Summer Love

Three best friends, Lauren, Maria and Grace, had been planning the trip to celebrate the end of their 'A' levels since they were twelve. Now, their exams are over and they're getting ready to tour the UK and Northern Ireland. As is just their luck, disaster strikes on day two. What happens when the girls get too involved with One Direction to leave again without heartbreak?


6. Waking Up


I woke up hours later; my eyes were dry from crying. I felt a pair of strong arms around me and twisted my torso around to see Harry lying, asleep next to me. I tried to slip out of the bed and go clean myself up before he woke up, but was completely unsuccessful in that endeavour. As I was about to stand up, a pair of hands grabbed my waist, pulling me back down, so I ended up facing Harry, looking straight at him. He looked like he’d been crying.

“I’m sorry”

“I’m sorry too”. He was still cuddling. I nestled into his neck and stayed there for a while. After a couple of minutes my stomach rumbled.

“You’re hungry”, Harry got off the bed and stood up. I flipped over onto my back so I could see him and smirked sarcastically.
“No shit Sherlock”

“Oh, shut up” he said and bent down, lifting me onto his shoulder and walking out of the room.

“Harry!” I squealed and thumped his back, “Harry! Put me the fuck down!”

“No! Not unless you take back the sarcastic comment”


“Well then I’m afraid I can’t put you down”

“Harry! My head!”

“Oh shit! I forgot!” he put me down, with a guilty expression on his face and I grinned up at him

“Ha! I win! I was fine!” I ran off towards the other end of the bus, but be grabbed me before I could make it to the refuge of the kitchen and began to tickle me, refusing to let go until I took what I said back. I gave in and slumped down on a chair, breathing heavily and recovering from the giggling fit. I looked around the tiny kitchen, where a note taped to the fridge in Maria’s handwriting caught my eye


“Yeah Sweetie?”

“Could you pass me that note next to you please? Taped to the fridge” he handed me the scrap paper “thanks”

It was a note from the others, saying that there was leftover pizza in the fridge that they had managed to save from Lauren and Niall, and that they were outside so when we’d finished eating, to come and join them. Harry had found the leftovers in the fridge and turned to me with the cling film wrapped plate in his hand.

“Do you want me to warm this up or do you mind eating it cold?”

“Warm please. Cold pizza is disgusting” I wrinkled my nose up at the thought of it. Harry laughed and stuck the food in the microwave, then turned to me, leaning against the counter

“So what mischief do you reckon they’re up to now?”

"I'm not sure, but knowing my two it can't be good" I giggled, thinking of all the times we'd gotten into trouble together. Harry handed me the plate and we ate in silence. After he'd finished he looked up at me, smiling. The fact that he had sauce all round his mouth just made it even sweeter.

"Hang on, you look so cute!" I smiled and pulled my phone out of my back pocket, taking a photo to upload to twitter later. Harry wiped his mouth and snatched my phone, setting the photo as my background before handing it back to me. I rolled my eyes and got up to go outside, Harry handed me a coat and one of his beanies to keep warm, before pulling me close and wrapping his arm around me as we stepped out into the chilly, but not cold, evening.



Walking out into the summer evening, we saw a light coming from the field next to us. A bonfire. It was just like that lot to come up with something like a bonfire. Luckily the field was deserted and the crew were in a different bus, so nobody could come tell us off. I pulled Gracie closer as we walked towards the others. The sound of a guitar drifted through the air. This was going to be fun.

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