The Prodigy Project (Completed)

*I wrote this when I was, like, 12. I swear I probably didn't even understand what a full stop was for. This is here now only to show progression in my writing* 5TH PLACE RUNNER UP IN WATTPAD 2012 WATTY AWARDS.

Ever believed in super heroes? Nadia didn’t. That is until she became reality’s equivalent to one along with 239 unfortunate others. Put together a division between good and bad form, a battle for freedom and potential war develops. This is T.P.P – The Prodigy Project.
“You are all the best in your category; you specialize in it in every way possible, with a little unfair advantage of mutation and modern development. You are all the prodigies.”


12. Chapter 11

I carefully placed the DVD in the player that was just under the table the TV was sat on. A logo made an appearance before the DVD began. I backed away to my seat on the couch and sat down. Early this morning I woke up and did my usual, and by the time Emily had woken, everyone else was up, and just as she entered the kitchen, a knock sounded at the door. There a person stood and silently handed me a CD case, and inside was a DVD, and that’s how it got to now.

“So you’re saying some dude, who was in no case a pupil, handed you the DVD. What do you thinks on it?” Emily’s worry as usual shone through as she stared at the loading TV screen in a sort of ‘worry’.

I sat down comfortably in between Blake and Emily, Layton and Justin on the other couch and replied slowly. “Yeah Emily, that is what I’m saying. I really don’t know what’s on it...” I sighed as I tossed the remote control around in my sweating hands a few times, looking at the screen every few seconds as it loaded painfully slow, finally placing the remote down.

A screen popped up, and by the looks of it, it was a menu screen. On that screen it had 20 different names of different countries, all of which, or from what I knew of, all attended the school. Each country was put in a section of which language they spoke.

“Please select your home country,” an almost robotic female voice demanded, the blue screen lighting the shaded room.

The black remote control sat on the coffee table dividing me and the TV set from each other. I leaned forward just as Justin did the same, and in spilt seconds our hands touched and he pulled back like I was the black plague. My lip curled in his direction as his blue eyes glared back into mine. I snatched the remote before he could and guided my found the right button within a few seconds. I navigated my way right along the screen until I came to the ‘English’ speaking section. The USA was the first on the list.

“The USA,” the voice confirmed as I pressed the select button and changed the screen away.

A million thoughts ran frantically through my head, just about all confirmed my worries.

“The test results are as follows,” the woman’s voice told us clearly, and my unspoken thoughts were correct. Emotions bundled into the pit of my stomach, I wanted to be sick, I wanted for everything to rewind and be caught on a loop, even through all the bad times, I didn’t want anyone I had grown so close to, to leave, for anything  bad to happen to them.

The screen had paused on the words ‘results’ only for a few seconds, which continued to change to the word ‘shape shifters’. I knew that it was between drew and Alyssa. A few seconds later, underneath the word ‘shape shifter’ appeared two pictures, one of Alyssa, one of drew.

Seconds passed like hours, I scratched at my bare arms as if it would make the results appear faster, but if any common sense was left inside of me, I knew that wasn’t possible.

“Drew is selected to stay at TPP,” the voice told us emotionlessly as his picture grew larger while Alyssa’s shrunk down into nothing. I remembered Alyssa and from the small times I’d made small talk with her, and thought about how nice she was. Drew was a nice person when he wanted to be, but I’d favour Alyssa over drew any day. I noticed Emily flinch from beside me, she was close to everyone.

I placed a hand on Emily’s shoulder that was the furthest away from me and turned back to the TV. ‘Elementals’ came up next, the text placing itself on the top of the screen, two pictures underneath once more; Layton and candy.

I turned to Layton, almost causing whiplash, to see his reaction. His blonde hair looked more messed from its usual ‘tidy yet fashionable’ style as if he’d run his hands through it several times. His stare drilled holes into the TV screen as his photo and candy’s appeared within seconds. Just like the last time, seconds passed as hours. “Layton is selected to stay at TPP,” the voice announced suddenly, Layton’s picture becoming larger.

You could hear a pin drop as the screen changed to the words ‘athletics’, Blake sucked in a breath and he faced Layton. “Good on you man,” he told Layton with a half smile. Layton’s skin looked pale, his eyes looked relived and his hands were pulling each other and fiddling with the base of his v-neck t-shirt. He gave Blake a nod of acknolgment then opened his mouth, “good luck bro,” he looked depressed to say the least, but who wouldn’t in this situation?

