rather blinding blonde. She was pretty, probably the sort of cheerleader type –if they had those in Irish high schools.

Walking into the dorm it was packed full, but oh so very silent. It was almost creepy. If I was right there are exactly 30 people here, seeing as there is 5 different groups here and six in each. No wonder it was packed full.

People were in the bedrooms, in the living room, in the kitchen all talking softly. Emily was following the tall blonde girl through the crowed and into the middle of the living room where she then decided she’d stand on the coffee table.

“Guy! I think we are all here now so we should probably start!” She tried to grab everyone’s attention without being too loud.

A few people did pay attention, most of them carried on talking in a hushed voice. “All the ultimatums come to the front!” She demanded in a slightly raised voice as she stepped down from the table. A few people were already around the base of the table – who I presumed to be ultimatums – making my way there a few others followed. Ray being one of them.

Standing in front of them I saw one boy, and two girls. I felt someone behind me and acknowledged them as being Ray seeing as he was the only one missing. “Let's get acquainted somewhere a little less suffocating,” the Irish girl mumbled as she pushed through the crowds, moving away once more the rest of the ultimatums I’d never seen before following like sheep. Turning to Ray I shrugged sort of and followed.

The dorm was the exact same in layout to mine so the room we entered was the one that Layton would have been staying in back in our room. This room was jammed shut somehow – which was probably a good thing seeing as the amount of people here was overwhelming. Being ushered inside the blonde Irish girl shut it behind us.

Having closed the door we were left bare to the darkness and the only source of light was the uprising sun that peaked through the not so generous gaps in the curtain. “Aisha! Can you get the light?” a voice called and then suddenly a girl appeared out of the darkness with green glowing eyes. Gasping in shock, what the hell was she doing? No one’s eyes glowed green! All I could see were her eyes as she moved towards the light switch that I for sure couldn’t see. Switching it on, her eyes went back to the dull forest green they normally were. The girls hair was bright red – obviously dyed – but probably because of not having it re-done for a while the roots were beginning to show and it looked rather silly if I do say so myself.

“Let's get introductions over so we can discuss something a little more important,” Aisha muttered, standing next to the only other boy other than Ray in the room.

The Irish girl sat herself on a stool which had most likely came from the kitchen and began to talk – “I’m Anastasia, call me Stacey. That’s Ray there, that’s Nadia, That’s Harry and finally, that’s Aisha. Say hi,” She introduced everyone. Saying a brief ‘hi’ I wondered how she knew our names.

Sinking further back, my back hit what I presumed to be Ray. Reluctant to move I stayed there and he didn’t complain. “What I want to know is your individual powers before I tell you why our group gathered you here,” Aisha told us – obviously the Canadian Ultimatum. “I have night vision and what I like to call ‘Blimping’,” she explained seconds before she disappeared from thin air only to appear in the same spot again seconds later. “Downside to ‘Blimping’ is that I can’t move while Blimping so I’m stuck in the same spot until I decide to un-blimp. Next!” She demanded looking pointedly at Stacey.

They all seemed as if they knew each other, Harry, Stacey and Aisha. I felt a little left out I suppose.

Stacey stood from the stool and stepped a little closer to us all. “I can read minds and I have the power of illusion. I could give you your dreams and your worst nightmare with only a concentrated stare...” She smirked. It was like she had a hidden meaning – ‘mess with me and boy you’ll wish you hadn’t’. Noted, thank you very much. “You’re next harry,” She smiled sweetly at the tall brunette male. He was taller than Ray and much more built. He had muscle and as far as I could tell he didn’t know the definition of ‘pigging out’.

In a deep voice he explained. “I can clone things around me, anything but myself basically. I also have the ability to alter others’ emotions,” he explained as he looked to both Ray and I sort of signalling with his eyes that it was one of us next.

Ray took his chance and began talking. “I can teleport and clone myself, but unlike Harry, I can only clone myself. As for teleportation as far as I’m aware I can only teleport up to two people,” he explained looking sheepishly down at me.

