Isn't she lovely

Harry Styles is on a summer vacation in his beach house, and so is three girls called Mary , Rosy and Emily . Mary comes from a line of rich people so she is pretty wealthy . The girls decide to go to Mary's Dad's beach house for the whole summer, before they leave for college. But when the boys take a walk around the beach they find a house, will they explore ?
welll then read to find out !


1. Hurry up!

Mary's P.O.V


"Hurry up Rose and Emily, we need to go !" I shouted to the girls up the stairs we were leaving to go to the beach house, for the whole summer it's going to be just girly time, well I hope.Then suddenly Emily and Rose come belting it down the stairs, we were all just wearing joggies and a comfy t-shirt for the ride there.We all jumped into the car and I started to drive . We talked about what we were going to do , the beach has everything around it , so we can do anything . So Emily is the crazy one out of all of us , but we are all big fans of One Direction, we met at a concert and found out we went to the same school, so we started hanging about.

-----one hour later------

We were finally there all of our bums were numb . So as soon as we got out the car we yelped in pain as pins and needles came on .

"Come on lets go get unpacked then we can go hang about on the beach," Emily raced inside , she loves the water.She was ready in like 2 minitues , she came down with a hot pink bikini on with some flowery swimming shorts , you know the ones thta girl swimmers wear when they go do their competition.She posed for us.

"Well all of that exercising worked out for you , do you remember how big you were , when I 1st met you?" I said she is so thin now , she has lost so much weight .

"Yip I can't beleive I looked like that, and look at me now," She said looking at herself in the mirror.

Me and Rose ran up the stairs so we could change , I wore a bright baby blue bikini and one of those see through twoel things you tie around your waist. When I got down the stairs Emily was still staring at herself in the mirror. I quickly tied up my bright blonde hair (died) into a high pony tail.Rose took 10 minitues .

"Rose fucken hurry up , your taking forev!" Emily whined.

"I'm coming ," She ran down the stairs, she had a flowery bikini on withought anything to cover up down below,"Come on then," We all raced to the beach , we brought towels and a blow up ball .

"I'm going to take a walk and look around this place," Emily said walking away.

"Okay be carful Em don't want you to gte stolen do we ?" I said sarcasticly ,

"Ha Ha very funny!" She replyed making a face.


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