My Encounter With The Winchester Boys

My names Marley I'm a hunter, i fight and kill demons and thins that shouldnt be walking this earth. There are more like me, maybe not exactly like me but there are more hunters. The only difference between me and them is i have a dirty little secret. Soon enough someone will find out this secret, the one person i was supposed to not tell. The winchester's.


8. Chapter 8


We got all of our gear ready and headed to Atlanta to kill the Werewolf. Although its day time so its kind of stupid to do this now but might as well find the person before they turn tonight. There was a recent brutal killing, we found the autopsy report and that's how we found out it was a werewolf. So we decided the first place to start was where the first killing was.  From there we found a worker named Madison, so we went to her house.Sam knocked on the door and a woman with black hair opened the door. We introduced ourselves a cops and said we would like to rehear her statement since she found the body. Then she told us about a stalker ex boyfriend, we arranged things so Sam would stay with her and Dean and I would go hunting, the only thing we found was claw marks going down the wall at her ex boyfriend's apartment. 

"Do you think she might be next?" I asked Dean as we looked at the marks.

"She very well might be." he said "We better go back their and tell Sam." We got back to her house and pulled Sam out of the room.

"Can you stay with her? We think he ex might be the wolf and she's in danger." i said

"Yeah no problem" Sam said.

"Let's go find Glen" i said and Dean and i went to go find him, well let's say finding him was easy but there we ended up having to go was quite annoying. Dean and i sat down at a table across the way from him. "Dean we got to pay close attention to him"

"Oh i'm paying close attention." Dean said was he looked up at the strippers. I smacked his shoulder.

"Get your head in the game!" i said "We're doing a hunt."

"Maybe you should get up there." he said 

"I've already done that before." i said "I'll be right back."

"Where are you going?" he asked

"Oh now you're interested, i'm going to go talk to our little wolf boy." i said

"Marley no." he said 

"I'll be fine, i know what i'm doing" i said getting up. i walked over to Glen and sat down in the chair across from him. 

"Well hello there" Glen said

"Stop looking down my shirt pretty boy, now now about you tell me why you've been stalking Madison." i said

"I haven't been stalking Madison." he said

"That's not what she said." i said

"Well did she tell you that she 's a bitch?" he asked

"No why would he be a bitch?' i asked

"She cheated on me." he said

"oh, did she now?" i asked

"Yeah but that's not the story she tell's people, i think she's told her story so many times she's starting to believe it. Now why are you asking me about Madison?" he asked

"Just curious." i said

"Well there's more." he said i looked at him, " but it's going to cost you."

"What's it going to cost me?" i asked

"sex." he said

"you sick bastard ." i said getting up

"that's the only way you're going to find out." he said. i looked at him

"No you will tell me." i said staring into his eyes.

"she tried to kill me." he said

"now that was not worth sex, but thanks hun." i said walking back to Dean. 

"So?" he asked

"well lets just say he tired to get laid." i said

"by who?' he asked

"me" i said with a laugh

"well he can go in line after me." Dean said

"Well you're going to be waiting a while." i said dean gave me the puppy dog look. "he's leaving, common." and we followed Glen out

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