I didn’t want to tell them my individual powers. How lame would it be if I told them ‘Out of proportional hearing that only works when I least expect it and I have a force field that I have yet to control properly’, yeah, no thanks. Screwing my eye brows together I looked up at Ray who stood a little higher and glared. “I can hear things no normal person should, well as far as normal stretches here,” I laughed at it, my own little joke. My ears were met with silence, not even a little giggle. My laughter fading out awkwardly I felt Ray place a hand on my shoulder. “And I think I have a force field as a second power. I have yet to solve it...” I trailed of slightly embarrassed. They stared at me I suppose; they just... looked at me. I couldn’t tell what they were thinking but I could probably guess. I should of lied, I’m sure I could of came up with much better powers than force field and mega hearing in a few seconds!

Breaking the silence Aisha spoke up. “Well, we can always work on your, Nadia!” She offered me a very big smile which I returned with probably as much fakery as she was baring upon those lips of hers.

We lapsed into an awkward silence once more and I once again shrunk back into Ray who moved his heavy arm further onto my shoulder. “Back onto topical matter! I’d actually like to know why I’m here at 4:30AM in the god damn morning!” Harry seemed to burst. Cool and collected no longer he was a guy who wanted his sleep. I didn’t blame him; I felt an encore of yawns coming on also.

“Well I’m sorry that in a week’s time Mr. What’s his name is going all sergeant on us and wants to turn us into soldiers! Excuse me if I don’t want to die!” Aisha exclaimed as Stacey sat back observing her fingernails. I didn’t know whether to intervene or not.

“Guys, let’s just get the show on the road,” mumbled a not so interested Stacey still checking her fingernails. Without looking, she stood and put her hands by her side. “Right, Aisha?” She asked with a sassy sort of tone. I loved her accent was all I was thinking.

Huffing the pissed of Canadian explained for our early awakening. “My roommates and I don’t want to be meeting a certain death and have decided to leave. We asked you to come here so we could perhaps save your asses, but then again, I don’t think it’s worth it,” She narrowed her eyes at all of us while her lips pouted a little.

What a snobby obnoxious girl...

Stacey turned to me, gave me a knowing smile and turned away again. Mind reader, remember, I thought to myself. Damn that must be cool. Looking back in her direction her lips were flicked at the corners saying not much at all.

“Aisha, want me to explain a little better? I can call Nick in here for you?” Stacey smirked with a little hint of trouble behind her smile. Aisha paled at the mention of this ‘Nick’ and kept her pouty lips shut. “That’s better,” She snapped in a gleeful voice.

She watched us all, our expressions to our subtle movements. “I’ve been doing some digging inside your heads and you all seem like nice enough people. I now know your lives inside and out from memories alone. You all hate it here; you all want to go home. I have discussed this with Aisha for a while now long with the rest of our groups, but despite how plain Aisha makes our plans sound they are actually planned out and we do have an escape strategy.”

“There is no way to escape the island!”

Smirking she checked her nails once again. “Who says we are on an island?” She smiled deviously, her head turned down but her eyes looking at us all with a strange glint in them.

“They told us obviously!” Harry began to argue. As far as I was led to believe we were actually on an island, but now having that questioned... Maybe not.

Aisha obviously couldn’t stand being quiet any longer and upheld her posture while preparing to talk.

“Don’t say anything Aisha!” Stacey caught on before she could say anything. Damn, this girl might as well be god with how she’s acting. Knows all, see’s all.

With a confident smile she looked briefly in my direction before continuing with the argument. “Harry, unlike you we other ultimatums embrace out Genius trait, in fact an athletic is smarter than you so just be quiet for now! I’m going to discuss this further with those of the Ultimatums who have at least 3 or more brain cells,” She snapped with finality and turned on her heal to face Ray and I. Behind her Aisha was about to take a step further. “No Aisha, you stay there!”

