Ghosts and Ghouls Tracked

Mike Johnson choose Jake to be the newest member of his team. But there is a unusual increase in ghostly activity straight away. Just who is Jake Call? And why does Mike think there's something 'off' about him?


2. Chapter the 2nd

Jake Call woke to his phone ringing at 5 am the next day. He always woke up at 5 am it was the best time. He brushed his scuffy dark purple hair and pulled a red and black stripy t-shirt with a skull on it and a pair of jeans on (taking his off first).

"Right. Hey! Pat how long will it take to get to Rookwood?"

Pat floated up the stairs. The ghost looked at Jake and grinned "3 hours. Can i come?"

"As long as you dont mess with the recording Pat." Pat was a 26 year old ghost and had been with Jake since he was 9 . Pat was a rare colored ghost because he was Jake's best friend and had been around him so much that the humanity had leaked. He had fair hair and wore causal clothing (hoodie and jeans).

Jake got into his blue mini that his mum got him last year. "ready for a long drive" Jake asked

"yes but only cos i'm dead and can't die from your bad driving!"

"Offened Pat"

"I know"

The cat started and after three scary hours later the two (or one if you can't see Pat) arrvied at Rookwood Castle. Jake wobbled slightly as he looked at the Castle "lots of them. Most nice" he muttered ,Pat took the himt and went off the vist the other ghosts. A sandy haired man in a track suit and a woman with ginger hair wearing a blue shirt and grey leggings came towards him.

Mike and Amy Johnson. "Who are you ?" Amy asked.

"Jake Call"

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