Isn't she lovely

Harry Styles is on a summer vacation in his beach house, and so is three girls called Mary , Rosy and Emily . Mary comes from a line of rich people so she is pretty wealthy . The girls decide to go to Mary's Dad's beach house for the whole summer, before they leave for college. But when the boys take a walk around the beach they find a house, will they explore ?
welll then read to find out !


2. The beach!

Emily's P.O.V


"Ha,Ha very funny!" I stated looking back , I wasn't looking where I was going so I never seen the rock infront of me, I tripped over it and banged into something  , it must have been a tree.

"AA" It yelped as it fell, this is not a tree , it talks . I got up and held my free hand out wjich wasn't holding the back of my head.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going ," I said my vision was blurry. I sat back down.

"Are you alright ?, you look a little dazed" Said someone with an Irish accsent it was a cute accsent.

"My vission is just a bit blurry, It will come back," He sat down beside me

"How many fingers am I holding up?" He asked holding 3 or 6 fingers infront of me .

"3 or 6 ?" I asked in a question way.

"Okay you have double vission , who r u here with ?" He asked , he had the sweetest voice ever.

"Just some pals for the summer," I said my vision was regaining itself again.

"That's what I'm doing ," He continued," Why dont we try again," He was more demanding it than asking it .

"Okay," I agreed.

"How many fingers?" He asked holding 4 infront of my eyes

"4," I said knowing I was right this time.

"WAY she can see again!" He said gettting up and helping me up, I looked him in the face and noticed who it was , that explains everything the irsh accsent and the careness.

"So what's the name love?" He asked.

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