I almost felt sorry for Harry and Aisha. Almost.

“Nadia, Ray, hi,” She greeted. Without time to reply she carried on miles a minute. “Basically I’m going to tell you this fast. Before we make any solid plans we need to get your approval. My group and Aisha’s are going through with it, but we need to k now if your group is too. Since you guys are the ultimatums and the most powerful, I suppose it’s only right if you decide. What do you say?” She questioned.

I turned my head to Ray and saw him nodding in his agreement. That was all it took to make me nod along and before any spoken form of approval could leave my lips she had started on up again. “Our plan is to wing it. We get out and we don’t go back. From there we see where the wind takes us,” finishing once more she began looking around the room in thought.

Turning my head I faced Ray and gave him a side smile. So that was their oh so thought out plan? Well that was impressive, I thought sarcastically. Knowing fine well if Stacey was inside my head she’d of heard, but that didn’t bother me. It was the honest truth and she didn’t seem to act like she cared and shown no sign of hearing my thoughts.

“That’s dangerous. If we are to try and get 30 people out of the school to escape we are bound to get caught. You don’t even have a solid plan! You want to wing it!” Ray exclaimed, pushing me away gently as he stepped in front having a go at picking holes in her plan. It had more holes that Swiss cheese.

Glaring at me I think I finally caught a nerve before she began defending her parts. “What do you have up your sleeve then, Ray?” She questioned him, hand on hip they’d grown closer to each other and stood not more than 5 CM apart.

“For one, even with a good plan we can’t get 30 people out at once without raising suspicion,” He kept his voice low and tone down, eyes narrowed he challenged her. Watching it as if watching a comedy show on TV I had no worries. Perhaps I should be? It seems I’ve been getting rather worked up lately so why of all times do I feel like I’m at home watching a sit-com? Shrugging it off, I welcomed my mood.

Stacey looked him up and down before curling her lip. Taking a step back she turned away. “I’m not leaving anyone behind.”

“Who said anything about leaving anyone behind? We can escape in two groups. Split into two groups of fifteen.”

“Guys! We’re getting ahead of ourselves-,” Aisha tried to place her two cents.

“No, Aisha! Be quiet!” Stacey snapped, not even turning her head to look at her but raising her fist and clicking her fingers together instead.

It was silent. Ray had shut up, Aisha stood gaping and Stacey looked fuming. I sat down on the stool and watched and it seemed to be that Harry was doing the same, perched on one edge of one of the beds while watching with dull humour.

“Wait a second! This is my dorm! You can’t tell me what to do!” Aisha seemed to realise this little fact and I couldn’t help but giggle a little. She is seriously only just realising this? Leaning back I almost fell because of the lack of a back rest on the stool. Shrieking a little I began laughing harder, drawing more attention that necessary in my direction.

“Carry on,” I laughed as I gripped the sides of the chair in attempt to keep myself in the one position.

Stacey’s glare seemed to intensify upon reaching mine which probably shone with all kinds of emotions. My father always told me I was as readable as an open book. I missed him... Isn’t that a killjoy?

“Do you want me to unleash several hounds to chase you around the school? Because I can if you don’t shut up right now! I am no joke, I will cause you harm,” She growled in a way which wiped the smile from my face in seconds. I glared back. It was four in the morning, never mind being an early riser but this was a joke. I could only just make it through the day without caffeine waking up at my usual times, but by the end of today I’m going to be shattered! Excuse me, if I want to make the most of my time. How much I wished to say that.

Out of the corner of my eye something moved. It was dark coloured, nothing too ‘in your face’ but it was there. Twisting around sharply I swatted whatever it was. From the other corner of my eye I saw something else. A little larger and a little faster. Swatting that also I lifted my hand and saw nothing. What are they!?

“Any more of your crap and there will be a lot more than that...” The fiery Irish threatened.

She’d done it, I realised. Whatever they were, she’d done it.

