Rock Me

A girl has the chance to live a life with no pain...But before she can get that she has to help her old Boyfriend Harry Styles find his TRUE love, but she doesn't know exactly how to do that just yet... Paige Thirwall is going to need some help...From A LOT of strange people. But will she succeed or go back to a life of tourcher and hurt? Find out in Rock Me! I hope you like it!


2. Dying Love

Paige's P.O.V

"Harry listen you shouldn't let them do this to her!" Autumn Yelled making tears slide faster down my cut up face. "What am I supposed to do about it?" Harry Yelled. "They never really listen to me." "Wow, Hey whats going on in here?" Lindsey said walking through the door and running to my side as Louis ran to Harry's. "Its the Directioners...." Autumn said looking at her. "What did they do?" She said before I looked up revealing my bruised and cut up face. "Oh My God Paige...Why would they do that?" "Well they apparently don't like her being Harry's Girlfriend." Autumn said making me hide again. "What did Harry do about it?"She asked looking up at Louis and Harry. "Nothing." Autumn said in an angry voice.

Natalies P.O.V

"Delaney..." I said in a low voice. "yeah?" She answered. I stared at my toes and quickly thought of a good way to ask my question. "Why didn't we help that girl?" I asked before seeing her legs cross through my view. I looked up and saw her sit next to me with a bowl of popcorn. "There were hundreds of girls hitting her, we are only two people. We wouldn't have been able to help her." She said concerned by me. I was the type of girl that cared to much I gave TO MANY fucks about people, if someone got hurt and I couldn't help (Like in what we are talking about.) I will worry about that person for weeks! Even if I didn't know them like AT ALL! "Why would they hurt her though?" I asked feeling a bit depressed. "I Don't know...She could have been a bad person but...We wouldn't know." She said before putting the popcorn in my face. "Now eat some and watch the fucking movie." I laughed and grabbed a handful shoving it in my mouth and staring at the T.v screen. I Couldn't help but still think about that girl. She didn't deserve that....

Autumn's P.O.V

"Call an Ambulance!" I Yelled trying to get her to open her eyes again. "Now!" "Paige please! Open your eyes!" Jessica said crying over her, before I knew it she was latched onto Paige's arms. "Jessica! Stop!" Crystal yelled pulling her back into a hug. "She can't die!" Jessica Yelled into Crystal's Shirt. I looked at Lindsey and saw Tears sliding down her cheeks and a look of complete shock under them. "They said they would be here in a few minutes! Just Keep her breathing!" Liam yelled going over to Harry Who was trying to get out of Zayn, Louis and Niall's Grip. "Paige!" I heard him scream. I looked back at her limp body and felt tears coming out of my eyes, I Whipped them away and grabbed her hand. "Come back to me...Please." I whispered Gripping her hand before I heard a nock on the door. "Thats them!" Liam yelled. I picked up Paige and ran to the door, Liam quickly opened it and I put her on the lift that they had out. "Get her into that Ambulance NOW!" I screamed

Natalies P.O.V

Delaney had fallen asleep next to me, and I had finally stopped thinking about that girl and watched the movie. It actually wasn't bad, it was Called 'P.S I love you' and It was one of the best movies I had ever seen. It was at the part when Holly had gotten her Birthday Cake from Gerry, who had passed away when a News Report came over the movie. "Oh Come on." I mumbled trying not to wake Delaney. "Were sorry to interrupt your program, but we have some Important news, Today 19 year old Paige Thirwall, Sister of Jade Thirwall of Little Mix and Girlfriend of Harry Styles from One Direction has gone into a coma after she was brutally beaten by fans of the Famous BoyBand One Direction, Charges may be pressed on all of the girls that beat her, but now we would like to advise audience members of what your about to see, this may disturb you Children please be advised." The news woman said before a video showed up on the screen, It was the girl we had seen today being beaten by People in the middle of the street. I felt tears come to my eyes before I shut off the T.V. "I have to help her." I whispered to myself, slowly getting off of the couch and trying not to wake Delaney.

Paige's P.O.V

"Where am I?" I asked rubbing my head and seeing myself in a totally white room. Nothing was in it but the bed I had been laying on and a door. I laid back down and tried to remember what had happened last but I couldn't remember anything but the words people had spoke which were going through my head not stopping at all. I put my hands on my head and closed my eyes. "Honey?" Someone said making me open my eyes. "Mom?" I said astonished by her. "Wait...Your...Dead..." "and your in a coma." She said sitting down at the foot of the bed. "What? Wait what do you mean?" I asked. "Those girls, they beat you to a point where you slipped into a coma." She said making me sit up. "I'm dead?" I asked making her laugh. "No! Your in a coma." "Which is going to lead to me dying?" I asked again. She grabbed my hands and held on tight. "Thats for you to decide." "What do you mean?" "I mean, you can go back to the cruel world you were living in or you can stay with me." I thought for a second about what she had said and decided quick. "I want to stay with you mom, It hurts living that life without you, Im always getting hate and being beat up and I know Harry doesn't Love me Completely-" She cut me off before I could finish. "Before you can stay with me, you have to help him." "Help him with what exactly?" I asked. "He would die for you baby...You need to help him move on....You need to help him find the girl he's been waiting for." "How?" I asked before she stood up. "You need to figure that one out baby...But I will be waiting." She said going to the one door and leaving me. "Wait mom! No You need to help me." I said getting up and running through the same door but not seeing my mom...Seeing all of my old friends...


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