Blake’s handsome face appeared on one half while Jared’s face – the other athletic – appeared on the other. My eyes began welling up with tears, if I had the choice I’d let everyone stay, I’d move them into the good dorms. Even Justin if it meant no one got hurt. I didn’t know what exactly happened after leaving TPP, but everything I once thought impossible was a lie, so what’s keeping a drastic and brutal consequence for leaving TPP coming people’s way? There nothing stopping it at all.

Jared picture became larger on the screen as that annoying and taunting voice of the woman droned out from the TV speakers. “Jared is selected to stay at TPP,” my tears tumbled over the edge of my eye lids. Like a cup overflowed with liquid, I couldn’t contain it.

As a natural instinct I stared at Blake with full force sympathy glowing in my eyes. “Blake?” I asked almost scared at his emotionless reaction. As if he hadn’t heard the news seconds ago he sat peacefully on the seat just as he’d done for most of the morning.

I quickly snatched the remote up as ‘geniuses appeared on screen and searched for a ‘pause’ button. I hit it quickly a place it gently on my lap. “Blake? Are you ok?” I asked carefully. He stared at the TV screen as if it was a boring morning chat show hosted by snobby hosts who no one could care less about.

He broke his stare to look at Layton completely ignoring me, or so it seemed anyway. “Sorry man,” he smiled weakly in his direction.

“You couldn’t off do anything to change it, don’t be too hard on yourself,” Layton laughed lightly, trying to take the weight of the situation. Blake’s expression slowly gained more emotion, his eyes narrowing as his jaw tightened as if to be grinding his teeth. His whole outward demeanour became dark and hating, not jokingly playful like I normally expected of him.

He stood abruptly his hands gripping the edge of the coffee table and as soon as he stood was as soon as the coffee table was flung to the other side of the room with a crack to the plastered walls. He let out a roar of frustration, his hands shaking in anger.

“Hey! Bro! Calm down!” Layton shot up from his seat and tried to avoid the mess on the floor caused by Blake as he made his way towards him with his hands raised as if dealing with an angry lion that’s cornered and scared.

Blake’s face was screwed up, his lips pulled up in almost a ‘growl’ like fashion. Without much of a warning he made a mad dash for the door, slightly pushing Layton of balance on his way sending his crashing to the floor. In a flurry of emotions, movement and bodies, Layton tumbled helplessly onto the leg of the upturned table snapping it in half as the door to the dorm room was opened and slammed. Curse words flew from Layton’s mouth and without much of a twitch of pain he was back on his feet and running on his way to find Blake who would be going through god knows right now.

A sop of worry escaped my mouth. “too much for you Symons?” asked a deep male voice, obviously with both Layton and Blake gone, it had to be Justin, but even with them both here I wouldn’t of mistaken it for anyone else.

I turned my head slowly, my eyes narrowed down to slits. “If I do win over you, I’ll be sure to be the first to kick you out!” I pulled my lips into a sneer while talking to him like he was a piece of dirt on my seat.

He turned his head swiftly to the TV as if telling me silently to bring it on and play the results. I snatched the remote into my hands and pressed the big red button with the work ‘ok’ on it. The results for genius began to play.

Emily’s pixie face and Russell’s nerdy but cute face appeared next to each other, and almost to pull out the tension the results weren’t playing, or at least for a further few seconds. With Emily’s future in the hands of a few people who were judging us, I felt in doubt, I felt vulnerable. Vulnerable about me and about my friends, one was already gone, one could be going and I knew for sure I was too.

“Emily is selected to stay at TPP,” the voice broke through the deafening silence that seemed to drown the room and emphasize my stress and emotions. The results didn’t sink in till Emily began crying; slowly at first and even then I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. Why was she sad? She got through. I rushed to her side.

My mouths opened and closed like a gaping fish and when I finally found my voice I began to say; “Emily, what the matter-“ but I was cut short in that sentence by Emily’s full throttled outburst of a flurry of wet tear stains on her t-shirt and puffy red eyes.

“He should have gotten to stay Nadia! He should of and not me, he’s better than me and we both know it...” she trailed off as her head dropped helplessly onto my shoulder and I began to feel the tears soak my t-shirt down to my skin. “You know what Nadia? I really hate what’s going on here! Everything is changing and I don’t even know if it was for the good, I’ve became a mutant freak for who’s sake? My life and everyone else’s is a mess because of all those mightily and high people all at the top of the chain! It’s their-“ and this time she was cut off by the television as she announced the results.

