The Gate

Camilla thought everything was normal, nothing more than a struggling writer who had long since given up her career as a detective. Then her brother is brutally murdered and suddenly 30 year old Camilla is pulled back into a world she thought she had escaped two years ago. Little does she know that HE wants her and that HE will do nothing to get his prize.


1. Prolouge



 I watched as the news caster smiled, her fake blonde hair and straight teeth boreing into my head. She wanted me to hear the horrible words that leaked out of her plastic surgery covered skull, she was such a horrible mess. Maybe she would be my next victim. The next person I saught to destroy.

Suddenly the most beautiful creature I had ever seen flashed on to the screen. Her skin was pale and white, unimaginably smooth with a light dusting of freckles underneath her bright green eyes. Soft wavy red hair framed her youthful smiling face. She was holding up a book in the picture and I guessed she was a writer, probably romance or mystery or what not. Girl authors never seemed to write anything interesting. Yet beaneath her slightly crooked smile there was something deeper, as if she had a deep longing pain that she tried to hide. Something she was ashamed of,. Maybe a lost love? or a secret addiction? I smiled as ideas began to form in my mind. She was to be my prize, my crown jewel. she was to be my next victim. I stood up to turn the TV off when I caught her name, the blonde news reporter sneered as she spoke the beautiful womans name. "Miss Camilla Jones". I smiled, already beginning imagine her on my table. Her soft skin illuminated by the flouresent light. oh yes, she was to be mine. 


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