Living For Now

Bailey's dad is getting married to Jay Tomlinson, you guessed it, Louis Tomlinson's mom. It's a week before the wedding and Bailey has yet to meet the Tomlinson's. she's so frustrated with her dad. Then, days before the wedding, she gets kidnapped, but by who? Her step brother. She meets the guys, will she love? Will she cause a fight between the best of mates?


1. Getting Kidnapped?!

Bailey's POV

Ugh! I'm so mad at my dad! He's getting married to this woman I've never even met! She has four girls and a boy. One of the girls is my age, fifteen, the other girls are younger, and the boy is twenty one. Ugh, just another boy to tell me what to do. 

"Dad!" I complain, "I've never even met this woman! Or her kids!"

He sighs, "Bailey! Calm down, Jay is a very sweet woman with amazing kids, and your meeting them tomorrow," he says. I grunt and go up to my room. Why haven't I met my dad fiancé and her kids yet?! This is ridiculous!!! I sigh as I strip into my underwear and crawl into bed. I grab my stuffed pig that I named Simon that my best friend Rachel got me and bury myself into my bed. 

"Shh, guys be quiet," I hear. That's when somebody blindfolds me. What the fuck?! Somebody tapes my mouth shut and ties my hands and feet together. I try kicking and punching. I hear a groan so I must've hit somebody. I smirk through the tape as I'm thrown over somebody's shoulder. Then somebody slaps my ass, so I kick behind me and make contact, I think with somebody's face. 

"Fuck, dude she just made my nose bleed," I hear a guy say, I think he's Irish. I then hear the guys carrying me laugh. They walk down the stairs and out the house very quietly. Then I hear a door slide open and I think it's a van that they toss me into. I hit my head on a wall and moan. 

I hear a girl say, "dude, be more careful!" That's when I black out. 

I wake up in a bed. I look around and have no idea where I am. I grab a baseball bat and slowly get out of the bed. I tip toe to the door and look around the corner. All clear. I tip toe out into the hall just to see a girl come out of a room. Dammit. 

"Who are you and where am I?" I ask pointing the bat at her. 

"I'm Eleanor Calder, Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend, and your at my house right now," she says. 

"Who kidnapped me last night?"

"Me and the guys," she says. I nod an then I realise I'm still in my underwear. 

"Um, can I have some clothes?" I ask, laughing nervously. She nods, grabs my wrist, and pulls me into what I believe is her room. She hands me a Linkin Park concert shirt, skinny jeans, and a  purple Jack Wills hoodie. 

As I'm putting the clothes on I ask, "so why did y'all kidnap me? Did y'all feel the sudden urge to kidnap a random directioner and make all of her dreams come true?" She laughs at that last part. 

"Louis is your stepbrother," she says. 

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