Summer Love

Three best friends, Lauren, Maria and Grace, had been planning the trip to celebrate the end of their 'A' levels since they were twelve. Now, their exams are over and they're getting ready to tour the UK and Northern Ireland. As is just their luck, disaster strikes on day two. What happens when the girls get too involved with One Direction to leave again without heartbreak?


13. Shopping


The decorative cushions were torn up, their insides scattered about the room. Paperwork was strewn about the room, chairs overturned. Chaos was the only word that could describe the situation. I noticed Louis had pulled out his phone and taken a photo, laughing at the state of the room. Lauren and Grace ran after who I could only assume to be Boris, in their heels, managing to corner him before he skipped between their legs and ran towards the front desk, where Harry dived in front of him, but fell flat on his face. He groaned, whether it was embarrassment or pain I wasn't sure, and Grace immediately went to comfort him and restore his masculinity by telling him how he was ‘so close to catching him’ and ‘not to worry’. Meanwhile, the puppy had managed to avoid being caught by Zayn, Niall, Maria, Louis, and Liam. Lauren tried once more to catch him, but broke the heel on her shoe and cursed out loud before clapping her hand over her mouth, an embarrassed look appearing on her face. Boris ran towards the elevator, where I was stood. I scooped him up swiftly in my arms. He was very sweet. I looked up to see everyone in the room with their eyes on me and the dog, eyes wide and mouths gaping.

"I can't even believe to tell you how sorry we are, Mr Cowell" Lauren began

"There's no need" I interrupted, "this little rascal just wanted to play" I scratched the dog’s head and smiled

"Oh" Maria said "oh. But what about all this?" She gestured around the room.

"A few new cushions and some overtime for the cleaner isn't going to hurt anyone by the way of money, now is it?"

"I suppose you're right..."

"I know I am. Now boys, I've booked you a hotel, and the girls are welcome to stay there too. The paparazzi will have found you by now, so I want you to take the girls with you to that premiere tonight. Dress formally. I know you girls won't have packed for anything like this so I want you to go shopping this afternoon and buy whatever you need. Here's a cheque each, that's your allowance. It starts at 8.30. Now go. It was lovely meeting you girls" I gave them all a kiss on the cheek, handing them the cheques they needed to cash in. Niall looked over at me, smiling slightly.

"Boris won't have anywhere to go tonight, Uncle Si, why doesn't he stay with you? You seem to be getting on well"

"That is an excellent plan, Mr Horan. I'll see you all soon, goodbye. Boris and I are going to take the afternoon off work" I walked into the elevator, leaving the receptionist to organise a clear-up.



"Oh. My. God"

"What?" Harry asked as we got into the people carrier

"I need to shop. Now"

"Um, ok. Well-"

"You have to come with me. Niall and Liam are coming with us" I pouted, giving my best attempt at a puppy dog face. Harry sighed,

"I can't Babe, I'm sorry. Larry Stylinson has an interview they can't miss" he looked over at Louis who nodded

He said, leaning down to kiss me on the forehead before continuing, "I'm sure Zayn would step in for me though, won't you Zayn?" Zayn nodded in agreement. The boys asked the driver to drop us off in Mayfair and soon we were hitting the shops



As the girls went through more and more racks of clothes, from store to store, my feet became increasingly tired, and we ended up telling them that the boys and I would be getting a coffee, and to text us when they needed us. We walked away from the conversation about how red brought out the colour in Lauren's eyes, but didn't suit her hair, and bought coffee in the nearest café we could find. We had been sat, talking, for about twenty minutes when Liam got a text from Maria saying that they needed our opinion, and could we come find them. We walked to the changing rooms of the shop, ignoring the looks from passers-by and were greeted by Lauren, who was just going into one of the changing rooms to try on a grey dress. I didn't get to see it in much detail but it was floor length and one shouldered.

"Okay, are we ready?" Maria's voice came from behind the curtain of one of the cubicles in a pale pink dress. It was strapless and floor length, with an empire waist and chiffon layers lapping over each other. She looked beautiful. Liam walked over and gave her a hug, whispering something I couldn't make out in her ear and causing her to blush prettily, smiling down at her hands. Lauren and Grace stuck their heads from round the curtains of the cubicles they were in and gave their opinions on the dress. Liam went with Maria to pay as Lauren walked out in her dress. She was wearing the grey one shouldered one that we had seen her with earlier, and Niall's eyes widened. He got up from the seat next to me and picked Lauren up, spinning her round, shouting 'My Princess!' at the top of his lungs. She was laughing and Grace walked out to see what the commotion was about. Her dress was floor length and unlike the other girls', the skirt flared out slightly due to the petticoats. It was a creamy-beige colour, and was sleeveless. Flowers decorated the bodice and mingled with her blonde hair, loose around her shoulders. The back of the dress had a small hole cut out, and accentuated her shoulder blades

"What do you think?" She turned and looked at me smiling



"What do you think?" I turned, gesturing to the dress I had on. I must admit, I was pretty pleased with the results myself. I liked the way the colour looked with my hair, and the fact that the skirt made my waist seem smaller. It made my eyes look bluer and my cheeks rosier. It was perfect for me. Zayn walked over and took my hand, twirling me round and getting a good look at the dress from all angles.

"Harry's going to pass out when he sees you in this" he said as I laughed, enveloped in his hug.



Liam and I walked back into the changing rooms after paying for my dress, and joined Lauren and Niall, who were chatting with Grace and Zayn. Grace was wearing the dress she had picked out but wasn't certain about. At the time Lauren and I had reassured her that things sometimes look less flattering on the hanger, and she agreed and took it with her, along with half a dozen other dresses. She turned as she heard us walk in and grinned

“I think I’m going to buy this one”

“You think?” Niall questioned

“Alright” she laughed, “I know for definite that I want to buy this very dress in this very size and this very colour”

“That’s better”

“You look gorgeous Gracie. You too Lauren, you’re both stunners” Liam smiled and gave them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek

“Thanks Li” they said, hugging him back and smiling as he walked back over to me and wrapped his arms around my middle, whispering in my ear

“But you’re the most beautiful” he said before giving me a kiss on the top of my head and cuddling me whilst the conversation continued

“Well, Lauren and I need to get changed and pay for our dresses, so how about we meet you back at the hotel?” Grace suggested, gaining nods of approval from the rest of us.

“Oh, by the way girls” Zayn said, looking up from his phone before continuing speaking, “Lou and Harry spoke to Lou and she said she’d be happy to do your hair tonight”

“Okay, cheers Zaynie!” Grace said, kissing him on the cheek and walking back into the changing room, waving goodbye to the rest of us. Lauren gave everyone a kiss on the cheek, as well as giving Niall a hug, before closing the curtain to the cubicle and leaving the boys and I to our own devices.

“Shall we go?”

“Yeah” I said, gripping the bag containing my outfit for the night, as well as Liam’s hand.

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