Summer Love

Three best friends, Lauren, Maria and Grace, had been planning the trip to celebrate the end of their 'A' levels since they were twelve. Now, their exams are over and they're getting ready to tour the UK and Northern Ireland. As is just their luck, disaster strikes on day two. What happens when the girls get too involved with One Direction to leave again without heartbreak?


4. "A Good Place!"


It was morning, I had a pulsating pain in my temple and I was in a strange bed. Wait, what happened when I was asleep? Did I have a hangover? Did I get majorly wasted? Shit. Why is Harry Styles in the doorway?


“Hey. I’m Harry”

“Yeah I know. You think I live under a rock or something?”

He smiled, causing those famous dimples pop out. He came and sat on the end of the bed.

“Do you know what happened to you?” He asked, staring at me intensely with those amazing green eyes

“Um, no. HDid I get drunk?” He raised his eyebrows

“What, no. Far from love. You were in a car crash.

“What?! What about Lauren and Maria? Are they ok? What about Boris?” He covered my hand to calm me down. It did more than that, trust me, I was melting. On the inside I was fan-girling like anyone would

"All three of them are fine; they were in the back so they didn't get hurt. You however, came out a little worse" Oh shit. I was dead. This was my guardian angel in the form of Harry styles to break the news to me.

"I'm dead". Think out loud much?

"What? No love, you're not dead. You've just got a concussion and a deep cut on your head"

"Well that's a relief"

"Thing is, we can't go anywhere at the moment because your car is blocking the road, and we can't go backwards in a tour bus. But later today the AA is coming to tow the tree and the VW so we can go. We had to spend the night in a layby. Anyway, bad news aside, everyone else is up and getting the luggage whilst I cook breakfast. Would you like a cuppa?"

Harry's POV

"Would you like a cuppa?" I asked. She looked like she needed one. And if she was anything like me she needed caffeine first thing.

"Yes please, that would be wonderful"

It was only then I noticed her eyes. They weren't blue like Lauren's, but they were a paler blue. The colour of the sky. They framed by a rim of black lashes, which were blonde at the tips. I looked at her and smiled.

She broke the silence.

"Do you think I'll be able to get up?"

"I don't know, how do you feel?"

"Ok. Got a bit of a headache. But I feel like sitting around won't make me feel any better"

"Ok, but if you feel anything but fine you tell me and you can go back to bed"

"Ok" she gave me a cheeky smile and turned away, swinging her legs over the side of the bed so she was sitting. She then held her hand to her head in pain

“Are you-“

“Fine. I’m fine” she interrupted, holding the hand that wasn’t on her forehead up to silence me. We stood up in unison. I frowned, she obviously wasn’t going to listen to me and go back to bed. She still had her hand held to her temple where Maria’s temporary bandage was.

“Oh god…” she said as she stepped forward, she immediately went faint and tripped over her own feet. I managed to catch her by grabbing her waist. She stood for a moment, leaning her weight on me, shaking her head, trying to get rid of the fogginess in her brain. I stood with my chin resting on the crown of her head, rubbing her back. It was nice, but at the same time I was concerned about her.

“I really am fine”

“No you’re not”

“Well I’m not going back to bed”

“Grace, you can’t even walk without falling over and fainting” she looked up at me, pouting

“I could probably walk if you helped me out”

“You really are stubborn, you know?”

“So I’ve been told”

“Put your arm around my shoulder” I gave in to the cheeky smile she was giving me. We got to the door (which was only a few feet away) slowly, having to stop often so Grace could catch her breath.

“That’s enough”

“What’s enou-“ she was cut off when I picked her up, bridal style, and started to walk towards the kitchen area at the other side of the bus


“What? You can’t blame me; it would have taken so much longer had we walked”

“Yeah, but-“

“Yeah, but what Grace? It’s not like I haven’t carried you before”

“Wait” she frowned, “now I’m really confused”

“You have a concussion, maybe that’s one of the side effects” I winked at her and she hit my arm lightly

“Shut up and explain”

“Zayn and I carried you in from the crash last night. You wouldn’t remember, you were out cold”