“Nadia has been selected to stay at TPP,” and suddenly everything else around me was forgotten.



Shocked overwhelmed my system. At first I stared at the TV, next I still sat while Justin basically re-enacted the Blake scene and within a few moments he was in my face shouting. The world around me had gone deaf. In a way I was excited but disappointed. I didn’t know what was beyond leaving TPP, but I knew staying was a good option, and if my instinct had anything to say, I was having kicks telling me staying was better than going. What if going meant returning to normal, but then again, normal was far from my grasp now. I was in far too deep now to go back.

Emily stood, her tears forgotten as she squared up to Justin, her small frame not even blocking any of my view of Justin as he pushed a single pointed finger into her shoulder while saying something my brain was to overwhelmed to process. His face grew red as he began to shout in more furious anger. He was leaving, I was staying, so was Emily and Layton, but Blake was leaving too.

I stood from my seat, my anger rising to almost higher levels than the two of them put together. “Out,” I spoke clearly to him. “Pack your bags and don’t show your face Justin until you have to go. You’ve done enough damage around here,” I glared ferociously. He blinked in response. “go!” I shouted with all I could muster, a tear streaking my face as it ran the outline of my nose and fell onto my lips, the salty water seeping into my mouth slowly. I brought a sleeve and wiped it away slowly, a faint trace of mascara marking my lightly coloured long sleeve jumper. Justin’s face softened for a second but regained the smirk.

“Good to see I still have a lasting effect on you, Nadia, and I’m sure even when I’m gone...” he paused as he stepped backwards towards the hallway to the separate rooms. “This won’t be the last you see of me.” He pointed in my direction as if to emphasize his point, my mouth agape, not bothering to hide my shock, my fear, my everything. He slammed the door with finality in his stride, as I backed against the wall and carelessly threw myself down it.

My mouth was open, my eyes were wide as they welled over with tears, and my mind was boggled with new information. The woman’s voice droned on as she went over everyone who was going and staying once more. I didn’t know the result for mind control I thought, as I looked up and caught a snippet of Faye’s picture, her chosen to stay. I sniffed as my nose became stuffy, and eyes becoming sore, and my head beginning to hurt with burst and pounds of pain. I remembered when I got like this at home my brother would try to comfort me, he’d wrap me in a blanket and we’d have a movie marathon all night, or at least for as long as it would take to stop me from sobbing. My head began to burst in pain again, this time it felt more like the pain I’d identified with Ray when we were looking through the book in my teams training room. New power development, I told myself. It had been a while since I’d last felt it, and it gave me a reality shock. It was all very real and it was all very much happening. Ray, I thought. I wondered if he was going or not. I felt worried; he’d grown to be just as much as a friend to me as Emily had been. It sickened me to think of anyone else being parted from me.

I looked up from my knees which I had tucked my face into and spotted Emily looking down pitifully, her face caked with tears, her eyes probably as puffy as mine. Her lip looked swollen, probably from biting it with nerves and all. “Nadia...” she sighed as she tried to step closer.

I didn’t want anyone to touch me right now. I didn’t want to be hurt anymore; I wasn’t used to dealing with this much pain, emotional or physical. My entire being ached in pain, even more than usual, usual being the dull ache which I had seemed to of grown accustomed too after long a lot of training with my powers, but now, was nothing in comparison. A sharp pain bounced around inside me, as if something was waiting to burst out. I cried as it became more intense.

“Nadia! What’s wrong? Can I-“ she was cut short as she was pushed by an invisible force onto the floor, her head hitting the floor with a slam, only a few centimetres off the couch. She groaned, her delicate frame curled as she whimpered almost silently. She pulled her small hand to the back of her head to touch her hair, for whatever reason. Blood. Her fingertips were dabbed with the red substance, and behind her I noticed was a small, only centimetre wide drop of it too. What happened?

She whimpered as she tried to get up. “Emily!” I cried out. She turned with a dazed expression. “What happened?” I asked, but I was expecting the worst. Powers, something whispered in the back of my mind. I had caused it.

Without a reply, Emily attentively, almost scared, reached out slowly, as I stared without moving. She edged closer, almost closer than she’d gotten before, and just as I thought whatever had caused it before was gone, it turned out to not be. She flinched back spurting a few inappropriate words from her mouth as she hugged her hand to her chest mumbling words the quiet for me to hear. “It burned me!” she cried louder as she held her hand out for me to see. Her skin was red, and was already blistering. She cried out louder.

