Sarah is living a horrible life with her constantly drunk and abusive dad, one day she gets fed up and runs away. when she runs in to what looks like an angel, will things change for her or will her past haunt her?


2. destiny

Niall's POV

I just walked, on and on... I was sick of the boys arguing and not letting me have a say in things. sometimes its okay but this time they crossed over the line, harry just broke up with taylor and he is in a pretty low mood, instead of comforting him they (liam, zayn and Louis) go on and on about if she was a slut or not!

It was raining now but I don't really give a shit anymore, I turned a sharp corner and someone crashed into me, knocking themselves onto the floor, blood on my shirt I looked down to see a beautiful girl crying and bleeding...

Sarah's POV

That was it, no going back now. I was outside my neighbours garden and I could hear ben shouting, " I will find you, and when I do your dead!"  I heard the front door so I ran and ran, mt leg hurt but this is to important I could hear footstep behind me so I kept on going. I got to the old lady's garden and hid behind the bush (like planned) and I waited for ben to run past and legged it the other way, however as I turned around the wall I bumped into someone and went flying, I fell to the ground and the world turned balck...

Niall's POV

She lay there, motionless, knocked out, her long brown hair covering her face. I just watched her until she woke up and when she did she burst out crying, not asking what was wrong I leaded her into the bus shelter and put my coat on her, she was freezing but very tanned, I brushed her beautiful hair out her eyes however as I did I saw scars and bruises, all the way down her body. at about the top of her hip there was a massive cut down her slim body and onto her thigh. she looked at me, her brown eyes melting me inside however past all the brown and beautifulness was dought and worry.

Sarahs POV

He looked at my scars, I thought he was going to laugh or ask questions but he didn't, he stroked my hair and gave me his jacket, after about two minutes I looked at the figure, he was tall and muscular with beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, he stared into my eyes for a moment and then he asked, his voice soft and gentle "are you okay?|", I didn't know what to say, "yes" was all that came out. "should I ring you're parents? he asked, I know he was trying to help but I suddenly burst out crying "n-n-noo! please d-don't!" I muttered and hid my face in his jacket, " okay no problem, but please tell me what happened" he asked, I don't know why but I trusted him, I told him about my mum and my real dad, about Ben and how he killed them. when I had fineshed telling him about running away he simply said " your coming with me then", "w-w-what r-really?" I asked and he nodded, all of a sudden I felt strong arms around my body and I was off the ground, I looked at the boy who looked like an angel and he said "lets go to mine then"...

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