The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


14. Chapter 13

Word had gotten around that Mr Davidson – The head of this school – was to come around and talk to us on various matters. Some French students had been spoken to this morning, but due to my lack of the ability to speak French I had no idea what they were on about, but those who knew a little, told me it was something bad. Great.

Sitting on the floor of my fourth period class – which was gym by the way – fully changed into work-out items, I folded my legs underneath me and waited for some other people to come out and join me. Ray came walking out of the male changing rooms with two other guys to his side, who I learned to be names Clinton and Cammy – both from the UK group, both very nice people I’d found to be yesterday.

Hoping they’d walk over and keep me from looking like a loner I sat trying not to look to desperate for company. “Nadia!” He hollered, waving his hands in my direction.

I got up eagerly. Finally... I sighed internally as I tried to walk slowly as if I didn’t really care in their direction. Coming closer I greeted them.

“What’s up USA?” Clinton asked me. He’d given me the nickname ‘USA’ obviously because I was from the USA.  It made no sense though seeing as there were 11 more of us from that area.

Deciding to let it slide I replied, “Not much, being extremely bored.”

The room had started to fill out and people poured in from the changing rooms, I realised. Everyone is here I think, I thought. I hope we aren’t doing drills again... remembering last time we had gym, being only yesterday. We’d done several laps around the gym, and then we were forced to do push ups right up to the bell causing me to be late seeing as I had to change as did everyone else. If that was the case today I’d be sure to ask Ray to take me there. Teleportation and all you know.

Talking of teleportation, I’d yet to get my shield power back.

The door from the Far East side of the gym slammed into the wall, and there stood – just as I’d been told by those French and English speaking student – was the head of the school and his deputes. Brett strolled casually into the room and seemed to bathe in the deathly silence. He loved the control he had.

Despite being here for only above two weeks, most processes like fitting in and getting used to the new ways had slotted within days. It was unnatural. It was scary in ways. It made these two weeks feel like months.

“Coach Benet,” Mr Davidson greeted. For once, looking at my teacher who had just come out of the storage closet, he was silent and not roaring at us at first glance. Even he had a strange expression on his face. Not confident, not scary, but one I’d never seen. Why? He surely, could beat him with his one fist. One finger actually. Mr Benet was a buff scary man. Mr Davidson was anything but. He was intimidating in ways but other than that... no.

Mr Davidson’s eyes scanned the room relaxing a little in contentment. “You have probably overheard from other students of my visits, but I assure you it’s nothing too bad. Simply we didn’t want to assemble you all in one hall or meeting space again. Far too crowded you see...” Bad? Wouldn’t have ever dreamt of it, I thought sarcastically. “Basically there has been a change as to the plan of things in future. You may have all been under the impression that this school was at first a school for elite children; gifted. But as turns out, you all figured, how gifted that really was. For now you still have no idea as to what you are really here for and why exactly are you... in nicer terms... different.”

That was just plain darn offensive. We were perfectly normal until someone gave us a jab in the damn arms which gave me to power to shoot damn fire balls out my palms and ice Rays. Thanks for that by the way, I thought with grim hatred.

He opened his mouth to continue. Ray beside me took a seat on the floor, Cammy, Clinton and me following suit. “There are things we have kept secret and due to some... outcomes in the planned schedule we must speed things up a little. I’m here today to explain fully what T.P.P really is. Remember, you are a part of this, and there is virtually no way of escaping,” He told us and taken a breath, taking his own sweet time, glancing over the curious stares. I wanted to call him some various nasty names. I held that urge.

Ray beside me moved a little closer. Since we sort of made-up along with Emily and Layton, he has sort of been a little protective I guess. He trys to stick close to me, like I could break any second. I appreciated it. Looking over to him I saw his gave was intently fixed on Mr Davidson. His expression was blank in ways and the rest of him just looked a little unkept. His hair was rather long and in his eyes and he didn’t smell much too good to my dismay. Something must be worrying him.

