Summer Love

Three best friends, Lauren, Maria and Grace, had been planning the trip to celebrate the end of their 'A' levels since they were twelve. Now, their exams are over and they're getting ready to tour the UK and Northern Ireland. As is just their luck, disaster strikes on day two. What happens when the girls get too involved with One Direction to leave again without heartbreak?


9. Stir Crazy


I woke up with Grace once again; this seemed to be happening a lot lately. I chuckled to myself as I looked down at her, she still had my beanie on from yesterday, but it was all lopsided and covered half of her face. I pulled out my phone and took a picture before leaning over and stroking her cheek, speaking to her softly to wake her up. Her eyes opened and she squinted up at me before smiling and sitting up, leaning against me.

"The AA are coming soon babe, you're going to need to get dressed" I said to her before kissing her cheek as she got up and walked to the bathroom. I loved the fact that she didn't care that I saw her with no makeup first thing in the morning. That's just one of the many assets that make me adore her.



I was up first, but I couldn't get up unless Niall did, as I was lying on the side of the bed that was against the wall. I tickled him to wake him up and laughed as he startled and opened his eyes, staring at me with a shocked expression on his face. Adorable. I gave him a quick cuddle and a kiss on the top of his head before scooting over him and out of bed, joining Grace where she was in the bathroom, putting on her makeup. I fished out my wash-bag and started my usual morning routine, chatting with Grace about all sorts.

"Your cut looks much better" I said to her

"I know" she smiled, "it's started to heal now so I think I can take the plaster off"

"Yeah, it would be good to get some air to it" I replied, searching for my mascara. Just then Harry walked in and wrapped his arms around Grace from behind, causing her to smudge her eyeliner. She slapped him lightly and smiled


"You ruined my makeup! “ She pouted before her expression turned to a smirk, "you're in for it, Styles!" She screamed. He grinned at her and started dancing round the room, dragging her around with him as she tried to draw rude pictures on his face. He began singing to her cheesily,

"You don't know you’re beautiful!" He screamed at the top of his lungs as she laughed and tried to get him to shut up. I giggled and watched them muck about, when I felt a pair of arms around my waist and Niall's breath on my neck. I smiled as he started singing softly, carrying on from where Harry had left off

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell

You don't know.

You  don't know you're beautiful

That's what makes you beautiful"

I turned around and wrapped my arms round his neck, not caring that my makeup was half done. I didn’t care about much when I was with him

"That's very cheesy, you know. You're turning into Harry" I grinned.

"Shut up" he said into my neck as he gave me a quick hug, before Grace, who had just chucked Harry out, shooed him away

“Go, we need to make  ourselves look remotely human!”

Once we'd done our makeup and were packing up all our things into our hand luggage, there was a thumping on the door

"Let me in! Let me in!" Squealed Maria, "I have fifteen minutes before the AA arrive!" We unlocked the door and she stumbled into the bathroom. It was best to leave her alone when she was stressed about oh-so-important things such as her makeup. I walked into the room to get dressed, feeling ready to start the day.


About half an hour after everyone had woken up, the girls emerged from the bathroom and the bedroom. Truth be told, they were all very attractive. Maria was wearing a baggy white and black striped t-shirt tucked into brown shorts, with brown sandals and a brown feather necklace. Her hair was up in its usual messy bun and she'd flicked her eyeliner so her eyes looked more dramatic. Lauren was wearing a black t-shirt tucked into a bright mini skirt. She had on black heels that looked like high tops, her hair was down, with two plaits holding the rest back. Grace came last, we'd never really gotten to see her in anything but blood-stained shorts and Harry's jumper, but she walked out with something slightly different to what we’d seen her in before, with high-waisted chino shorts and a pale pink chiffon three quarter length sleeve blouse tucked into it. She was wearing a necklace with a pearl bird on it, and had on pearl earrings to match. To top off the look, she was wearing pink and white floral ballet pumps and her hair was loose around her shoulders. The cut on her head had healed well and was now barely visible unless you looked closely for it. Just then, the sounds of a tow truck camel and we all ran out of the bus shouting and laughing, being in such close proximity to each other had us all going a bit stir crazy. After half an hour of chasing after Boris who was barking at the tow truck, cheering as the VW and the tree were pulled away and a massive group hug, we raced back to the bus, and were off.

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