The Gallery

When best friends Clove, Oneika and Libby visit the Great Berlioz Marie Gallery with their school, they expect it to be a regular, boring school trip. But a crazy idea, some stairs and two doors change everything. This is an interactive story with multiple chapters that you will be told to go to based on your decision. The storyline is similar to a famous Indie game played by Pewdiepie called Ib. Hope you enjoy!
(sorry if I make a chapter really quickly and then make no more for weeks. I'm just really busy at the moment and novellas isn't always at the front of my mind. Also my Phenna story will have it's next chapter out very soon. Kisses!)


1. The Great Berlioz Marie Gallery

"and here you will see a very famous piece by Marie, an interesting sculpture known simply as 'Luna'," Clove shifted from foot to foot. She was bored. The tour guide was boring. This sculpture was boring. It was just a black blob woman with moons for eyes. This whole trip was boring. She pushed a clump of her blonde hair out of her eyes. Her best friends, Oneika and Libby, stood beside her, staring blankly at the boring piece of art. "Hey, Oni," Clove whispered to Oneika. Oni was Oneika's nickname. It suited her much more than the full name. In primary school, Clove could never say her name properly so she got into the habit of calling her Oni. Oni looked up at her tall friend. Even though Oni was six months older than Clove, she was a good six inches smaller and was constantly having to look up to talk to Clove, or anyone for that matter. Libby was small too, but not that small. Being in this huge gallery made her feel like an ant. "Yeah? What is it?" she hissed in reply. "I'm bored. Let's us all sneak off. Find something fun to do." "Sure," Oni said. She pinched Libby on the hind arm. "Come on, Libs. Let's go!" Libby wasn't sure. She was timid and scared of getting into trouble. Intimidated by her control-freak mother who threatened to lock her in the attic if she got detention, she had always been on her best behaviour through her nine years of school. She had never, not once, been in trouble. To break her streak now would be suicide if her mother got involved. She shot a glance at the tour guide who was droning on about how it took seven years for 'The Great Berlioz Marie' to create this 'magnificent' sculpture. She looked at the teachers. They seemed geniunely interested in the tour and were nodding away, smiling. None of the other kids were watching the three girls. The majority of them were yawning, cause by either the fact that they had to be at school for this morning to get here or by the constant drone of the tour guide. "I don't know," Libby said. Clove sighed. "Come on, Libs! This is boring!" Libby bit her lip. Will you: Go with Clove and Oneika? (go to "The corridor") Stay with everyone else on the tour? (go to "The darkness")

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