Rhythm Of Love

My life has always been complicated and it got even more complicated when I found out who my real father is. His name is Des Styles. Yes. Harry Styles dad as well. My twin brother who is famous. Yeah. What a great surprise. This is my story of the summer I spent with my brother and his band. Oh the rhythm of love...


1. The Meet

Ever's P.O.V.


The awkwardness seemed to seep in while we sat in a huge living room of the Styles house. I knew I was a Styles too now, well I have always been one without knowing it thanks to my mom. She sat on the right of me. Her deep blue eyes that I wished I had stared at Harry. He didn't look back at her though. He stared at the floor. I gave him a look.


We looked nothing alike and yet we were twins. He had the dark curls girls seemed to scream over while I had shoulder length straight blonde hair with choppy bangs. His eyes were the color of my moms which made me slightly jealous. I had grey eyes. They were a stormy color that never stood out while they both had the bright incredible blue color. He looked up at me and gave me a smile. We both had dimples. That was the only thing that we both shared. Other than that, he looked more like his dad and I looked more like my mom. Our mom. Our dad. Wow. That would take sometime to get use to.  


"It's Everly, right?" Harry asked me.


I nodded, "Yeah. Like Beverly without the B. Everyone called me Ever."


"That's a pretty name. Wonder how I got stuck with Harry." He laughed showing the dimples off.


"Well. You did get the British accent so I think we are even." I laughed with him.


Our parents stiffened. I looked at mom. Her normal soft look was masked my angry or maybe even hurt. It wasn't her idea to get us, Harry and I, together. It wasn't our dads either.


Harry found out that his mom wasn't his real mom. That's when he started to do some digging and found us. We were living in California when I got a call from the British popstar. That's when all the lies came out. It was my idea to come here for the summer. I was pissed at my mom for lying to me. Now I have one summer to catch up with my 17 year old twin brother. How can we make up 17 years?


"Ever, honey, how about Harry takes you around London while your father and I discuss a few things." She looked at my dad then at Harry.


"Sounds like a good idea to me." He said.


Harry and I got up. We walked out of the amazing apartment he lived in. I turned and looked at it. I couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to live in this place, not the apartment itself but London. I always wanted a family.


"Ever?" I heard Harry behind me.


"Yeah?" I said turning around. I smile at him and he did it back.


He sighed, "I got a text from the guys and we have to do some recording, do you mined sitting in the studio with us for a bit? Then we can all show you around if you want."


I nodded. I didn't mind hanging out with his friends as long as I could be with Harry. I couldn't explain how I felt. My whole life I had this feeling that I was missing something or someone and now here he is. My brother. My twin brother.


We got into a car then went to the studio. We walked in as the rain started to fall. Once inside, I shook my hair then roughly pulled my thick mop of hair into a bun on the top of my head. I brushed out my bangs then followed Harry to the far end of the studio. The guys, the rest of One Direction, stood in the room laughing.


"Well. If it isn't our mate!" A blonde haired guy, Niall I think, said.


Harry laughed and hugged him. When Niall saw me, his eyes seemed to brighten. You know. The pretty blue ones that I wish I could have. Yeah. I hate it when people have them cause I don't.


"Who is this?" Niall asked.


"Oh. Guys. This is my twin sister, Everly or Ever. Whatever works for you." Harry smiled.


He grabbed my hand and dragged me deeper into the room. The guys looked at me then at him.


"You guys don't look alike." Louis said after a couple of awkward minutes of silence.


"Not all twins look alike stupid." Niall said. He held out his hand, "Hi! I'm Niall."


I took his hand and smiled, "Everly but please, call me Ever."


Niall and Louis started asking a million questions while Zayn and Liam kept to themselves. I couldn't help but look at the both of them. Zayn had these pretty brown eyes. I was a sucker for guys with browns eyes. Then there was Liam with his extremely beautiful eyes. It was like he could see right through me.


A guy walked in, "Guys. It's time."


"Okay. Thanks Paul." Harry said then he looked at me, "Okay, we are going to go do our thing. You can see us and hear us through this mirror thing. See ya in a bit twin."


The guys pilled into the booth. They started to sing and I could just feel the smile come onto my lips. My twin brother was famous and amazing. I couldn't believe this was how my summer was going to be. I let out a giggle when Harry and Niall started dancing in the booth. Maybe this summer wouldn't be so bad... 

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