Wynn Chandler. Average 17 year old teenager. Likes to stay inside, tumblr addict, minecraft obsession, pewdiepie all day every day, Indie games, Horror, Vid-Con, etc. But when One Direction (I know right!!!) come into her life, ohhh everybody get ready.


1. Wynn Chandler

Wynn/Wesley Chandler (me): 17, female, gamer.

Kendall Chandler: 17, male, drug addict

Lane/Mary Lane Junior (we call him that to piss him off) Chandler: 14, male, surfer

Quinn Chandler: 14,male fucking chimpanzee (he's wild)

Logan Chandler: 12, male, Gay, not as in happy, but as in: boy like boy.

Harley Chandler: 6, male, sweetheart, loves to draw and sing

and my favorite

Carter Chandler or Ce Ce: 14, female, gamer, surfer.

Yep-per-de-do-da, 9 kids my mom had.

I'm not normal-just sayin'- but im not weird. Like, im a straitght student. smart.

Growing up with these boobs are a little of a struggle though, We live in a two bedroom apartment. Jessie is out of the house and Addison moved in with his girlfriend. I'm a girl so i ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GET MY OWN BEDROOM. I share it with Carter, she's not that bad though. Kendall sleeps here but his job is selling drugs like weed, cocaine etc. to get money for food, but we usually buy food stamps. But since our Dad is gone, usually most of the time, Jessie, Kendall and I pay for the rent. $400 a month. Lane and Quinn like to sleep on the floor. Logan and Harley sleep in the other bedroom across the hall from Carter and I. We all go to same but different school. I go to Oakland High, Lane, Quinn, Carter and Logan go to the same middle school or Junior High. Logan just finished 6th grade, going to 7th grade this fall. Lane, Quinn, and Carter are going to Oakland high with me to be freshman this fall and I'll be a senior. And Harley, he's going to 1st grade this year :3. I'm struggling to keep the family together, get a good education and live a good life. Basically forget about there childhood. Mom and Dad really didn't care so why should we. Anyways, enough about my life. Let's get to the story.


Enjoy <3


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