Ray walked to me slowly, and stood by my side looking down ever so slightly. Giving me a hint of a smile was all I needed to see to know he was also enjoying it.

Silence once again enveloped us and I sat awkwardly while trying to multi-task. To keep from laughing which was providing to be rather easy when I glared at Stacey but also while trying not to piss her off too much, illusions or not she’s a time bomb.

“I suppose we should go tell the rest of them now?” Aisha suggested just in time before Stacey had a chance to intervene.

She didn’t reply.

Looking at us all after a few seconds she seemed to catch on that all eyes were on her. “Well? Get going then!”


We’d been arguing a while. I’d stayed on the side lines while Aisha and Stacey argued, both on the table with a crowd of onlookers who found themselves to be in a situation much like my own when I’d chosen to watch their fight. I knew better now and tried to look down and avoid offending thoughts. Miss mind reader was feeling touchy.

“Who died and made you boss!?”

“I don’t know!”

“This is so unfair!”

I couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted to laugh and watch them claw each others’ eyes out but I wanted to rip out Aisha’s brown extensions and give Anastasia a good fair fight.

Unable to hold it in any longer I burst. “Stop!” Throwing my arms up in the air I faced them. Illusions and Blimping being the worst of my worries, Aisha and Stacey were bound to get us caught. I’m surprised no one had come to demand to know what of earth all the noise was. Looking around the room, I spotted the clock. 5:30 it read. We still had reasonable time and no one had left yet.

“You’re making way to much noise! You’ll have the other groups and some of the teachers coming to our dorm and then we’ll all be busted!” I let them know what I truly felt. “Stop arguing! You Aisha think you know everything and you, Stacey are a control freak!” I exclaimed. There, both even.

“Before this situation gets out of hand, all the ultimatums agree to an escape plan, but would the rest of you come with us willingly?” I asked the crowed. Before I could confirm that just about everyone wanted to, people began to turn their head towards the entrance. The door was either being opened or closed, but someone was pulling the door.

“What’s going on here!?” It was Mr. Brent, my military tactics teacher.

Looking around frantic I looked for a sign of hope. There was none.

“Good going Nadia!”

“Great, thanks Nadia...”

Sarcasm... I’ve never liked it. As people shot at me various different insults and comments I reluctantly made my way towards Mr. Brent. He stood now stationary staring at the large group of people.

“What’s going on?” He asked after a few seconds, the crowd now deathly silent.

Moving forward I now came to be perfectly in front of him. His eyes seemed to widen

“Nadia? I expect better of you!” He scolded. “Now why of earth did I wake to so much noise from the student dorms?” He demanded an explanation.

Looking around awkwardly I tried to make an excuse. Becoming much of a habit today I was so rudely interrupted.

“We want out Mr. Brent,” Stacey thought it be a good idea to tell the truth.

I turned my head with a mad expression. Was she out of her mind? He’d rat us, he’d tell Mr. Davidson!

“I understand,” He nodded his head sympathetically.

Raising an eyebrow I didn’t know where to look; At Stacey or Mr Brent? Stacey shouldn’t have said anything, but surely Mr. Brent wouldn’t have reacted like that? But he did!

“Huh?” I aired myself.

“It may come at a surprise but I don’t agree with these plans either. Turing children into soldiers... never have I ever heard something so stupid...” He seemed to talk to himself.

“Then why are you here Mr. Brent, why are you at this school?” Aisha butted in no doubt with the intent of trouble.

“Get out of this Aisha!” Stacey couldn’t help herself.

About to reply Mr. Brent intervened. “Be quiet! Unless you want the whole school at your door I would advise absolute silence!” He shouted in a raised indoor voice.

“I’ll explain more in class to those of you that I teach, but for now you should all go back to your dorms, wanting out of this or not you won’t be getting anywhere without someone who knows his stuff.”

“But you know how!” An unknown voice shouted.

