Sarah is living a horrible life with her constantly drunk and abusive dad, one day she gets fed up and runs away. when she runs in to what looks like an angel, will things change for her or will her past haunt her?


3. new friends!

Sarah's POV

It felt so strange being carried by a blonde hottie to his house (not mentioning I didn't know him) and I don't know why I trusted him, I have only knew him for half an hour and here I am getting carried to his house!

"whats you're name?" he said, making me jump and nearly fall out of his arms, "Sarah, what's your's?" I said, feeling better as his voice melted my heart and stopped me from breathing, "well, my name is niall horan, pleasure to meat you" he said in a mock tone, "where are we going?" I muttered wondering how long we had been walking (well, he had been walking). "my place, you look tired and umm.. are you okay? you have been bleeding non-stop now!" he asked a tone of concern in his voice. "ohmygosh! you're jacket! I have ruined it! I will buy you a new one, I swear" I nearly shouted at him, he looked like he was about to laugh his head off but he got distracted by a bus. I looked at what he was looking at and there was a band (I think) of 5 boys, one tall and muscular with a head of cute curly hair, another with brown hair and brown eyes that would make any girl die. another had blacky-brown hair and brown eyes, he looked like a bad boy! there whare two left, one was a good looking boy with (again) brown hair and gawjous eyes however the last one was amazing with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes....

Niall's POV

"that's you!" she whispered, almost too tired to speak, "yeah, that's me." I simply said and the look of amazement in her eyes made my day. "well were hear" I said, she looked round at my big house and gasped "its massive, like seven times as big as my house, I bet the beds are comfy hear" she whispered in my ear, her sweet breath tickling my neck and my face, damn se was so sexy, I could feel the bulge in my pants growing larger and  she laughed "easy tiger"..

Sarah's POV

we walked into the front door and niall put me down, he opened a gigantic glass door into a large living-room and in there where four boys and a man, those four boys looked familiar... OHH. they where the boys of the poster!

"well everyone this is Sarah, sarah this is liam, Louis, zayn and harry... oh and paul!" said niall loudly, no-one answered, I looked at them and all of them where staring at my cuts and nialls jacket, I don't blame them I must look a state, mud on my shorts, blood EVERYWHERE and my hair in knots and tangles. "are you okay" said Louis, I could tell he was concerned but I looked at niall and he immediately answered for me "sarah is staying with us now because of... umm something, and she had a bit of trouble and you see... okay nevermind guys" he turned to me and said "come on I will show you to our room". "our" was all I said and his reply was "yes o-u-r room, you okay with that (*wink)" I knew he was saying something so I nodded "hell yeah" was all I could manage as we walked up the many stairs, we came to a door and he opened it, "this is our room...."

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