Someone who I couldn’t put a name to but had seen before began to talk. “T.P.P is a secret that 20 different nations have managed to keep a secret for all of the time it has ever existed and now is the time for us to reveal it to those who are a part in the process. You are all part of The Prodigy Project -,” I paused listening to him. T.P.P that fits with ‘The Prodigy Project’ doesn’t it?

I turned to look at Ray who was already looking at me. “T.P.P The Prodigy Project,” He whispered almost silently. I nodded in response.

“-This was begun by one country in particular, it was Italy actually and from there they asked 19 more nations to join their plans and from there 19 others followed. This plan was one of the world’s best kept secrets. No one apart from the worlds’ most important people have ever known,” What were they getting at? Still unable to connect the dots I resumed back into listening to the teacher whom I didn’t have a name to put on. “You are the prodigies, you are what makes T.P.P and it is you that will complete our plans,”

“T.P.P’s intent is to join all the nations as one, to merge the world into one superpower. All the nations together at the academy will become one, and then we as a unit will overrule the rest. You come in quite simply actually; it’s your job to overrule, you are the soldiers that will complete the job, your modern mutations will come greatly in use.”

What in the world I-

“In a week’s time we proceed with the plans. Previous questions include why wait for us to turn 16 to train us? Our answer, is because that’s all the time we need. Most of you have great holds on your powers and that’s all we require. Where did the other students go? We can reveal that they are the upper students – better than you – therefore more useful and will be used in more vital situations,” The same man carried on. They mean to say that we that are left are the under-developed students? I felt offended in a way, yet I couldn’t feel as angry as I should of. The feelings running through my system couldn’t be put into words.

Mr. Davidson, standing while watching the varied expressions seemed to revel in it. His eye twinkled, his lips turned up slightly at the corners. “In a week’s time we begin what we had intended all along and we will take you to a military centre in Italy in which we train you further for a week and a bit. From there we work on instinct alone and you will be thrown into the world once again. Be prepared to lose your friends, because they won’t go down unscathed. You’re the soldiers now,” He finished with finality in his voice, nodding to Coach Benet in the corner. Exiting the room Mr. Davidson was now the last one in the room.

“After the war we will of course treat you like heroes, remember that. Your sacrifices won’t go unseen,” He announced – probably in a way to win over hearts and then exited.

I wanted to believe him, I wanted to say ‘Yes, I will fight for you,’ but why should I agree to such a thing? To take over the world and create a single ruler. It was unheard of... This had been in plan since we were born, we were a part of it, and it was going to happen one way or another. There is no way they’d turn us into freaks and then not go through with it. It was like my fate was already sealed and signed off, I felt like all I could do now was watch as it played and I had no say. Like following a script already written and submitted. I didn’t feel like I had a free will, I felt ... wrong.

Getting up I was ready to go back into the changing room and change. The class was early over according to the clock on the wall and all I wanted to do was forget. Forgetting seemed so simple, yet I found it impossible to do at this moment in time. Back home I have no worries, back home I worried about my clothing for the next day; I worried about gaining a few pounds or failing classes. Home, the word felt foreign, it felt like the forbidden fruit, for I now had no home and I couldn’t go back to the one I had. I was forbidden to go back, and I had forbidden myself to make myself a substitute. The word brought back people I shouldn’t have ever forgotten about. It had been nearly two weeks since I’d seen my mom and dad, it seemed so much more. I’d forgotten about them. I admitted it; I had yet to think about them all this week and for most of the previous. Never had I been separated for this long from them. I felt like a child who needed her mom, I wanted her to spoil me and treat me like a child now. I’d be safer.

About to reach the door, I felt someone grab my hand. It was Emily. “Hey...” she trailed off, a light tone to her voice. I was obviously the delicate porcelain doll again.

“You were right,”

“About what?” She asked me, pulling me closer for a hug. I’ve only known Emily two weeks, I thought. How had it only been two week?

“Things are to only get worse from here, you could sense something bad coming. You said it yourself,” my eyes began to water slightly. I felt weak, I felt so weak. Her eyes mimicked only what mines would most probably be looking like. They watered for whatever reasons, but she pulled me into a hug which made me feel like not everything was lost. Yasmin... Emily reminded me of Yasmin. I sobbed a little. I’d forgotten her too...

