Portal is the story of Chell, a test subject in the Aperture Laboratories. My attempt at a story of the game.


1. A Voice in Her Head

She opened her eyes, a feeling of light-headedness spread throughout her body. A tilted ceiling greets her. An orange bulb with a plain plastic cover is suspended from the grey. The room was filled with such bright, artificial light. A clear glass case parted above her. She stood.

A cheerful tune played from the radio, which is set on a white table to one corner of the small room. The walls were frosted glass, small strips of clear show the bare room beyond. More tiles. More grey. More white. A timer, counting down from a minute, was shown above a blank white wall, wide enough to fit a person thought, with odd stripes of metal on either side. She's stuck in here, alone, with nothing but her odd capsule-style bed, a toilet, the radio, a clipboard and a coffee mug.

A little way up one of the walls in the outer room, a camera lays its cold eyes on her, monitoring her ever move.

Chell remained silent.

As the timer neared 39 seconds, she heard a voice. Distorted at first, it sounds mechanical, with barely a trace of human in it.

Hu-ello and again, welcome to the Aperture Science computer aided enrichment centre. We hope you brief detention in the relaxation vault has been a pleasant one.

Your specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin test programme. Before we start, however, keep in mind that although-

A muttering voice, too quiet for her to understand, started, over the voice of this computer.

-fun and learning are the primary or all enrichment centre activities serious injuries may occur. For your own safety and the safety of others, please refrain from-

The voice cuts out, heavily distorted once more, gibberish being uttered by the supposed machine.

-and back. The portal will open in 3... 2... 1...

She turned back toward the blank white wall, to find an orange-rimmed... there was no better way to put it, an orange-rimmed portal lay open before her. She could see the back of her leg through it, with the leg braces strapped on just behind the heel. She glanced over to the outer wall, finding the second portal- this one blue-rimmed, on another white wall, identical to the one she stood before now.

With no other choice, Chell ran through the portal, finding herself on lower ground than she was before, but outside the glass box. The camera's lens followed her movement, moving from inside the box to where she stood now. She moved around the box, warily glancing at it, before coming to a circular door. It was open, showing a view of a massive red button. She proceeded inside with the slightest hesitation.

A tube, coming out of the ceiling, to one of the corners of this new room, deposited its load. A square cube fell out, rocking on the floor before once more becoming motionless. She moved over toward it, confusion clouding her thoughts for a moment, before picking it up. It was surprisingly heavy. The cool metal sides formed ridges and dips in the plain white surface. Odd blue patterns decorated the sides. On the top, she found a logo. Aperture Laboratories. She moved back toward the button, with little else to do, and placed the cube on top. A dotted blue line, leading from the button to another door, on the far side of the room, turned orange. The door opened, allowing her through. Where the line met the door, a small black tick was shown.

Chell shrugged the idea of being watched off, jogging toward the door. The voice returned.

Excellent. Please proceed into the chamber lock after completing each test.

A shimmering wall spread before her. Beyond she could see a wide lift. What was this? She stretched out a hand, which passed right through. No sudden pain, no denied passage. Chell continued onward. As she entered the elevator, the doors closed behind her. The voice replied, perhaps a little late,

First, however, note the incandescent protocol field across the exit. This Aperture Science material emancipation grill will vaporize any unauthorized test equipment that passes through it. For instance, the Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube.

The lift had started moving, taking her onwards, upwards. Chell knew this place would be like no other. For one, she didn't even know where she was.

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