My Encounter With The Winchester Boys

My names Marley I'm a hunter, i fight and kill demons and thins that shouldnt be walking this earth. There are more like me, maybe not exactly like me but there are more hunters. The only difference between me and them is i have a dirty little secret. Soon enough someone will find out this secret, the one person i was supposed to not tell. The winchester's.


5. Chapter 5


I opened my eyes and i felt something warm on my back,It was Sams arm. Then I looked where my head was, it was on Sams bare chest, and he was diffidently a lot closer than when we went to seep. I looked up at his face, he was out cold, i slowly sat up trying not to wake him, I looked around the the best way to get out of the bed with out waking him. of course the only way was to go over top of him. I quietly lifted my leg and put it on one side of him.

"Well look at what we have here." i turned my head around and saw Dean

"Shut up, I cant get out of bed, help." i said Dean set down his bags and walked to the side of the bed, i twisted around and  grabbed his hands, he pulled and I got off the bed, but he pulled a little to hard and we went crashing down onto the other bed. 

"Ow" Dean said "You crushed my stomach." I looked down at his face which was really close, he started to lift his head up to get closer to my face. I heard Sam groan and pulled back from Dean standing up. "Common." he sighed

"Good Morning Sam." I said and Sam looked at me. "How'ed you sleep?"

"Well great actually, until you rolled into me." Sam said i blushed.

"oh, sorry." i said

"It's okay, but i think you were a little lonely." he said

"How so?" i asked

"Well you buried your head into my chest and wrapped your arm around me stomach." he said and i blushed again. 

"oops sorry." i said

"Like i said it was fine, you where freezing though, that's why you're wearing my shirt." he said and i looked down, sure enough i was wearing a long sleeved unbuttoned plaid shirt. I slid it off my shoulders and tossed it to him, i grabbed my bag off of the chair and went into the bathroom. I took off the clothes i was wearing and put on a pair of dark skinny jeans, a dark green jacket my combat boots and a black t-shirt, then walked out of the bathroom. I threw my bag back on the chair and went to the coffee maker.

"Surprising that there's a nice coffee maker." I said as a poured some coffee into a mug. I went over and sat down on the bed. "Once I finish this i should get going." 

"What?" Dean asked

"Well I already stayed the night and had drinks with you, i should probably get going, i never stay in motels this long." i said

"Its only 11" Dean said

"I leave at dawn." i said.

"Oh." he said

"Well, what if you stayed with us... a few more days." Sam said

"And work with you?" I asked

"Yeah" he said

"Look i'm not big on working with other hunters." i said

"Please." Sam said

"Fine 5 days , and 5 days only." i said Sam smiled. "So lets find a case."

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