Rock Me

A girl has the chance to live a life with no pain...But before she can get that she has to help her old Boyfriend Harry Styles find his TRUE love, but she doesn't know exactly how to do that just yet... Paige Thirwall is going to need some help...From A LOT of strange people. But will she succeed or go back to a life of tourcher and hurt? Find out in Rock Me! I hope you like it!


1. Characters (There are a lot)

Look at this on the Computer! If you don't this chapter will only tell you names! and these are not the only characters there are soooooo many more! and yes If you have read my other Movella Property of Harry Styles. You will see or read some similar parts! Love my beautiful Carrots! bye! Enjoy! again Bye haha!


Paige Thirlwall


Natalie Mckissic

Autumn Jones

Crystal Baugher

Lindsey Snyder

Jessica Parker

Delaney Collins


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