Was it real or was it all in my head?

You have found the dream boy of your life and he is the reason of your smile on your face. You have such a good time together, you can't imagine your life without him. But one day he does very strange, he doesn't want to do fun things with you and also you can not look on his mobile anymore? What is going on here .. and was it real or.. was it al in my head?


3. It feels like a Disney movie.

- Jill


The movie was done, it was very romantic. Even if you looked more at Justin than to the movie. ''So.. What are we gonna do now princess?'' Justin asked. ''Ehm, I don't know.. I'm gonna take a shower I think, you can wait here babe!'' You said. ''Ofcourse I'll wait'' He answered. You smiled at him, gives him a kiss and walked to the bathroom. You're gonna undress yourself and hit the shower. You're starting to  sing, because you always do that in the shower, it's a habit. ''Across the ocean, across the sea, starting to forget the way you looked at me now....'' Suddenly you hear Justin, and he was making the sentence done and start singing. He was finished but then you realise you were naked! ''Justin!!! Uhm, I'm naked! Can you please go! Haha..'' You screamed. ''Oh.. Well, I am sorry, of course baby... You uh, have a beautiful body by the way'' and he winks. Crazy kid..


You're done with taking a shower and you're gonna dress yourself, even if it was your birthday you're not gonna put a beautiful dress on or something, so you grabbed a baby blue t-shirt with a jeans and put your new nike's on. You're not going anywhere so, whatever. You walked down the stairs when you suddenly hear music.

''They say that hate is been sent, so let lose the talk of love..'' Of course, Never let you go. It was your favorite song by Justin. You walked to the livingroom and you saw Justin in a suit. With a tie. Wow, he looked so beautiful. 

You're feeling a little bit awkward because you don't have a dress on.. You started to talk slowly. ''Yeah.. And what is this Justin?'' He gaves you a kiss and a rose. ''Oh, nothing special, just because it's your birthday'' Another song was playing and Justin hugged you from behin. ''I love you so much..'' and he kisses you in your neck. This time it was a little longer and he starts to licking it a little bit. ''Justin.. I... I..'' You can't finished your sentence when Justin turn you around and grabbed you by your waist. You put your hands around his neck and you two start to dance.


It feels like a Disney movie, everything was so perfect. The music, the flowers, the candles, but most important, my boyfriend. Justin.


''Baby you are the best'' and you gives him a kiss on his beautiful, soft lips. ''No.. You are the best'' he said and gives you a kiss too. He grabs you up, and lays you down on the sofa. You're gonna sit on his lap and starting to kiss him. With one hand in his hair, and one hand on his leg. Justins hands were around your waist and suddenly one hand was going under your shirt. It was a little bit cold but then it feels good. He was trying to unzip your bra, but you don't want that. ''Justin, no..'' and he was accept that. ''I'm sorry babe'' he said. You went for a while and you fell asleep in his arms.

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