When The Thunder Rolls

Emily Johnson, 17 years old, with a tough past and a lot of secrets. May sound familiar? But it's not.

This story is different.

When she was fourteen, she did something, no fourteen year old should do.

She witnessed something she will never forget.

Now she's running.

Hiding, along with her brothers.

Running to Stratford, she hoped that she could finally have some peace for a while, but when the thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes, memories flashes by...


10. Roof Top Sleeping & Nightmares


I got off the plane at three am. Not really the best time of the day to get off a plane, but I had used the whole day by doing something else. I got into a cab and told him the address. He looked at me weirdly, because it would be a lot of money I had to give, but I didn’t worry about that.

I drove in silence as I watched the streetlights fly by outside of my window. I leaned my head against the window, and felt myself relax for the first time in weeks. I was no longer tired. I no longer felt restless. I was back. No more sleepless nights. No more wondering.

I’d like to say that it was all because of Justin and how he had demanded that I brought him along and told him everything. But the truth is; It wasn’t.

I have relived that day so many times before that it was just like any other time. No, what really helped me was what happened after I had sent Justin home. It never fails. I would just wish it were under better circumstances. But I should be used to it by now.  It has been like that the last two years. So why does it feel like it’s over soon?

Why do I have a feeling inside of me, that says that everything I have built up the last few months, is gonna come trembling down any minute? Shut up girl, you’re being paranoid my inner voice tells me. And I’m sure it’s right.

The cab stopped at the end of the road, ten houses away from mine, and I paid the driver and got out. It was a pretty cold October night. I pulled up my hoodie, swung my bag over my shoulder and walked down the road with my hands in my pockets.

I stopped outside of my house and took it all in. The lights were on in the living room, and I knew my brothers were up, waiting for me to come home. And for the first time in my life, I was not in the mood to see them. I sighed and walked over to the tree in between Justin’s house and mine.

I grabbed a hold of the branch closest to me, and climbed up. It was a bit hard with the annoying bag over my shoulder, but I managed. I always do. I climbed up all the way and onto my roof. I walked over to my window, but saw that they had locked it. Dickheads!

Still not wanting to go inside and face them in the middle of the night, I lay down on the roof, and did one of the things I loved the most: I fell asleep.

I looked up, his beautiful eyes were looking down at me, and his smile was an angels. His brown hair was messy, and his breathing was heavy. He ran a hand down my cheek, and I felt myself close my eyes and enjoy the burning feeling his touch brought with him.

I felt myself tense up when he removed his fingers. Why wouldn’t he continue?! Why would he torture me like that?! I sat up straight and looked into the pretty eyes of his, that I had gotten lost in so many times, that I had stopped counting.

The feeling he had brought with him, was gone as fast as it had appeared, and I felt myself wanting more. I leaned over, and pushed him down onto his back. I sat on top of him, and brushed my lips over his ear, letting him know that I would punish him for torturing me like that.

I kissed along his jawline until I came to his lips. Should I do it? I had no time to think before he had pressed his beautiful, soft pink plumb lips to mine. He flipped us over, so that he was now hovering over me. Those eyes. So hypnotic. Beautiful. Caring. Dangerous.

I pressed my lips to his again, as I ran my hands through his messy hair, and I knew that I had caused that. I quickly looked down myself, and saw that I was only in my underwear. He was still in his black jeans, like always.

He caught me by surprise when he flipped us over so that I was now on top of him. He grabbed my butt in his massive hands, and squeezed it, just the way I liked it. How come we haven’t done this before?!

I looked at his face, and froze. It couldn’t be true. I was sure it was him. Wha- Why? What? I was confused, as he continued to kiss down my neck, leaving small love bites all over my neck.

“Come on, I know you want me.” He whispered. My breath was stuck in my throat and I felt his hands all over my body. He took in every inch of me, feeling me. I pushed him away from me roughly. He laughed, mocking.

“Still the same little Emily. Still not willing to give up herself for a guy she’s worth. Still going for the guys that’s way too good for her. Whatever babygirl, just give me a call when you’re ready to give up that ass of yours.” He smirked. He grabbed my chin and pressed his lips hard on mine, leaving the burning sensation in them. I saw him crawl out of my window, and down the tree. Why? Why now? Why did he have to come walking into my life and ruin everything?!

I sat up straight. I was freezing, breathing heavily and confused. Why now? Why did the nightmares have to come back as soon as they had stopped? And why those nightmares? I looked at my phone and saw that it was seven am. I had slept on the roof the whole night. I rubbed my face roughly before I jumped down from the roof, not even using the three.

I walked over to the front door, opened it, and saw to my dismay that my brothers were still in the living room. Keith looked at me, but didn’t say anything. Not even Nathan said anything. He just looked at me, with eyes I for once, couldn’t read.

I took of my shoes, dropped the hoodie that was wet from the dew I had slept in. I pulled my hair out of the ponytail, all without taking my eyes of my brothers. I felt my breathing being stuck in my throat, and I knew what was coming.

I walked towards my brothers, trying to breathe, but I just couldn’t. The nightmare had scared the shit outta me. I looked at my brothers, one at the time. Then I hugged them. I broke down crying. I couldn’t breathe, Nathan was asking me what was wrong, I tried to tell him, but the only word I could get over my lips, was his name. The same name that had scared the shit outta me seven months ago.

I cried even harder, when trying to tell them. “J-Ja- Jason…”  I sobbed out. I felt my brothers hug me even tighter, but I also felt how their bodies tensed and how much they tried to protect me. But they couldn’t. It was all in my mind. Jason was gone. And he had taken my heart with him…

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