She patted me on the back a little. “No matter how bad it gets I’m sure we will both be in the same place, same time. We will have each other.”

“I’m not so sure Emily,” I admitted. I knew nothing good was to come out of this, not everything can go in my favour.

Feeling a tap on my back I moved my head the side seeing Layton. It made me cry a little harder. Nothing good will come out of this. Nothing. “Then I’ll be,” he answered with confidence. Since two weeks ago, he hadn’t been the same. His hair was no longer styled, as if he didn’t care any longer, and his bright eyes held no laughter. I hadn’t seen him happy like he was when I first met him since... I first met him.

Taking a hand off Emily I stretched out to him and pulled him into the mess me and Emily were. Putting two strong arms around us both he held strong for both of us. If he started crying – which he had yet to do – then things would have just got serious. Layton was strong, and it would take vast stretches to make him break down. You’d know you were done for when he started crying. “Never mind you guys leaving each others' side, I won’t leave you either. You’ve been good friends to me.”

I had great friends now, they made me feel a little safer, but I still felt exposed to the worlds not so pleasing wonders. T.P.P, who would come up with such a thing? What would be the point to rule the world? It would be pointless and in this day and age a revolution would of course form.  

Becoming a regular thing now, I felt speechless, useless, and dead inside.


Sitting back in my dorm me and Emily discussed anything and everything. Mostly about Emily though, seeing as I only knew as much as she’d told me, which wasn’t a lot. I don’t think she liked to talk about herself.

“My dad died when I was a kid from some accident on a construction site. My mom after that just tried to replace him in the best way she could. I’ve had both parents placed into the one I suppose. She tried to make me successful and placed me in various schools of the arts, and made me audition from a young age for stage shows. I loved it; I took ballet and did all sorts of sports. Basically she was trying to get me to experience everything a girl should. The only way she managed to pay for everything was the large amount of money we got from my dad’s health insurance. Working in his field of work was pretty dangerous so he needed it I suppose. I still miss him,” she explained deeper into the topic of her life. When she’d told me when I first met her about her trying to get on Broadway, I thought she had it all, and had a perfect life really, but looking into it now, it was far from the case.

I didn’t want to come across too strong, but I wanted to see a picture of her father. I was curious. “Do you have any photos of your dad?” I asked with a quiet voice. I didn’t know what her reaction would be, I didn’t want to cause her any stress.

She looked me in the eye, her eyes barely open. Giving a half smile she said, “Of course,” and lifted herself from the couch we sat opposite each other on and walked into our room inside the dorm.

Wasting no time she was back in a flash and held in her hand what looked like a purse. Sitting back down she opened up the red leather purse and slipped out a small photo no bigger than the average stamp and handed it to me.

The photo was obviously old, but the man in the photo had the light brown hair Emily was blessed to have, with slight ginger tints to it which gave it its fiery quality. “You look so much like him,” I admitted. His wasn’t a big man, he had a small face, and similar to Emily’s but it a way more manly and there was no denying that they were father and daughter.

“I know,” She spoke quietly. “I can’t even remember him so I don’t get upset about it, but I still wonder what it would be like for him to be here.”

“I’m sure he’d be proud. You’re such a unique character; you’re the best friend anyone could ask for. He’s watching over you,” I smiled, looking at her a saw faint smile, her eyes swirling with thoughts and unanswered questions as she focused on nothing in particular.

Emily nodded softly in response before putting her hand out to take the photo back. “I don’t like it being out of my purse. I always get scared I’ll lose it,” She explained herself as I handed the small picture back and she put it in its correct place.

“I understand.”

“Do you really, Nadia?” she asked me sceptically, a single eyebrow rose.

I had to think about that one. Did I really understand losing someone and then having to deal with it for the rest of my life? No, I hadn’t. “I can imagine what it feels like, but no, I’ve never had experience in the matter.”