“That’s my point. Get back to your dorms and... We’ll see where that takes us...” Mr. Brent seemed to hint. I thought this over. Mr Brent was offering to help us? Did he realise what we meant by ‘wanting out’? I wanted to ask, but people had already begun to leave.

I moved ever so slightly but Mr Brent tried to stop me. “Nadia, I’ve been watching you since you came here and I’ve been paying close attention to Ray as well. You both make a good team so don’t be afraid to step up together,” He told me, which I thought to be pretty random. He was telling me why? “And Nadia... I’m not the bad guy here. I’m willing to help. I disagree with this as much as you do. Tell the other this.”

He seemed genuine. Still puzzled as to why he wouldn’t rat us out I agreed making the most of it. When I was a kid I used to think the world was a weird place, but if only then I could see my future, I would have bathed in how peaceful and ordinary it was. If only I knew.


“Take your seats!”

Currently in Mr. Brent class, my head ached despite the athletic advantage of fast healing. I was beginning to suspect it was for actual injury. That’s what I got for going to that damn meeting.

Once I’d go back to my dorm Emily had went to bed and everyone else attempted to get ready on time. By the time we were to leave, all I had to do was get Emily up and go out the door. Walking through the halls I didn’t seem so... out of the loop. I could see more than 5 faces that I knew and I could put names to a good few having learnt some while in the Canadian dorm room.

“I have a surprise,” Mr Brent announced as we sat ourselves down. “I had planned for future lessons to do another mission as you already know to be based around escaping. But, and that is a big but, we aren’t doing that any longer.”

I felt so thankful. When he’d asked us to write essays about our plans for the mission I didn’t know where to look when I entered the class having forgotten all about it.

“I also have another surprise. I’m integrating classes starting this lesson,” He announced and as he said so, the door opened and in walked Harry.

“Will we just come in?” He asked politely, and with a curt nod in poured a lot of people some of which those I recognised from this morning.

“The Irish, Canadian, and Australian are now joining this class as well as the rest of your classes from this period forward. Having come across you all this morning I thought this was for the best. It wasn’t easy convincing Mr. Davidson – the head teacher – so make the most of it,” He explained. “Take a seat!”

The room was small and there was no way everyone could fit inside the one class. “Last ones to get a seat have to sit on the floor,” Mr Brent answered my unspoken question as a sea of hurdling teenagers thought cat and dog for a seat.

“Glad to see you can act with motivation,” he laughed as the last seat was taken by none other than Aisha.

Stacey sat in the corner grinning ahead at Aisha. I felt sort for Aisha, only god could know what Stacey was up to. “Hey Aisha? What’s that on your desk?” She called out as others around her reluctantly sat on the floor.

Aisha looked down onto her table and shrieked. Nothing was there or at least to my eyes. Those illusions...

Standing up, Aisha flung the table into the guy sitting in the row in front as he let out a cry of pain, the corner jabbing his back with a crack. While Aisha was busy patting down her clothing Stacey had already took it upon her to set the table upright and sit herself down where the Canadian girl had sat seconds before.

“Enough of that, girls! You-,” pointing to Aisha. “Sit down on the floor.”

People’s chatter of introductions had settled down and now Mr. Brent had sat himself on the desk facing the class. “I know some of you and some other do not. I don’t know what your other teachers have taught you, but it will most probably not be the same as what you’ll learn here,” He paused. Standing up he pointed to a boy in the back. It was a boy from Ray’s group. I’d spoken to him in gym a few times and on some days when we’d bumped into each other. He was a smooth guy but was a bit of a slacker. With his jet black hair he had a small frame and his height was lower than mine, it was strange seeing as I was rather small myself. “You’ve been in my class for the whole time so far yet I’ve never had the opportunity to ask questions. You know a lot about the subject?”

The boy looked startled. Realising he was being focused on he tried to hide his red cheeks. “I play call of duty?” He offered. In other words he’d paid no such attention to the lessons and was clueless of the matter.

