My Encounter With The Winchester Boys

My names Marley I'm a hunter, i fight and kill demons and thins that shouldnt be walking this earth. There are more like me, maybe not exactly like me but there are more hunters. The only difference between me and them is i have a dirty little secret. Soon enough someone will find out this secret, the one person i was supposed to not tell. The winchester's.


4. Chapter 4


We drove separate cars, only difference was Sam asked to ride with me. We got into my car and i started it up.

"Why'd you want to drive with me Sam?" I asked. "You just met me, you barley know me."

"Well for one thing its better than being with Dean, i've been stuck in a car with him for 6 months." Sam said

"Oh... Well I can see why you would want to ride with a stranger." i said

"Can I ask you something?" he asked

"Of course, shoot away" i said

"When you said then Demon took everything away from you what did you mean?" he asked

"That demon killed my mom, and my siblings in that fire, i was the only one who made it out." i said

"Oh, sorry i asked." he said

"no its okay, i dont really talk about it much. I don't really talk to anyone much." i said, as we pulled up to the motel, i took the keys out of the car and opened the door. we got out and followed Dean inside. They got their room first and then i went up and took out my wallet. 

"It's okay we got it." Dean said, " She's with us, can you give her a key?" the guy at the desk gave me key and I followed then to the room. 

"What was that all about?" i asked

"Why pay for a room when we're here and all we're going to do is sleep." Dean said.

"Okay then." i said as Dean opened the room door and we went inside i locked the door behind me. 

"Pick a bed." Dean said to me

"there's only two." I said

"It's okay you can have one and i can have one and Sammy can sleep on the floor." he said

"Thanks." Sam said as he rolled his eyes.

"Or Sam can share a bed with me since i can see you're not going to share with him." i said

"Or...or Sam can have my bed and i'll sleep with you" Dean said.

"Then you can sleep on the floor.:" i said

"Fine i'll sleep in the bed." Dean said. I looked at Sam and laughed.

"I can sleep on the floor, really its fine." Sam said

"It a big bed, you don't have to sleep on the floor." i said "And the fact that Dean had me room with you two, i'm not going to just take your bed." i slung my bag onto the bed and pulled out a pair of shorts and a tank top, i went into the bathroom to change. I came back out and Dean was passed out, Sam was laying in the bed he wasn't sleeping but he was close too. I went around the side where he wasn't sleeping and slid under the covers trying to be quiet. I turned the light out and rolled over, I was facing Sam. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

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