Rhythm Of Love

My life has always been complicated and it got even more complicated when I found out who my real father is. His name is Des Styles. Yes. Harry Styles dad as well. My twin brother who is famous. Yeah. What a great surprise. This is my story of the summer I spent with my brother and his band. Oh the rhythm of love...


2. Dress up

Ever's P.O.V.


"So you're leaving?" I asked my mom.


Harry finished at the recording studio and I decided to come back to his apartment to see my mom. When I walked in the room Harry told me I was staying in, I found my mom packing her things. I curled up on the bed and watched her. Her long blonde hair dangled from her shoulders. She stopped and looked at me.


"Honey, I don't belong here like you do. You need to get to know your dad and brother. As much as I want to be here, your dad and I cant stand to be in the same room. That's why we spilt. That's why I got you and he got Harry so this wouldn't happen but it was bound to happen someday. I just need to go. We talked it over. You will stay for the summer then next summer, Harry is going to take a break and spend the summer with us." She said calmly. She started packing again.


"But mom. Harry needs you just as much as I need Des."


She stopped packing again. She ran her fingers through her hair. She dropped her stuff on the floor then got onto the bed with me. We laid on the bed together like we did back home. My relationship with my mom was more like a friendship. People use to think that we were sisters, no joke. I remember when she came to a teacher conference and Mr. Boman flirted with her. It was disturbing.


"I will be back a week before the summer ends. I'm sorry Everly but this is how its going to be." She whispered as she combed her fingers through my hair. I didn't say anything else to her. My eyes began to grow heavy and I felt myself falling asleep...


     ****Hours Later****


When I woke up, my mom was long gone. I didn't know what I was suppose to do. I was like a stranger in this place without my mom. I sat up in the bed and rubbed my eyes not caring about my makeup. I decided to go find Harry.


I walked down the hall to his room. I knocked on the door a couple times and waited for an answer. The door opened with Harry's big smile. "Hey twin!" He said.


I laughed and pushed myself through the door. I jumped onto his king size bed and made myself comfortable. "Hey Harry. I just kinda got bored. What are you up to?"


Harry had changed his clothes from earlier. He looked at lot nicer. His hair looked like he had ran a comb in it instead of wild and crazy. He wore a button up shirt with a pair of jeans and suspenders.


"I'm going to a club with the guys. You wanna go?" He asked.


I looked at him, "Umm sure, if you want me to."


He smiled, "Of course I want you to. I want sometime with my sister but you need to promise me something."


"And what is that?" I asked.


His face went from silly and smiley to serious, "Stay away from Zayn and Liam. They are my mates, they are like my brothers, but I don't want you near them. They are bad news to girls like you."


"Girls like me?" I questioned.


He sighed, "Yeah, pretty girls like you who happen to be related to me. Just trust me, Ever, please? stay away from them."


I nodded agreeing, "Whatever you ask."


I got up from the bed and went to the door, "Wait. Harry? What am I suppose to wear?"


Harry rolled his eyes, "I'll get you an outfit."


I looked at him then went to my room. I decided to curl my blonde hair and then I applied makeup. I made it a tad darker than I normally did and left my lips unglossed. I wouldn't put anything on them until I knew what I was wearing for sure to make it match.


"Knock knock!" A girl with long red hair said. She walked in with bags and looked at me. She smiled at me, "Ever? Hi! I'm Clary! I'm a friend of your twin brother. I am here to dress you!"


She started pulling outfits out of the bag. We tried on many things but I settled on wearing a pair of short shorts that my mom would have a heart attack if she saw me in them along with a strapless black shirt that fit my body perfectly. My small boobs looked huge in it. I put on a pair of hooker hills then applied red lipstick.


"Va va vummm!" Clary screamed.


Clary let me touch up her hair and make up. We both decided that she should wear leather pants that looked amazing on her legs with a bright blue sparkly shirt that was cut in half to show off her belly button piercing. She slid on taller hills then the ones I was wearing then gave herself a look.


"I look hot. So do you! From the picture I saw of you, I thought it was going to be harder to get you in something like that but it was easy!" She hugged me then whispered, "We are going to be best friends."


I felt a smile cross my lips. My first friend in London. This summer might be better than I thought it would be.


"Oooh! we better go before the boys wonder where we went off to!" We grabbed our purses then we took off. Club time!

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