The Town Silence

The main character has been trapped in their own hometown alone every since they were young. Creatures roam about the dusty streets, searching for food to suit their own hunger. Tired of trying to escape their town, a handful of people managed to get trapped also. Together they face hardship, sacrifices, death, and leadership. Will they all make it out alive?

"It's live or die...your choice."


1. The Beginning

          1...Gunshot fire. 2...The screams explodes from women and children in the atmosphere. 3...Complete and total silence occurred. That moment my eyes flashed open and all there was to see was absolute darkness, my breathing was rough but surprisingly quiet as smoke from the chilling cold escaped the depths of my mouth. My family and I have been in hiding ever since the war outside had started--for safety we hid inside an abandon home--my father though the location was best. The fight began what felt like days ago, but have only been a few hours. So far, my father never came back to announce our town's victory, not even came to barer the news to us.

          My father is one of the many parents who volunteered to be a soldier, to my understanding there is (or was) a deadly virus spreading through many different towns; fevers grew, decaying took over, starvation dominated. A team of soldiers in another town--hours away from my hometown--started a war with our ash valley town, they believed we were the cause and the core of the unknown virus that killed adults and children all around.

          The silence was very uneasy, with my body shaking from fear and disbelief of actually feeling alone in the world. The closet door, in which I was stuffed in for protection, slowly creaked open as I softly pushed the door open with my palms. There seems to be nothing in sight, except the two dead bodies that caught my eye. The bodies were lying upon the abandon living room floor; my mother and my eldest sister Joy. I started to crawl on the floor towards the dead corpse of my mother, tears began to drip down my cheeks as I say her name over and over again underneath my shaky breath.

         When I reached the 2 hour smell, rotting corpse--of the one woman I looked up to besides my sister--I noticed a shotgun in her hand that laid flat upon the floor. Hesitantly, I reached towards the gun and slowly pulled it out of my mother's stiff hand. I know the use of a shotgun, my father used to teach me and Joy how to hunt when we were just children. I got up off the floor, looking at the gun as if it was a poisonous snake, the gun was still so warm from my mother holding it so tightly with her sweaty nerving hands. I propped the gun open; one last bullet, that isn't enough to last me even an hour.

          I know we have bullets somewhere around here, we should; we must. I was so scared to even touch my mama, but maybe she had a least a box full in her dress or even her apron that she wore around her waist. The gun was placed back down quietly on the floor beside me, so I can turn the dead body over on her back without trouble. The dead body quickly fell on its back with a *bang*, I automatically looked away because of the horrible smell that whiffed up in the air. I was so frightened to think of what the expression on the corpse's face looked like, so I just felt around in her pockets; empty. Then the thought of my sister having ammunition was out of the question, she'd never wanted to even touch a gun; she was the kind of person who wanted to help people and not use any violence.

          All I have is a gun and one bullet for self-defense, if it was ever needed, but I wonder if there's anyone else out there. I picked up the shotgun and walked over with my bare feet towards the window, the outside was foggy, grey, and very dark; it's like I was stuck in a Twilight zone of some sort. There was no fire tortes lit or any light from houses on, just the moon to keep the town as creepy as ever.

          I started to whisper to myself as I just looked around the outside world through the dim window, trying to figure out what's the best thing to do.

          "Alright...the only way I can get out of town is to take Brokenare road...if I follow that then there should be a riverbank and a bridge...over the bridge is where the Cathedral is located...that should be the best place to hide until this all blows over..."

          After I made my statement, everything was dead quiet, except the sounds of countless deep breathing...only it wasn't my breathing. I slowly turned my head around and that moment's sight was the one picture that scarred me for life as I knew possible...


[10 Years Later...]

          The only hiding and the place where I can call home is just in a simple attic of my real home, not the abandon house I was in hiding years ago. It is day time, this is the only real time I can actually have time for myself...well, at least in hiding. The guns I have I stole from some gun shop and found little ammo underneath the floorboards of the shop. My only company was the different kind of guns I treasured, which I take tender loving care of with all my being; they are like my married mate and children it felt like. I cleaned them, rearranged them, made them last longer and work even stronger with higher power. I had a few knives I carry but they don't really have3 much use for me in this situation.

          For food, it's not really that good but at least it's food. I get as much as I can when I go out during the night time, my job is as if I'm on patrol on the town; I must protect my home. Most of the food here has rot, though I learned to live with the taste and smell that is just too familiar to me. But, of course, I do bring the food that can be handled without the cold, but I can only handle bread and crackers for meals. Drinks were only water, but if I was lucky enough, I would find bottles of whiskey, burgundy, broosky, or rum.

          The sun was almost at ease as the clouds came through, the sky turned into a deep grey color, making the weather change into cool, dim and dull. There's going to be a storm here tonight, there will not be much as a sign of threat so luckily I'll be able to collect more ammo and food this time.

          I stood up on my feet, wearing combat boots with metal tips; so that way it would cause damage with one flick of my boot. I was surprised through the years that I would be able to find actual mens' clothing that would fit me just right, I've kept extra and the larger sizes for the winter time. I even cut my hair down for shortness during the hot summer moments like this; desert weather. The pants were baggy on me, but I can manage the weight and space for my guns and weapons. I wore a black bandana to over my nose and mouth with black leather fingerless gloves on my hands; it's almost like you can barely see my skin at all...which is how I like it.

