My Encounter With The Winchester Boys

My names Marley I'm a hunter, i fight and kill demons and thins that shouldnt be walking this earth. There are more like me, maybe not exactly like me but there are more hunters. The only difference between me and them is i have a dirty little secret. Soon enough someone will find out this secret, the one person i was supposed to not tell. The winchester's.


9. Chapter 9


We followed Glen out of the club to his apartment, we made sure that we had a good distance away from him so he wouldn't see us. Dean and I waited until he was in his apartment and the light was on before we made our move, we got to the stairs and headed up, then all of the sudden there was something going on, loud noise things breaking and falling over. We hurried up the stairs and made our way to Glen's room we kicked the door in, we walked inside to find a dead Glen and a werewolf standing over him..... it was Madison. She noticed we came in and she lunged at Dean pinning him to the wall trying to kill him. I reached back to get my gun but it was hooked on the back of my jeans, I kept trying to get it out but it wouldn't go. I looked at Dean and he had a silver knife in his hand he used it and nicked Madison below her right elbow, she jumped out the window. I ran over to Dean and helped him up.

"That was Madison, wasn't it?" Dean asked

"Yeah." i said

"That Bitch!" he said

"Did she scratch you, or bite you?" i asked

"No, no i don't think so, we need to warn Sam." he said taking out his phone and calling Sam. "Sam, its Madison. she's the Werewolf, i thought you said you were watching her!" ... "Well you didn't do a good job, she almost killed me!"... "Check under he right elbow i nicked her with a blade" ... " Just do it, we'll be there soon." he hung up.

"What did he say?" i asked

"He said that Madison was asleep in her room the whole time." he said

"Well apparently she wasn't, we better get going." i said, we arrived at her house and went inside, there we found Madison tied up to a chair and Sam holding a gun. "Sam." 

"Yeah?" he asked

"Can i.. talk to you?" i asked

"Yeah" he said and we went outside the room closing the door and leaving Dean in there. 

"Did she hurt you, or touch you at all?" i asked

"No, i think i'm okay." he said patting himself for and chance of blood. when we were sure he was good we went back into the room.

"You are crazy! why are you doing this!" Madison yelled

"Because you're a werewolf." Dean said

"I'm not, Sam tell them please." she told Sam

"I dont know what to believe about you." Sam said

"Werewolves aren't real there fake." She said

"Really? Cause you almost killed Dean." I said

"I don't care about you're little boyfriend." she said

"Oh. what? that's what you think? No he isn't my boyfriend." I said

"Well Sam's mine." she said smiling at sam

"What? Sam what is she talking about?" Dean asked

"Nothing." Sam said

"Oh no, we had a ball last night on the couch, then the floor, and my room." she said and i bit my teeth together resisting not to hit her. "Something wrong Marley?"

"Why did you lie?" i asked

"What are you talking about?" she asked

"Why did you say that Glen abused you and was mean?" I asked

"Because he did ." she said

"I talked to him, he said that you cheated on him." I said and she didn't say anything. "well i guess we will just stay here and wait till you turn so we can kill you." i said with a big smile as i sat down 

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