“Oh right” she blushed, looking down so I couldn’t see. By now we’d reached the kitchen and I put her down whilst I went to make the tea and breakfast. Once it was cooking I walked back over to where she was sat on the sofa, flicking through yesterday’s newspaper that Liam had left on the coffee table. I knew it was Liam because he was the only one who actually reads it. As I approached her with the mug I grinned

“Here you are Gracie”

“Gracie?” she raised her eyebrows

“Just heard Lauren and Maria calling you that last night

“Oh right” she said quietly, smiling down at the drink cradled in her hands

“It all seems a bit unrealistic, doesn’t it?” She said, furrowing her eyebrows and making two small creases appear between them, “none of my friends would believe me if I went back to school and said ‘Harry Styles and Zayn Malik rescued me from a car crash and carried me onto their tour bus whilst I was unconscious’”. I chuckled

“Yeah, I suppose. But only if you say it like that”

Just then I heard the door open, and then slam again

“Hey, Harry!” called an Irish voice from the other side of the bus, “is breakfast ready yet?”

Lauren walked in, followed by Niall

“I swear food is all you think about!” she giggled, “But come to think of it, I’m star- Gracie! You’re awake!”

“Hey Munchkin” Grace smiled

“Munchkin?” Niall asked

“Yeah!” Lauren retaliated, “I’m her munchkin, and if you’ve got a problem with that then there’s the door!”
“You’re showing him the door to our tour bus?” Zayn smirked

“Um, I suppose. Come with me and finish off cooking breakfast, Nialler! Lifting stuff makes me hungry”

“They were made for each other” Louis joked after they’d left

“I guess you could say that” Grace laughed. Liam’s phone rang, (he was the only one to have reception out of the eight of us) and he excused himself to go answer it.

“If we want something to eat we should hurry before Niall and Loz eat it all”, Grace pointed out, and everybody stood up and started to walk towards the smell of food. I picked Grace up like before and joined everyone else

“Ummm…?” Zayn looked over questioningly, with a smirk on his face.

“She can’t walk, mate. She just faints”, Grace nodded in agreement and Zayn’s face lost its smirk. Liam walked back into the room.

“Listen guys, the AA aren’t going to be able to make it until tomorrow morning, so I’m afraid we’re stuck here”



After breakfast was over the others decided they would go on a walk. Which, to be honest, kind of irritated me because obviously I couldn’t go. Harry offered to stay with me, to keep me company.

"You don't have to do that. Go have fun" I pushed him gently and smiled up at him. Breakfast had helped me regain some strength and I was up to walking around the bus now.

"Please, I'm stuck with those four 24 hours a day. It would do me a world of good to get away from them"

"We heard that!" A hurt Louis poked his head through the door

"I'm sorry, Lou. You know I didn't mean it"

"Don't 'Lou' me! I thought we were in a good place Harold! A good place!"

The others and I, by now, were wetting ourselves. I was laughing when I suddenly felt a sharp pain go through my head.

"Ooh. Ouch"

"You alright babe?" Harry gave Louis one last hurt glance before kneeling down in front of where I was sat on the couch. I heard the door slam and knew it was Louis leaving. I smiled slightly. It was hard not to laugh at those two

"Go talk to Louis. He's upset" I said, holding my hand to my temple

"He's not upset; he's just attention-seeking. I’ll talk to him later on. And besides, I'm more worried about you right now"

"There's no cause to be worried"

"Ok then. Explain to me why I shouldn't be concerned as to why you're complaining of pain in your head, where coincidentally, you happened to injure it in a car crash yesterday?"


"Anyway, moving on. I'm guessing the others are going to be gone for a while so how about you and I sit and watch a movie? It's about to rain anyway?"

"You're going to let Maria and Zayn get their hair wet?"

"I thought it would be funny"

"For now". He looked worried so I smiled at him encouragingly. He gave me a dimply grin which just made me smile even wider. After a couple of seconds his face went serious and his eyebrows furrowed.

"So what movie do you want to watch?" He asked, frowning. I reached down to where he was still knelt in front of me and put my hands on either side of his face, smoothing out the creases on his forehead

"Don't frown, you'll get wrinkles!" I smiled as he rested his head on my knee and his face softened.

"I don't think that's a movie". Just then it started to rain. By now the others would be far out and wouldn't be back for a while.

"What movies have you got?"

We chose a movie and settled down on the couch. I couldn't help but feel conscious that Harry's arm was across the back of the sofa. But I soon forgot when I got engrossed in the movie. It was terrible, I decided.