          Lightening struck outside as the shadows came and the darkness settled into the town, I can only pray there will be no thunder. I walked across the attic floor towards the ladder to go down to the living room. The living room was dusty and there atmosphere was humid, it's like the only air you can really get is from the attic with the window open; in this gathering room there was no hope, no sense, and no warmth...that all died just like the rest of the people here did.

          Casually, I made my way slowly towards the front door of my home, with my boots softly hitting the floor as if they were high heels, then after I reached the door, I walked out slowly through the shadows. It was simply grey, not pitch black, but very grey with coats of everlasting fog.

          The town was quiet like always, no one in plain sight, so I started walking through the dirt streets that I've walked along for years. Every house had shattered windows and broken doors, some were even burnt halfway down, as others were already up in ashes. My house survived the war years back, the day where I lost family, my life, my name, and my pride; the only things I have left in life is my bravery, my home, and my strength.


          I heard a twig break which made me stop and cover the handle on my gun with my hand as I looked around with caution. I tried to stay as quiet as I could be, then there it was again. *Snap*. My gun was quickly pulled out of its holder and I aimed towards the trees of the forest. My eyes are locked towards the darkness as I saw a silhouette of a person taking a step backwards, I slowly lowered my gun; very slowly. A gun suddenly fired at me from behind but missed me by an inch, I turned around and pointed my gun at where the shot came from as I tightened my finger on the trigger. I was ready to shoot whatever was in hiding.

          "No! Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" a girl rose from behind a barrel, putting her hands up along with her shotgun.

          I never loosened my grip on the gun or the finger on the trigger as I stared her down as if she'd soon caught on fire.

          "I'm sorry, I thought you of..." she gasps with her blue eyes widened. "Behind you!"

          I quickly swung my leg up with my body turning so I could kick the creature hard in the face. When I kicked the creature in the jaw, it growled in response and shook its head so it could regain consciousness. I punched the thing in the face with my hardest, then the creature flew back against a tree; a branch went right through its torso, making the walking corpse squirm until it took its last breath.

          My breathing was hard and loud with frustration as I watched the head and limbs of the corpse ease, its dead body died once more. The girl slowly started walking towards me as she stares at the dead creature hanging against the tree by the branch.

          "What...what is that?" she asked as she hid behind me but glimpsed over my shoulder.

        "Hm, I believe that's Harry Donald...he used to work at the repair shop down town..." I stared at the familiar decayed face. "It's a shame...he wouldn't hurt a fly."

          "No, I didn't ask who that thing was, I asked wha--"

          I turned around and faced her as I uncovered the bandana from my mouth, "I heard what you asked, but you had no reason to shoot out in near daylight." I said this with so much anger.

          She stared at me as if I had scars all over my face. "But he attacked yo--"

          "I don't give a fuck of flying colors, even if he was attacking a harmless tree, do not...and I will repeat...DO NOT shoot unless it is necessary!"

         She backed away a little, still staring at me with her same expression. "I'm sorry...I'm new and my friends were just passing through."

          I burst with a deep laugh which made her jump. "Go back the way you came." I pushed her aside with my arm and walked by as I put my gun back in its holder.

          "As much as I would love that, we can't go back!" she followed closely after me.

          I kind of smirked with amusement. "Oh? And why is that?"

         She was catching up really well, "Because we were caved in," I slowly stopped as she continued on, "Those...those things or whatever the hell they are...they caved us in when we were passing by. We went through the woods a little ways but they were there too, so, we came here hoping to find someone and I found you to help. I mean you got a lot of ammunition and shit, so you can help us."

          My smirk got deeper as I pulled the bandana back up to cover my nose and mouth again. "Help you? Nah, I'm's better that way, you don't have to feel responsible for anyone else." I started walking again towards the workshop where I got my guns and ammo.

          "So, is that why you're such an ass...because you don't have any clue what it's like to have someone you care about die and never see again?"

          When I got to the doorway of the workshop, I stopped and looked at her for the last time. "I guess you're right...I don't know how it feels to lose people that I've known for time I see you, I'll kill you myself...then maybe I'll feel just the slightest of symphony." I took a step inside the shop until I heard a loud shout; it sound like it came from a man.

          We both looked around the air, trying to figure out which direction the sound was coming form.

          The girl gasped. "Oh no...Daniel." she started running through the woods with her shotgun trailing along behind her.

        "Hey!" I growled in annoyance and quickly grabbed a box full of ammunition that I left on the counter top the last time I was here, then tried to catch up behind her through the trees.

          The girl kept on running and running as I followed closely behind, almost starting to pass her as we reached the mid-forest area to see a creature a man on the ground. The girl lift her shotgun towards the disfigured corpse that was hovering over the man's body and pulled the trigger; nothing came out. She whined as she shook her gun, I rolled my eyes and ran over to the human on the ground, pushing the thing away as its mouth was aiming to bite. With regret, I pulled my gun out and pressed it hard against the creature's temple then shot my gun.

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