Summer Love

Three best friends, Lauren, Maria and Grace, had been planning the trip to celebrate the end of their 'A' levels since they were twelve. Now, their exams are over and they're getting ready to tour the UK and Northern Ireland. As is just their luck, disaster strikes on day two. What happens when the girls get too involved with One Direction to leave again without heartbreak?


7. Bonfire


It was getting boring, sat watching the flames and listening to Niall play the guitar. It was still sort of light, and that’s when I had an idea.

“Nialler” I said, interrupting him “let’s have a race!”

“A race? Loz, you’re going to have to be more descriptive”

“A running race! Whoever gets to the fence at the other end of the field and back first wins! It’s about two hundred metres. What do you say?”

Louis stood up and jumped up and down in excitement

“You bitches are going down!” he screamed. Grace, who had joined us about half an hour before with Harry, actually fell off of the log she was sitting on, she was laughing so hard at Lou’s little outburst.

“As if! Get a good look at my arse, because that’s all you lot are going to be seeing for a while when I beat you at this race” Liam said competitively

“Nobody. Nobody. Needs to hear that, Payne” Harry chipped in, standing up

“I won’t be able to run guys, but I don’t mind starting and finishing the race” Grace said, pointing to the plaster on her head. Oh shit, I’d forgotten.

We all got into our starting positions and Grace stood in front of us, with Harry’s beanie in her hand. She lifted her left arm and started counting down.

“On your marks. Get set. Go!”



As the others set off I couldn’t help but smirk. From what I had gathered Liam was the fastest in the group, and he let everyone know it. But I don’t think the boys gathered that Loz was a runner. She pulled in front of Louis, who was in second place, and then caught up with Liam, laughing at the shocked expression on his face. Within another thirty seconds she was a 10 feet in front of everybody and was turning round to run back to where I was stood. As she approached me she gave me a high five, laughing.

“Did you see the looks on their faces?” she laughed, and I joined in.

Lauren finished first, no surprise there, followed by Liam and Louis, then Maria and Harry, and finally Niall and Zayn, who apparently had just eaten and didn’t want to mess up their hair.

“What the actual fuck, Lauren?”

“You so tricked us into doing that!”

“Why didn’t you tell us you were that fast?”

The questions just kept on coming as Lauren, Maria and I dissolved into fits of giggles. This lasted for a couple of minutes, and when we looked up from where we lying in the fetal position on the ground, with stitches from laughing so hard, we saw all five boys stood above us with puzzled expressions on their adorable little faces. Once we’d recovered we got up and sat back down on the log, acting as if nothing had happened. The whole time the boys still stood staring confusedly at us, as if we were some kind of alien race.

“It doesn’t matter, inside joke” I said and gestured for them to come sit back down again.

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