Isn't she lovely

Harry Styles is on a summer vacation in his beach house, and so is three girls called Mary , Rosy and Emily . Mary comes from a line of rich people so she is pretty wealthy . The girls decide to go to Mary's Dad's beach house for the whole summer, before they leave for college. But when the boys take a walk around the beach they find a house, will they explore ?
welll then read to find out !


6. its not what you think! oh...

Emily's P.O.V

"God Lola I can't find my purse!" I shout down. But it stayed quiet. I sigh and slowly make my way down as I see a boy standing at the bottom of the stairs I look at him a little confused.

He looks up , "E-Emily?" He asks squinting his eyes.

"Nial!" I giggle and run down the stairs like we were old best friends and he was TOTALLY not a celebrity. I listen to myself and slow down, " Nice to see you again." I say smiling

He chuckled and takes my hand and kisses it in an old fashioned way "And you too love," He then laughs a little louder, "You're blushing." He smirks dropping my hand and walking away. I sit on the last stair a a little dazed.

"Wait what was he doing here?!" I gasp noticing he was in the house I was staying in with my two bestfriends. "Odd." I mumble and stand up with a long sigh







Sorry it's a short chappie guys. But it'll do?


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