When the War began, there was no conflict.

When the war began, there was no conflict, just a silent invasion, creeping in bit by bit. Only now that we have lost do we fight, our King was assassinated. He left us, leaving his loyal subjects unprotected from the virus. Many caught it, never to come around, some did, some saw it's beauty and let it take them, before realizing that beauty was a lie, and some, some stayed strong and fought, and they still fight for FREEDOM! This is the Land of Movellas, or should I say Erotica?

We are slaves to an empire, where safe is a word used only by citizens, the outcasts will fight, for as long as it takes, because the rebels will restore the Land to Movellas and they will make it powerful once again!

I hope you like this book, it's suppose to portray what Movellas was and what it is now. It's a kind of fun story, follow the hero's. (They may or may not be real people from Movellas)

Thank's for reading!


15. Chapter 14

(*Mel's POV*)

I groaned as a harsh, bright light woke me. I tried to push a few strands of hair that had fallen on front of my face aside, but I couldn't. Then I realised why. My hands were tied behind my back to a chair.

"Are you alright?" Shire whispered from where she sat beside me. Her long hair was in a mess down her back but she looked otherwise fine

"No talking!" yelled someone from behind me. I twisted round as best as I could and found there were nearly three squads of enforcers behind us. Guarding I expected. But seriously, three squads?

"I'm fine" I muttered to Shire "Any chance of escape that you can see?"

"Past the-" she began before crying out as she was punched in the face to shut her up. Outraged, I turned to the culprit only to find my anger turn to black hate.

"You!" I snarled at "King" Malik, fighting the ropes to try and free myself so I could punch him back. "What sort of scum are you?" I realized you were bad, but really? Whatcha' gonna' do?"

He laughed, "Me, oh, you are going to experience pain out of your most horrifying nightmares." he started twist my arm back slowly and tediously, until I heard a agonizing snap, I didn't even cry out, I had promised not to show any weakness to these so called Monarch's. "You have gotten better Mels," he smiled. "But the worst is still to come, and you friend isn't as resistant, is she?"

Shire growled, "Come here Malik!" he obediently walked over, Shire puckered up, but before Malik knew what him him Shire had bitten his neck, sort of like a vampire. "What the Hell?" he screamed. "Don't you dare call me, unresistant!" she shouted.


Before we had a chance to lash out at him, Styles walked in, seeing Malik's angry expression and the wound on his neck enraged him. "Which of you bitches did this?" knowing Shire wouldn't stand a chance against Styles, I volunteered, "It was me Curly, but the idiot was asking for it."

I saw his temper fume and his anger boil, "Mels, nice to see you. I hear LMH has joined you, I intended for her to come but, I'm sure she will on her own, don't you agree?"

I smirked, "I heard you didn't hit off. The one girl you fall head over heels in love with, wants to see you die an agonizing death, how sweet!" I was playing a dangerous game, and he knew it. I laughed. "Scared Styles?"

He shook his head, "Please, I practically rule on my own! Scared of you, and which army?"

"Who needs an army Styles?" I asked him keeping eye contact, "When you don't often feel pain?"

He laughed, "What makes you so sure?"

"Tell him Malik, now!"

"I broke her arm in two places, she didn't even wince." he whispered.

"Fine!" Styles growled, "Get the wax!"

I squirmed in my chair, wax was painful on it's own, but somehow I was sure there were a few extra ingredients. As Malik scuttled off I turned to Styles, "So what torture do you have today? Shire and I are dying with excitement!"

"Ah, well since you Mels seemed to be more of a problem that can't be kept down with ordinary pest control, do you agree?"

I smiled, "I'll take it as a compliment, so what have you added to the wax?"

"Oh, some corrosive acid, not sure what. But it should be painful." He laughed. "Oh, and don't worry Shire, you'll get to sit here watching her."

Shire gasped, but I kept my cool, "So, what else, to be honest, the properties of the wax will probably cancel out the corrosive affect, it will basically just burn a lot." I used my natural confidence to cover the nervous breakdown and panic that was raging inside me.

"Oh, I forgot," Styles continued shrewdly, "You'll be hanging three foot from the ground in shackles, when you have the wax formula, you will be held on stirrups, so you don't go out like a light."

As he finished the sentence, the four other monarch's came in with a vat pink liquid, it looked gooey like strawberry yoghurt, "Ooooh!" I laughed, "Looks deadly!"

Styles growled, "Design flaw, thanks to you Niall!" Nial looked down in disappointment, he shuffled his feet,

"Oh look it's carrots, isn't it?"

He smiled, then quickly returned to his monotonous facial expression. The monarchs released me from the chair and lead me onto a platform where they bound my hands in shackles, being cautious with my broken arm. "You get to keep the platform on account of your arm." Styles said.

"Why thank you," I smiled.

Malik started lifting my shirt off before I promptly kicked him in the place where the light don't shine. "Get off me you pervert!" I hissed as he bent down in agony. I rolled my eyes- what a weakling!

Styles shrugged, taking a large spoonful of the liquid and spreading it all over my arms and shoulders, I winced my body tensing up, tears threatened to spill, NO! I whispered harshly to myself, CANNOT CRY! WILL NOT CRY! I bit my lip until I felt the familiar feeling of blood filling my mouth, it made me relax as Styles added more and more of the liquid, waiting for me to give in. But I would never give in, it was one of my many motto's after all.


I saw the horror on Shire's face so I winked at her, just to reassure her I was in no immediate danger of crying out in pain. She smiled, unimpressed at my tactic.

"Styles?" I asked him impatiently.


"Is this suppose to hurt?"


"It doesn't hurt."

"I realized!"

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