The Gifted

Kassy is nothing special. She has no talent of any kind. She can't do anything. That's what she thinks until she accidently kills her mum's boy friend. She runs away and meets a boy called Jemie. Jemie tells her she's one of the gifted. A small group of children with incredible powers. Not long after they meet they are kidnaped by a gang who dedicate themselves to kidnaping The Gifted children and using them. Kassy has a plan to escape but will it work?


4. Escape

After a week of reading Pig’s mind we were finally able to come up with step two of the plan. “Well first thing’s first we need to knock Pig out. That’ll be your job Riley.” Riley grimaced then nodded. “Ok I’ll do it.” The other’s all looked grim and who could blame them. All except Jemie. He was staring vacantly at the wall. “Uh earth to Jemie.” Birdie called. “You in there buddy.”

“Quite.” Jemie suddenly said his voice strange and distant. Like it was coming from the other end of a tunnel. “Um is he ok?” Vince asked uncertainly. “I. I think I can see the main control room. I was trying to reach Snake Bite. I think I’m seeing it through his eyes. I can hear things as well when it’s really quiet.” We all stood in silence watching him. Eventually his eyes seemed to come into focus. “He’s off to some deal now with Hammer and Shadow.” I nodded. That leaves us with Pig, Cookie, Vert and The Geek. Pig won’t be a problem once he’s down. Never seen The Geek but if your descriptions anything to go by he shouldn’t be a problem.” I turned to Riley. “You ready?”

“No.” but then she smiled at me.  We all stood around watching as she approached the bars. “Excuse me!” she called over. “I really need the bathroom.”

“Go in the corner.” Pig snapped. “Well thing is it’s for. Laddies issues.” Pig stood up and came over, he put his face in hers. Before he knew what was happening she locked lips with him. He collapsed in a snoring heap on the floor. “Yuck.” Riley cried whipping her mouth. “Ok next we get out I suppose.”

“Great idea but…”

“There are no keys.” Peri finished. I laughed. “Who needs keys when you’ve got these.” I waved my hands in their faces. Still grinning I placed my hands on the bars. They all watched as they sizzled and burned until I’d made a hole big enough for all of us. One by one we stepped through into the room.  “Ok next?” Birdie asked. “Next we take out their contacts. Leroy I need you to hide us. Can you do that?” he nodded. We snuck into the warehouse and along the maze of shelves. Eventually we came to a door through which we knew was their meeting and communications room. The door was a made of thick steel.  “Ok Birdie, Ramon, Vince, Peri I’m going to need all of you. Birdie I need you to break the door down. Just rip it out.”

“Wouldn’t it be better if you melted it like before?”

“To slow this will be quicker.  Now once we’re in you two will have to help me fight whoever’s in there.” I gestured towards Vince and Peri.  “What about me?” piped up Ramon. “You will simply shut down the computers.” They all nodded. “Ok Birdie on the count of three. One two three.” Birdie clenched his fists and pulled his arms back. The door came flying towards us making everyone duck. “Sorry.” He called but only Jemie and Leroy heard him.  Peri had stepped outside her body and Riley had to catch it as it fell. The black mass that was Riley rushed towards The Geek. He was a small ratty like person with thick rimmed glasses. “Argh geroff me!” he yelped. Peri just hung around him like a swarm of bees.  But evidently that was enough. Vert and Vince had got into a kerfuffle, (Vince’s hands looked like the same material as the door). I noticed Cookie making his way towards Ramon. I grabbed hold of him and put my hands on his throat. “Move and I’ll melt your throat of.” There were three computers all lit up. Their glow made Ramon’s face look an eerie bluish green colour. “I’ve given them a virus. They won’t be able to send any emails any time soon. “Good.” Vince replied. He’d knocked Vert clean out and was holding a smashed phone in his hand. “Here Vince knock this one out eh.” I held Cookie out to him. Vince nodded and swung a punch so hard one of Cookie’s teeth went flying out. We all turned to face The Geek. Peri had returned to her body and was recovering. “P-please don’t hurt me.” he whimpered. “Why shouldn’t we?” asked Ramon harshly. “Because he’s a little un worth runt. Riley you take him out.” Riley stepped forward. “Pucker up this is gunna be the only kiss you ever get. So shut up and enjoy.” She locked lips and in the seconds he was out for the count. “Now what?” Birdie asked. “I saw a car big enough to squeeze us all in in the garage.” We raced to the garage. Where sure enough a sleek black six seater was parked.  Jemie climbed into the driver’s seat (he’d nicked the keys from Vert’s pocket). Birdie climbed next to him. I climbed in next to Birdie. Riley and Peri got in the back with Vince between them and Leroy on Peri’s lap. Jemie turned the key and put his foot on the peddle and drove out the garage door out the gates (which Birdie opened) and onto the long empty stretch of road. “We’re free we’re finally free!” Riley yelled. She rolled down the window and leaned out. “Freeedoooom!” she yelled to the empty wilderness. “We may be free but they’ll be after us again.” Ramon pointed out. “Yes.” Jemie agreed. “That’s why we all stick together.”

“Together.” piped up Leroy. We all laughed and Peri hugged him tight. We all knew he was just parroting Jemie (he’d done that once or twice before) but he was right. Jemie was right. We have to stick together. A family of freaks. We are The Gifted. And we stick together.     

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