The Gifted

Kassy is nothing special. She has no talent of any kind. She can't do anything. That's what she thinks until she accidently kills her mum's boy friend. She runs away and meets a boy called Jemie. Jemie tells her she's one of the gifted. A small group of children with incredible powers. Not long after they meet they are kidnaped by a gang who dedicate themselves to kidnaping The Gifted children and using them. Kassy has a plan to escape but will it work?


3. Imprisoned

It was a long drive and I couldn’t see anything from inside the van.  I sat next to Jemie with two of the men either side of us and a third in front. All three carried guns. At first it was very bumpy then eventually it smoothed out.  After a while the three men guarding us got bored. “Eh you boy.” The guard next to Jemie whispered.  “Read ‘is mind.” He nodded towards the guard opposite us.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Go on it’ll be fun.” Jemie sighed. “Fine give me a minute.” The two guards and I watched as he stared at the third guard. “What cha looking at?!” he snapped.  “Nothing.” Jemie muttered. “So what did you find?” The guard next to me asked. “He sucks his thumb.” The two guards sniggered. “And he steals from your biscuit tin.” He glanced over to the guard beside him. “Why the little…” all of a sudden the guard reached out a punched the 3rd guard.  “What was that for.” The third guard yelled. Suddenly there was a bang from the front.  “I don’t know what’s going on back there but you two better cut it out!” the leader yelled. Eventually we came to a stop. The doors opened and we were dragged out. It appeared we were in a large warehouse. By this time I’d come up with nicknames for the 5 of them. The leader was Snake Bite, because of his piercing. The guard who had sat next to Jemie I called Hammer, because of the punch he gave the 3rd guard. I called the 3rd guard Cookie simply because Biscuit sounded weird. I called the guard next to me Vert because of his very green eyes.  The 5th guy seemed very quiet so I called him Shadow. “You take these two and put them with the rest.” Snake Bite ordered Hammer. He nodded before shoving a gun in my back. “Move you two or I’ll blast the girl.” The lead us through the ware house maze to another room. It was bare except for a chair and what looked like a jail cell. Inside which were five kids. Three boys and two girls. Sat on the chair was a very fat guy I decided to call Pig. “Got two more for you.” Hammer announced. “Careful of this one she’s got hot hands.” Pig grinned.  “She looks like she’s hot all over.” Hammer was too busy shoving us in the cell to notice but Jemie gave him the most evil glare. When Hammer had left Pig just sat back in his chair and started snoring. “Jemie, you got caught?” a blonde boy with hair down to his shoulders asked. “Yep. Hey Kassy how’s that plan of yours coming along?”

“Shut up! How near do they have to be before you can read their minds?”

“I have to be looking at them.” I nodded. “Well I guess you’d better start with Pig over there. Find out what you can?” I turned to the kids. I need names and your powers. “I’m Birdie.” Announced the blonde boy. “And I’m kinda magnetic.”

“Name’s Ramón and I can mentally control computers.”  Announced a very lanky boy. “I’m Riley and I can put people to sleep by kissing them.” Announced a curly red headed girl. “Vince and I can change the material my hands are made of.” Said a younger black boy. “I’m Peri. And I can step outside my body.  And that’s Leroy. He can create illusions.” A girl with short pink hair announced as she pointed at a boy with thick rimmed glasses. “Well I’m Kassy. And I can. Well I melt things. Am I right in assuming you all know about Jemie.” They all nodded. “Ok we’ll have to wait a little longer. But once Jemie finds out everything he can we can go on to stage 2.”

“What’s stage 2?” asked Ramón. “I don’t know. It’s not like I could plan ahead.” They all exchanged worried glances.

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