“I think it was me who caused it Emily...” I cried harder, tears from before now pouring. “Put it under water quickly Emily... we don’t know what else might happen,” I told her as calm as I could while being in hysterics myself.

She looked up from her hand, her knees as far hugged to her chest as it would be allowed without her hands pulling them closer, she looked up to me almost scared, her normally carefree happy eyes, where blinded with wonder, and fear. She scrambled to her feet and ran.


“Let me in Nadia! I know you are in there!” shouted Ray. He banged on the door for the millionth time in the last 20 minutes. He’d come snooping after hearing the shouts and since then he’d knocked and knocked, shouted and argued with himself. I hadn’t replied, nor had Emily or Justin, them both in their own personal space, Justin in his room and Emily still whimpering in the bathroom. I wanted to help her, but I was too scared to move. Whatever it was, came from about a meter ahead of me, so either it was a power that radiated about a meter in front of me, or it was some sort of force field, and if that was the case, if I moved, the force field certainly wouldn’t, and id be frazzled as bad as Emily’s hand.

I let out a little noise of frustration and tucked my head into my arms which were partially wrapped around my legs tucked tight to my chest. “Nadia... I swear, I’ll kick this door down, I can hear someone crying! Everyone in my dorm can naiad!” he shouted, worry lining his voice. I heard his voice, muffled though as furious banging came from the hall.

Suddenly a slam of a door came from further up the hall. The front door hadn’t split, but Justin had probably had enough of the noise despite his bad state and anger issues at this moment in time.  “What’s with all the banging!?” roared Justin’s deep voice, cracking slightly, as if he’d just woken up which was probably the case. I heard the knocking pause, but as fast as it stopped, it started once more.

“Justin? Open the door!” he shouted even more desperate, and I could even imagine his face, the worried and angry expressions he would get sometimes.

An audible groan reached my ears as the door was unlocked and slammed back into the wall, probably smashing parts of the plaster on the walls, or scratching the wallpaper. Great. Footsteps pounded, not too fast, but perhaps at a rushing walking pace. I lifted my head slowly from my arms and looked through my blurry vision to the entrance that joined the hall to the main part of the dorm, which was sort of a living room joined to a kitchen.

Firstly appeared his feet, then his upper leg as the front part of his chest came into view, his blonde tussled hair, probably messed from a stressful past 20 minutes, and finally his full body stood in front of me as he took me in. My appearance wasn’t probably the best at this moment, and neither was my mood. I felt gloomy, depressed, out of it.

“Nadia...” he mumbled as he tried to step closer.

My eyes widened. If he stepped closer he could get hurt. “Don’t!” I shouted in alarm, my hands waving frantically in attempt to get him to stop moving closer. It worked, I sighed audibly as I saw him pause almost immediately, his expression pulled into confusion and worry.

He went to take a hesitant step back but reconsidered and stopped. “Nadia... what’s happened?” he asked carefully.

“Blake and Justin are leaving and I think I have my final power, or unless there are more things they are keeping from us...” I growled with frustration, my mood taking a drastic swing from down and depressed.

“What is it Nadia? And I’ve seen Blake before I came here, he looked a little off but he looked perfectly alright apart from that...” he smiled reassuringly, saying nothing about Justin.

“It’s like force fields, it burnt Emily’s hand. I don’t know how to make it stop, Ray,” I mumbled helplessly. I held my hands in front of me and stared at them, my hands representing myself, I looked on with disgust.

He stepped closer and I could only imagine the look of alarm that covered my expression as he did so, I opened my mouth to speak, but he beat me to it. “You won’t hurt me Nadia,” he smiled with finality as he took the final step so he stood directly in front of my crouched figure.

He too crouched down and sat with his legs stretched in front of him. “You’ll eventually learn to control them Nadia... you don’t need to worry so much,” a sense of calm overwhelmed me, I felt happy for a second, but sleepy and drowsy mixed in with the concoction. “go to sleep and everything will be good in the morning...” he mumbled as he placed his arm closest to me around his shoulder while his hand played with the long strands of my hair which sort of was pulling me into sleep even more.

“You know Ray; you’ve always been there when I needed you. I should really return the favour sometime...” I mumbled trying to suppress a yawn. My head fell onto his shoulder, surprised as to how quickly my mood had changed, there really wasn’t an explanation.

