My reality

Warning- depressing. This is how I sort of see the world, except I'm not going to die yet and I'm not on pills. Just saying, you were warned.
Alternative title - it's too late.


1. It's too late

There's always a dark side. Nothing that's real has a happy end. That's the reason for suicides. They see the truth. It's the reason for depression. It makes you see that, no matter what, it ends in death. If all life involves suffering, then what's the point in living? Eventually the human race will die out, then what? Thing is, when I told people this, they ran. They diagnosed depression as a disorder. They alianized me. They didn't realise they were making it worse. Telling me the pills would help. But it's OK. It will be over soon. I watch the clock tick.

They wanted to know what they could do to 'help'. They didn't consider that maybe they were the ones with the disorder.

You don't see the darkness closing in. The cloudy haze that blocked my vision got thinner, until I could see the suffocating mist that is the future. You don't see the haven that naivety is. A haven that is crumbling. But you won't wake up until it's too late.

It's almost time now. Death is coming for me, and I'll go gladly, just one message. Wake up from your coma, and look at the dark abuse that is life. And then realise, it's too late.

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