“The game may educate you on guns, weaponry and other fancy things of the sort, but in no way is it real. Go serve the UK in a foreign country for a year and we’ll see how long you survive,” Mr Brent laughed at this and continued on his talk. “You’d be good at weaponry, most war gamers are. You have others who’d be good at hand to hand combat because they took self defence when their life was normal. You have people who could kill a man without a second glance because they used to go hunting with their father every Sunday.”

What was the point of this talk? I wanted to know more about the integration.

“Would you kill a man, Ray?” He asked with real curiosity sparking in his eyes, as he slowly, step by step almost teasingly towards the desk.

Looking briefly at me he replied. “It would depend. If they were a threat then perhaps. If they could be redeemed then no,” he replied quickly and smoothly. He seemed to of gotten out of it.

Mr Brent seemed satisfied with the answer. “Good! That’s why Mr. Dorsett, that you would win in a battle and not Mr. Lang over there,” he complimented and insulted in the same sentence. I found this much too amusing for anyone’s good. “But then again, hesitation can lead to your own death. In war there are no moments for you to think about your actions.”

Deep words. Very haunting. You could tell he spoke from experience and not from mouth to mouth. His eyes seemed to glaze over for a few seconds. Memories he didn’t want to uncover – I could relate. Since coming to T.P.P I’d made a lot of memories I wanted to keep locked away.

“What do you think is up?” Ray asked from the side of me. I shrugged in response. We’d grown closer in the past few days. He’d invited me to his dorm a few times and we’d spent most of the time together. We discussed anything and everything. It made me feel better; perhaps that was the reason for my ease.

Looking back to the front of the class Mr Brent looked lost. His always straight lined mouth was flicking down at the corner, his eyes weren’t as hard. His mind was elsewhere, a different time, a different place.

“Mr Brent?” Someone called from the back and Mr. Brent seemed to snap out of it. Straightening up he began talking once more.

“Oh yeah, where were we?” He mumbled more to himself as he began pacing the room as much as the cramped room would allow him to. “Oh yes, my plan,” He confirmed to himself

Plans? There were a lot of those lately.

“I hate T.P.P,” he came straight out with it. “T.P.P – The Prodigy Project begun the year before you were born. On November the 5th they asked 20 new parents from around all of you home countries to take part in some non-harmful tests. They chosen the strongest 12 and from there they began to turn you into mutants,” I should of felt insulted, but I’d adjusted to the term I guess. Deeply and genuinely interested I listened. “What your parents didn’t know was the true intentions so they are not to blame. But what’s done is done and now you are where you are most vulnerable and I intend to help you out.”

“How can you help us out? You’re just a teacher!”

“I may be just a teacher but I have knowledge and I’m trusted. I hate T.P.P and I refuse to let children die,” death. That was the first time I’d realised death was a prominent factor in all this. “I was fresh out of the military and I’d just finished my first tour. They asked me to do some testing. That was the year you were born and it was the year all the teachers at this school were given the ultimatum power. It isn’t just you suffering but everyone else at this school, even though most teachers enjoy the fact rather than dislike it,” he explained as he sat himself on his spinning desk chair. “I was stupid to agree to T.P.P and I regret it every day because I know it will be partly my fault some of you will die.”

I knew the teachers were ultimatums and all of them had been practicing for as long as we’d been alive, but the fact they didn’t want to have these abilities didn’t cross my mind.

“Our next mission will be to escape the academy. I’ll need to ask permission like last time and those of you who don’t know what these missions are, ask a classmate. Once we are out of the academy it will be up to the ultimatums to guide you and you will be on your own. Next time we are in class we will set the plans but they will be brief, we don’t have much time and I wish you the best of luck,” sighing he sat his legs up on his desk. “You’ll need it.”

I think I would. By the sound of pure silence everyone else agreed. Was this the best? To run and meet the uncertain or stay and meet what we have already cleared to be an uncertain death?

I’d take my chances.





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