Note to self. Never let Harry choose a movie.



Grace fell asleep midway through the movie, and ended up sleeping with her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her and became more interested in watching her sleep than the movie. Her eyelashes, blonde at the tips, rested on her rosy cheeks. Her hair was tumbling down her back, curling at the ends. Her mouth was curved up at the edges into a little smile. As the movie ended and the credits appeared on the screen her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me and frowned.

"Did I really just miss that whole movie?"

"Yes you did"

"Well that's typical of me. I always do that in movies"

"That's ok babe, you seemed comfy so I wasn't going to wake you up".  She blushed

"Would you like another cup of tea?"

"Please". I made the tea and walked back in, setting the mugs on the coffee table and sitting back down with my legs crossed, facing Grace, who smiled at me.

"So Gracie"

"Yes Harry?"

"I don't know much about you"

"Well I think that's acceptable seeing as you've only known me for about a day"

"Yes but I don't like not knowing about people"


"Can I ask you questions?"

"As long as they're appropriate"

"You know it" I winked at her "okay, first question, what's your full name?"

"Grace Emma Milton"

"Second question, when were you born and how old are you?"

"A, that's two questions. And B, by telling you when I was born, you should be able to tell how old I am"

"I'm lazy. Answer me"

"I was born on the 16th May and I'm eighteen"

"Ok, last question, do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah right, as if I would have a boyfriend. No guys like me. I'm not exactly pretty, to put it lightly. Have you seen Maria?" she said, gesturing to herself and looking at me in disgust. I leant forward and cupped her face in my hands

"What did you just say?"

"Harry, you're scaring me"

"What did you say?" I said again

"That no guys like me because I'm ugly and I hang around with Maria so I'm constantly upstaged and will probably end up alone with 12 cats"

"Don't ever say you're ugly again. Do you hear me?”

"What are you so bothered about anyway? Can't take the truth, Harold?" She pulled away from my grip and leant back on the sofa, sighing, "it’s true Harry, I'm in no way pretty. That's why my hairs so long. It's the one feature I can hide all my others with"


"If I can't handle the truth, what does that make you? You're absolutely stunning, Gracie. Don't forget it. All the boys think so. Every single thing about you is amazing and even though I haven't known you that long, I can't help but think you are". I pulled her into a tight hug, wrapping my arms around her waist whilst she gave in and nestled into my neck. Her back started to shake, she was crying

"No Gracie, no. Don't cry. I didn't mean to make you cry ". I'd blown it, she hated me.

"No, it's ok. Nobody's ever said anything that nice to me. Ever. And coming from you. The you who's dated some of the most beautiful girls there are"



"I never got to ask you the last question"

"Ask away" she looked up at me with her big blue eyes. My heart skipped a best as I looked her straight in the face

"When we get back to modern civilization, would you like to go on a date with me?"

"I'd love to. How can I deny that puppy face?" She ruffled my hair. I kissed the top of her head and we stood like that, with my arms wrapped around her and her head on my chest, for a while before the door opened and Maria and Zayn burst in, both sopping wet and fighting as to who would get the hair dryer first. They both stopped stock still when they saw us. After a couple of seconds, they were both shoved out of the door by Lauren and Niall, both giggling away like nine year old girls. Finally, Liam, who was giving a pouting Louis a piggyback, entered the bus and all six of them stood staring at us

"When did this happen?" Louis said, pointing at us and smirking.

"What?" Grace said casually.

"This!" Louis gestured dramatically at the two of us and held his hands to the sides of his head, "are you blind or something! You two are stood there like that and you say 'what'?!"

"Gracie said she was ugly" I stated matter-of-factly. She glared up at me and I winked at her. She hid her head in my neck again and I looked at the others and smiled, Louis looked back at me with raised eyebrows and a smirk on his face.

"What did Grace say?" Zayn asked frowning

"She said she's ugly" I repeated. And felt a fist hit my shoulder. It was fun winding her up

"Shut up Harry" a muffled voice came from beneath the long blonde hair "don't listen to Harry, he's an idiot. You should all know that" Gracie emerged from the curtain of hair and looked from me to the others, then back again. I continued to smirk. Why was she so adorable?

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