Summer Love

Three best friends, Lauren, Maria and Grace, had been planning the trip to celebrate the end of their 'A' levels since they were twelve. Now, their exams are over and they're getting ready to tour the UK and Northern Ireland. As is just their luck, disaster strikes on day two. What happens when the girls get too involved with One Direction to leave again without heartbreak?


15. Getting Ready


After getting to know Lou and laughing until our stomachs hurt at all the hilarious stories she told us about the boys, it was finally time to get down to business. Lou had all of her stuff spread out messily on what would have been the kitchen table, but was covered in makeup, hair products, a large mirror, and various hair appliances that I couldn’t name. Even for me, it was pretty complex. She motioned for me to sit down in the chair in front of us whilst the others were arguing over what music to put on. I rolled my eyes and sat down, before calling out to the two 6 year olds in the corner to shut up and resolve all of the problems by putting One Direction on, which they laughed at and agreed to do. The album was on shuffle and ‘Live While We’re Young’ came on at what I presumed to be top volume (that would be Grace, her music was always as loud as it would go), and we started singing along. Lauren and Grace had obviously forgotten anyone else was in the room, as they often did, and were dancing like maniacs when the chorus came on. Lou was laughing and I winked at her as I took out my phone and started filming them, and she did the same. We lasted about a minute until we could no longer contain our laughter, and fell about on the floor in fits of giggles. Lauren and Grace stopped mid-sentence and turned slowly to face us, their eyes wide and their cheeks coloured.

“Did we just do that?”

“We didn’t…”

“Oh, but you did” Lou said, a fake sombre expression on her face for a couple of seconds before she snorted, which made both of us laugh even harder. The other two were still serious, and staring at the phones in our hands.

“You. You filmed us” Grace mumbled. Lauren’s eyes widened and she crouched down to face me, a genuinely worried expression on her adorable little face

“Now, Maria. Give me the phone and nobody gets hurt, clear?”

“You realise your too late” Lou cut in, smirking

“What do you mean?” Lauren stood up and looked at Lou

“Well, there’s this little thing called Twitter. And Maria’s sent the video to all the boys so they can tease you for fangirling”

“Maria!” Grace lunged at me with a pillow, hitting me repeatedly before finally slumping down on the couch, breathing heavily.

“I’ll never forgive you for that” she said and turned to look at me as we both began laughing all over again. Meanwhile, Lou had Lauren sat down to do her hair and makeup, but was having a hard time with her as the chair she was sat on was a swivelling one, and Lauren loves those too much. After we had calmed her down by giving her some nachos to munch on to keep her quiet and put a clamp on the chair to stop her from spinning round dangerously again, Lou told us to go and occupy ourselves until she was done and not to influence Lauren to do anything naughty again. Grace turned up the music again and we continued to sing along quietly whilst scrolling through our news-feeds or checking twitter. News hadn’t really properly gotten out about us three, so our screens were filled with the usual videos and bitchy statuses, but, luckily for us, there were some slutty photos we could slag off to keep occupied. About 15 minutes passed and Lauren’s makeup was finally ready, her hair in papers to be put up later. She came and sat down with me as Grace was called over and the whole cycle was repeated.

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