“You won’t have to do any of that for me, Nadia...” I closed my eyes and fell asleep instantly.


My bones felt stiff and useless, it felt like my joints had been super glued and were only just becoming useful again in a slow and painful way. I groaned without first telling myself to do so and wriggled around blindly. I opened my eyes, and saw myself to be in a different room as I was when I fell asleep. I looked around from where I lay and my assumption was confirmed as I took in the posters of the opposite side of the room. It was mine and Emily’s room.

“You’re awake,” sighed a welcoming voice. That’s when I noticed the slouched small form of my roommate on the other bed. Emily.

I sat upright suddenly. “Emily!” I shouted. I studied her carefully and as fast as I could. My eyes landed on her bandaged hand and I knew immediately it was because of me. “Your hand!” I screeched, attempting to get out of bed to get to her side.

She blinked once. Twice. “Stay still Nadia! Do you want to feel even worse? You fell asleep and you didn’t wake up for almost 24 hours! Everyone who’s supposed to leave is going today, so you better be ok for that!” she told me harshly but with caring tones. “I was scared you were going to be really hurt Nadia...” she mumbled.

“Emily... get off the topic of me for a second. God, I sound so conceited. How’s your hand?” I asked with a rough tint to my voice.

She lifted her wrapped hand and turned it in around a little to show me its white bandaged exterior. “Only a little burns, it couldn’t have been helped...” she sighed.

I closed my eyes. I felt controlled, I felt alone me suppose, but I knew I had all the people in the world to help me, Emily, Layton, and Ray and basically everyone else who was going through this as well. I keep thinking it’s only me going through this, but in reality, it isn’t me, and I’m not alone, and I’m being selfish and thinking it’s all about me, all about Nadia.

The silence pulled itself on, as I opened my eyes and looked at Emily as if to say ‘I’m so, so sorry’. She finally opened her mouth and spoke – “you better get ready. They are leaving in an hour or two,” she sighed as she stood from her bed carefully to not put any weight on her bandaged hands. “Just wear sweatpants and a t-shirt, we won’t be out for long,” she gave me a final smile as she opened the door and shut it delicately.

I wonder how she held it together, I found myself wondering. She was obviously a stronger person than me and I found myself thinking once again; how didn’t she get ultimatum?

I pulled on grey sweatpants, and my baggy black T-shirt, not that I ever cared much for perfection in my appearance, but even if I did, today wouldn’t be a day to care. A small mirror, Emily had placed there – taken from god knows where – on the wall near our door. I ran my fingers through my hair while blindly pushing my feet into my trainers that sat under the mirror, placed there from god knows when.

My arms ached, but not like they normally did after using my powers for a long period of time, because this time it was duller, and it was more spread out. I’d be sure to ask someone about it later, for now I had to say goodbye.

I opened the door and followed my way through to the main part of the dorm, where everything was pretty quiet except the hushed tone of the TV. Layton sat on a couch beside Blake, Justin was on one of the kitchen stools close to the kitchen door and Emily was on the other couch on her own, their eyes trained on the TV.

Blake was leaving. That’s all that registered in my brain as I walked forward – against my will – and sat on the arm of the couch closest to Blake. I turned to face him slowly; he already seemed to be looking at me. The corners of my lips tugged in a sort of ‘I’m sorry for you’ smile. He raised his arm and tucked it behind me pulling the side of him, flush into my side in a silent conversation.

After a good 30 minutes, Emily was the first to stand. She looked all of us and without much of a warning picked up the TV remote and shut it off. Shameful to say, I was actually enjoying it.

Still pushed up against Blake, he stood and I fell into the ‘indent’ in the couch with a faint laugh. It was just yesterday we all had it fine, we all hadn’t worried about being split and taken from each other, but now it had changed in the matter of days. I kept forgetting it was only yesterday we had watched the DVD. I still couldn’t believe I had been asleep for almost 24 hours.

“It's time to go,” she said simply, not meeting Blake’s eye I noticed. She was upset as well obviously. She led us out the door as I stood beside Blake and Layton, walking in a three, while I presumed Justin was behind us.

“Hey! Aren’t we supposed to take our bags?” asked Justin. Speak of the devil and he shall appear. I wanted to snap at him again, I wanted to tell him to die in a hole, but that wouldn’t be very funny considering he’d probably blast my head off. Literally, with that fire power and all.

