I am

A poem for those who are there, but ignored

1. I am

I am the voice that doesn't get heard,

I am the silhouette that is never seen,

I am the touch that is never felt,

I am the presence that is never known.


I am the niggling in your mind,

I am on the tip of your tongue,

I am the one that's hard to find,

I am forgotten.


I am never noticed,

I am the fashion that has passed,

I am the forgotten laughs,

I am fading.


I am not distant,

I am not far,

I am close enough to touch,

I am ignored.


I am the minority,

I am the few.

I am the one no-one thinks of,

I am unnoticed.


I am the presence that is never known,

I am forgotten,

I am fading,

But I am here.


I am ignored,

I am unnoticed,

I am the past,

But I am the future.

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