“Then how can you imagine?”

“Books, movies, watching others who have...” The list was endless. I could go on for hours. I could see Emily opposite me was becoming a little upset. Her eyes became a little watered, and her mouth was pulling down at the corners and was becoming a thin line.

Her eyes now wide open; a silent tear wet her face. “That’s only half the deal,” she mumbled before standing for a few seconds staring at me. She didn’t seem angry, but perhaps I had unearthed feelings she had been hiding? Yes, perhaps that was it.

Walking out swiftly, the onslaught of tears fell from her eyes. Yeah, those tears definitely went deeper than her father...

I tried to think of who else it could be about, but with knowing her for only a few weeks, I was brought back to Russell and Blake. She was close to Blake, right? I think so. Russell was a definite. You’ll be with Russell again someday, I promised silently to her, already hiding in our dorm.

Laying back into the couch I grabbed a hold of the remote and turned on the TV, which I had finally realised how to control. Back home we had a rather odd TV and I never used it much anyway... I was a technophobe that way. Finding not much else to do I switched to the first channel that was in the listing. The news so happened to be on.

I listened.

‘Our Foreign Affairs representative is currently in Italy. Over to you, John.’ The pretty lady announced as the screen switched to what looked like a mob and in the middle of it all was a representative trying to shield himself from the rain with an umbrella that seemed to be pounding everyone else. Being pushed around he tried to speak. ‘Thanks Annette, currently I’m outside Quirinal Palace in which the president in currently in. The up-roar taking place right now is caused simply by the single statement released by the Italian prime minister earlier today, in which he declared war on various other countries. We are still yet to find out the ‘ifs’ and ‘whys’ but all we know for sure, Annette that The Italian prime minister was serious and there will very much be a war in the foreseeable future. The outcomes are still unknown.’ at that very moment the crowds got too much and he was pushed forcedly out of the way and his umbrella went flying and the camera was shaken up and everything went black.

I heard the door slam and I turned briefly seeing Layton wander down the main hall and sit himself next to me. I returned to the TV. ‘We are currently having some technical difficulties and have some updates on the mater later,’ she carried on and I turned to Layton to see what he was thinking.

Seeing he was already looking at me I spoke first. “Italy has declared war on various countries. Do you think it has anything to do with T.P.P?” I filled him in, obviously having made up my mind already. The Prodigy Project was starting.

“Italy has declared war? Really? Well it obviously has something to do with T.P.P then...” He sighed in his own thoughts and was taken off to Layton Land.

Looking back at the screen it was on adverts. “You know, since we have no idea where we are, we could always try to use the TV to figure it out,” Layton suggested out of nowhere. It was a good suggestion, I don’t know how I didn’t come up with that, or maybe I’m giving myself too much credit, but yes, that might just work.

Looking to the TV, I tried to see the name of the channel. “Its channel 6, that doesn’t give much of a clue. I’m sure there are lots of channels sixes everywhere...” mumbling as a flicked through the channels, remote in hand.

“Wait! Go back a few!” He demanded moving his hand in a backing motion until suddenly he shouted ‘stop’. “Look! Look at that! The channels called ‘Pacific today’, surely that means we are near the Pacific Ocean?” He questions, but really I had no idea. I was useless at maps and all that jazz.

He clicked his fingers like a eureka moment. “It must be!”

“It still possibly won’t be,” I tried to explain. The world worked weird, we could be in Europe for all we knew. “I flunked geography, but I still think there is no cold hard evidence.”

Layton stopped his excited fit and leaned back slowly. “You’re right. I’m excited over nothing,” He sighed loudly. I felt like I was taking candy from a baby.

“No-,” He cut me off.

Standing up he said, “I’m going to sleep now. You should probably think of doing the same. Maybe by the end of this week we will have everything figured out... Night Nadia,” He walked backwards until he reached the hall and turned around and vanished from my line of sight.

That’s how I managed to downer not one, but two peoples moods today. Feeling sorry for myself, I retreated to my room quietly, and fell asleep in a record pace.





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