Blake turned around, he didn’t seem as into it as he usually was, and I was even more surprised when he replied in a tone he’d talk to any of us in. “no man, you were to just pack them and leave them behind ready to be collected. I checked once I found out,” he told him as he played with his fingers, twisting a golden ring around on his middle finger, staring down at it.

I stared at it a little longer. Nothing was written, nor was there any design, just a golden band around the finger. “What’s it for?” I asked, trying to pass the time. If I was feeling anxious, I can only imagine what he must be feeling.

He stared down at it for a few seconds. “A girl back home... she has one and so do I,” he sighed as if imagining her face. Girlfriend? Best friend I couldn’t tell. “She was my girlfriend back home... when I got invited here we promised to come back for each other, and this was our last gifts to each other I suppose. I keep thinking I can go home now and see her. I miss her a lot,” he turned his face sideways as if to say ‘do you know what I mean?’

I did, and I felt even sorrier for him. He wanted to go home as much as the next person did, but somewhere deep down, something was telling me we weren’t getting out of this that easily. Why give us the powers, only to be kicked out and put everyone at risk? It wasn’t going to be like that, especially not that easy.

The corridors weren’t crowded but as we reached the bottom floor, more people were gathered in their small groups, some inside and just through the clear glass door was even more people outside, and instead of the cars we came here in was about 3 large coaches, I was guessing there were around 40 to 50 seats in each, I wasn’t totally sure.

“We better get some fresh air, let’s go stand outside,” Emily told us from the front, as she spotted everyone from our group hanging around the edges of a certain coach pulled up closest to the school. The UK group stood around there also.

Blake and Layton walked ahead, Emily ran, and Justin walked away all together. I slowly walked towards them, like a small step per second just to watch what everyone was doing and how they were coping.

Candy and Cindy seemed fine, Blake was talking to drew while Russell was hugging Emily talking to her softly, or so it looked from here anyway, and Jared – the other athletic, the one chosen to stay – wandered around as lonely as Justin looked, and Casey and Faye wandered the outlines going between groups and trying to talk lightly. The other Americans who I had still yet to learn their names wandered in between as well talking and some of them in their own groups.

They looked like any other kids on a normal day, but if I looked closer, especially to the people who I knew well enough to judge I could see they weren’t at their best. Emily shine to her eyes had dulled as she clung to Russell. I would have thought she was leaving and not him. Blake held it together but that frown on his pink lips said different, and Cindy and Candy deep down weren’t for once staring at their nails for most of the time. It was a miracle but a tragedy in itself.

“Depressing sight huh?” I jumped in shock, turning while I was at it. Ray.

I smiled briefly. “Thank god you’re staying,” I sighed as I let my breath go. He was one of my closest friends here; it was sort of like the ‘Emily and Russell situation’. If things went the way it was going for Emily and Russell like at the moment, I think I might just die. Looking at them again it’s as if they had given up trying to stay with each other and it was now more a fact of ‘let’s spend our remaining time together’.

“Don’t worry so much Nadia, be thankful you aren’t getting carted away and live as it’s given, don’t plan ahead and don’t think about it,” Ray tried to give some advice, but he probably needed it just as much

My eyes watered but I held strong, crying wasn’t something I wanted to be doing anytime now. People began piling from the glass doors like a city running from a typhoon, all gathering around the busses. There was no typhoon; only Mr. Davidson

“Quiet down!” he shouted over the noise, as he made his way through the crowd, one man against many as he fought for control. “I said quiet!” he shouted, and quiet is what he got.

“We all here at T.P.P thank you all for attending, those who leave today, your bags will be brought later, now can you please make your way into the busses, anyone you like. Say your goodbyes, make them quick,” he demanded harshly, as emotionless as a plank of wood. A stone would give more emotion than this fool!

I sighed. “I’m going to go say goodbye to some of the guys,” Ray told me as he began to walk away, twisted around to see me.

I wasn’t going to say goodbye. They already knew I didn’t want them to go, and that I’d miss them. “I’m good, make sure to say goodbye from me too...” I told him while in my own small world inside my head thinking the world over- something I found myself doing a lot.

He smiled a little and with a nod was away and running towards his friends. I spotted Emily; she was crying into Russell’s shirt as he rubbed her back a little, and everyone else was in the midst of a goodbye hug as well I suppose. I couldn’t stand it...

“Hurry up! We don’t have all day!” bellowed the unwelcomed voice.

I turned, and I left, like the coward I am.


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