Ghosts and Ghouls Tracked

Mike Johnson choose Jake to be the newest member of his team. But there is a unusual increase in ghostly activity straight away. Just who is Jake Call? And why does Mike think there's something 'off' about him?


3. Chapter the 3rd

" So Jake . Tell me about yourself." Amy said as they set the cameras in the dining hall . Jake could sense her Aura : Bright Metallic silver. Meaning Open to new ideas. "What do you mean?" Jake asked even through he had a good idea what she was going to ask. She laughed "Do you have a girlfriend?" Yep. He was right.

"No. I'm fine on my own. Thanks" He replied and went back to trying to get the camera to say in the right place. "Ah! Why won't you stay?" he cried as the , for the seventh time, the camera fell down. "Stupid camera." Maybe its just didn't like him.

Finally he got in place. "It worked. Finally." Amy just smiled. " That's the last camera in place."

" Jake! Amy! We got a witness to interview. Get over here!" Mike called from down stairs.

"Coming" Amy called back and she and Jake picked up their stuff and dragged it down the stairs. As Jake walked he saw a ghost of a little girl skipping around the courtyard. He smiled at her and she waved before running off.

The person they were interviewing was Diane Jackson. She was a married mum of four, age 43.

"so tell us what happen Mrs Jackson." Mike said

"Well I had just finished cleaning in the Tower room and was walking out when the chair moved across the room. I stared at for a second before running out locking the door behind me."

Jake looked at the woman , amazed. She was telling the truth. That he could tell. What amazed him was the calmness she spoke with. Most people would be scared to speak of a ghostly sighting, but not her. It was amazing.

Finally evening came and the cameras came on. Jake could sense the ghosts become interested in the team. They walked around filming he felt a tug on his sleeve. It was the girl. " Please sir" she said quietly "Leave. Its not safe"

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