No Ordinary Life



2. Chapter 2

"We should be there in about 45 minutes," my mom said. My mom is so excited about this year. It is my last year of high school. I didn't go to prom last year because I thought it was stupid. This year was different. I became more popular. My boyfriend Jacob and I were nominated to be prom king and queen. My mom wanted to go all out. She made reservations for the best dress store in the state of Florida. She told me I didn't have a price limit either.

About twenty minutes into our trip one of our front tires went flat. It took about ten minutes to get the tire changed. Lucky for us a man on the interstate pulled over and helped my mom.

Once we were back on the road my little sister kept asking, "are we there yet?" Finally, fifteen minutes later we arrived at the beautiful dress shop. Both my mom and I were super excited.

We hurried out of the car and practically ran inside. We were a little late because of the tire incident but they didn't seem to mind. All of the dresses were on the second floor. We climbed two sets of stairs before entering the room filled with dresses.

The room was huge! The dresses were sorted by size and color. I was in awe. Then a couple of ladies came over to me and started measuring me. They pushed me in a dressing room and gave me a robe to wrap around myself while I look trough the dresses.

They said I was a size 3. I was sorta surprised. "What type of dress are we looking for today?" one of the workers said.

"I am hoping for a long, sparkly, strapless prom dress," I said.

"Any specific color?"

"Not really."

As a look through I pulled out a pink dress. It had sparkles along the top. It was tight fitting until my waist where it poofed out. On the side a pink flower. The back had a corset design. I put the dress on my dressing room door and continued looking.

The next dress I came upon was gorgeous. It was a strapless dark gray dress. The front was sparkly. When it got to my waist it came out. The material was layered over each other. I was in love with this dress. I hung it up on my door and kept looking.

I shuffled through many dresses. I hadn't yet found the dress. My mom said I would know when I had found it. I was about to give up and just get the gray dress when I saw a dress stuck behind the rack. I pulled it out and it took my breath away. I was sure that this was the dress I was going to buy.

I showed my mom and she gasped and told me to try it on. When I came out everybody gasped and my mom started crying.

I went over to the mirrors. I was in shock.  The dress had a strapless and sweetheart neckline. The corset top half had jewels running down the front. The jewels went from silver to dark purple. The champagne and purple ombre ruffled skirt cascaded from my waist down the floor with elegant tulle. The back was in corset form. The dress was breathtaking.

My mom looked at the price. "$630.00... Do you really want this? Are you sure it is the one?," my mom said.

"Yes mom I am positive!"

"Okay, we will take it," my mom said to the sales lady.

I ran over to my mom and gave her a big hug and said thank you a million times. I was so excited and I couldn't wait to show my best friends.

The car ride home seemed to take forever. We finally made it to our house at one in the afternoon. I grabbed my dress and ran upstairs to my room. My house is pretty big. We moved after my dad got a new job. He became a dentist. My house has four floors. My room is on the third. I have my own bathroom and my own study room.

I texted my best friends when I went in my room.

Me: OMG I just got my prom dress!!!! It is gorgeous!

Jewel: Send a picture!!

Vanessa: What color??

Sophie: How much did it cost?

Me: Okay guys slow down with the  questions. How about you all come over tomorrow and spend the night and I can answer all of your questions and you can see it in person.

Jewel, Vanessa, and Sophie: K... Let me ask.

Vanessa: My mom said yes. What time?

Me: My mom said anytime tomorrow.

Sophie:I have volleyball until 2 tomorrow. Can I come after?

Me: How about everybody come at 3?

Vanessa: Yeah I will see you then. L8er chica xoxo

Jewel: My mom said yes. See you then.

Sophie: See you then. Chow :)

After all that I had to get ready for dinner with my dad. I called in a reservation at Blue Heaven. Then I ran downstairs to eat lunch. I fixed myself a fruit salad. I ate slowly then went back up to my room to get ready.

I took another shower. This time I stayed in for half an hour. I got out and went into my room. I went to my closet and looked through my dresses. I chose a coral colored dress that went down to my knees and was very tight fitting. The dress had tank top sleeves and a V-neck.

I went into my bathroom again. I brushed through my wet, tangled hair and began to blow dry it. Once it was fully dry I decided to curl it in tight curls. I pinned back a few strands that were in my face and put in a silver barrette. I then put on foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and blush.

I walked out of my bathroom and put on my heals that matched my dress. Then I went over to my vanity and pulled out the diamond heart necklace my dad bought me for my sixteenth birthday. Then I put on my diamond bracelet my mom bought me for my seventeenth birthday. After that I put on my diamond earrings Jacob bought me for our two year anniversary.

As I walked downstairs my dad called me and told me to come outside. I walked outside and a limo pulled up. The driver opened my door and I got inside.

"Do you  like it?'' my dad asked.

''I love it. Why though?" I said while buckling up.

"Well this is our first daddy daughter day since you were five so I decided to make this one special."

"Thank you daddy! I love you."

As we pulled up to the restaurant an employee opened the door and my dad and I stepped out. I was glad that I had already made reservations ahead of time because the line was long. We got seated in about 10 minutes.

"Order whatever you like. Tonight is your night," my dad said.

"What may I get you two to drink?" the waitress asked.

"I will have wine please," my dad said.

"I will have a lemonade," I said.

"I will have those out to you as soon as possible," the waitress said.

"Thank you," my dad and I said together.

"How was dress shopping today? I hope you didn't break the bank," my dad said teasingly.

"It was amazing! I found the worlds prettiest dress. It was $630.00. You can see it when we get home," I said excitingly.

The waitress came back out with our drinks and set them on the table. "Have you decided what you are going to eat?" she asked.

"We will start out with the Maine Lobster Bisque soup. Then for my entrée I will have the Porterhouse steak 25 oz cooked medium well," my dad said.

"I will have the Filet Mignon 8 oz cooked medium well please," I said.

"I will have the right out for you. Is there anything else I can help you with?" the waitress asked.

"I think we are good for now," my dad said.

For the next few minutes my dad and I talked about random things. Then we got our soup. It was amazing. I kept wondering why my dad was doing all this for me. I didn't really care though. It was fun. When the waitress brought out our entrées I was really surprised. It look so expensive and tasty. My dad didn't let me see the prices.

When we had finished my dad paid the bill and I went to the restroom. It was so fancy. The sinks had rocks in them. The restroom even had a couch! When I had finished my dad and I went back out to the limo and drove home.

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